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Showing ghost chord diagram for chord notes played individually



I'm working on a custom song where there is a particular riff that contains chords that aren't strummed, but instead the notes are played individually. When played at full speed, the riff looks uber complicated because it appears as a bunch of individual notes. There is no chord diagram to show that you can just finger the chord and not move your left hand while you pluck each individual note with your right hand.


Is there some way to force Rocksmith to show a chord diagram (complete with ghost notes) on the first note of the "broken" chord?


I know Rocksmith has a way of doing this because in the Tom Petty song "Good Enough"  (official DLC) they do this a lot. And that really helped me to learn the song because you realize that each individual note is part of a chord instead of being separate unrelated notes.


Here's a video playthrough of "Good Enough" on YouTube and if you skip to 40 seconds in, you'll see the "ghost chords" that I'm talking about.





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Specifically click the first note, shift click the last then ctrl+shift+g. It's an arpeggio. Meaning it is a chord that individual notes are played. In this case ultimately forming the chord. That's the only way I know to get it to show the chord shape up front without actually wanting you to play the chord up front.

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