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  1. I was about to post about this but now I don't have to. Thanks for the update!
  2. I was able to fix my crash last night using this method and still preserve the original tab structure of the song. Kudos!
  3. Heyo! I made a new custom yesterday (Watain - Waters of Ain) and when I went to play through everything to make sure it's all solid, I noticed a 100% reproducible crash during a specific point in the lead guitar track. Because of this, I searched through EOF to find the specific part and then I noticed that one note in particular stood out around where the crash occurred. This note has an asterisk underneath it. What does that mean? If I try to delete the note and replace it, the asterisk comes back. The only way that I could find to fix this crash would be to 1) delete the note altogether, or 2) move it so it's not some the same beat but on the beat next to it. Neither of these solutions are ideal as it alters the song tab. I'm sure other people have encountered similar issues here so I figured I'd ask how you fixed it for realsies. Thanks!
  4. I'm also having this same problem. The lead for a song I'm working on jumps up 15 or so BPM during one section, while the rhythm stays consistent throughout. I'm having a really hard time trying to deal with laying out the rhythm notes once I increase the BPM. I just wish you could increase the BPM for one track at a time. Like mark a beat anchor with a different BPM for that track only.
  5. Also, is there some way to increase the BPM of say the lead track while keeping a different tempo for that section in the rhythm track? The reason I ask is because I'm working on a solo part that seems to speed up in one section. If I increase the tempo, the solo fits perfectly but then the rhythm track goes too fast in that section.
  6. I'm working on some leads for a custom and when I imported them I noticed that the 24th fret notes show up as 0. If I try to manually change it to 24 again it shows an X. What gives? Update: I figured it out. Track -> Pro Guitar -> Set number of frets/string -> 24
  7. That's about what I thought but I wasn't sure if that was the correct method. Does EoF lose it's sound for you once you keep it open and launch then close Rocksmith? I have to reopen EoF every time I run Rocksmith because of it.
  8. @@SmellyOrc Very nice tutorial. I actually learned some of that after i asked you for the tutorial by looking around the forums but there was still good info in your tutorial that I hadn't found already. Particularly the "what not to do" section. Other ideas for tutorials: 1) How to make a lead track from a copy of the rhythm track so that way the lead track has stuff to play when you aren't at the solo sections. 2) How to handle songs with lots of tempo changes. Do you have some method you use to determine the BPM for each section?
  9. This worked great fellas, thanks for the tip. Already improved my customs!
  10. @@Rockfirstlast Okay cool! Sounds easy. I will try it out tonight. Thanks!
  11. I'm working on a custom song where there is a particular riff that contains chords that aren't strummed, but instead the notes are played individually. When played at full speed, the riff looks uber complicated because it appears as a bunch of individual notes. There is no chord diagram to show that you can just finger the chord and not move your left hand while you pluck each individual note with your right hand. Is there some way to force Rocksmith to show a chord diagram (complete with ghost notes) on the first note of the "broken" chord? I know Rocksmith has a way of doing this because in the Tom Petty song "Good Enough" (official DLC) they do this a lot. And that really helped me to learn the song because you realize that each individual note is part of a chord instead of being separate unrelated notes. Here's a video playthrough of "Good Enough" on YouTube and if you skip to 40 seconds in, you'll see the "ghost chords" that I'm talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9mMHGTc2NI Thanks!
  12. Maybe someone made this one already, but a tutorial on how to properly create Rocksmith sections (for purposes of using them in Riff Repeater) would be nice. Are you supposed to left click on the first note in the section, then shift+left click on the last note in the section and THEN set it as a section. Or is there some other easier way of doing this?
  13. Update... I changed the audio exclusivity setting in the configuration file located next to the exe file. That fixed that sound issue and allowed me to get past the calibration section. I'm still curious why changing that option broke like that in the first place.
  14. I just got this problem tonight after setting up Rocksmith 2014 on PC for the first time. Everything was working great, until I went into the options screen and set the game to not use audio exclusivity (unrelated note, I was trying to see if I could play an mp3 of a song I like to play guitar along too while using the game as my amp, maybe there is some other way to do this?). Now I'm stuck at the Calibration part where you have to make noise with your guitar. It says a meter will come up, but never does. Seems like the game gets buggy because it also said my profile save was corrupted. Is there some way to revert to the default settings to see if my audio error at Rocksmith boot goes away?
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