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Found 13 results

  1. So in this song I'm doing "Stay Away" if you can see by the picture when I make it on the green string or any other string it let's me do the slide from 4 to 5 just fine, but in the orange it has these symbols under it that signifies the bend when I actually play it in game and even though I remove bends and clear everything from the note it still shows up when I scroll up to further lengthen the note to show the slide. This has never happened and I'm just curious as to why and if you know a way around it. http://tinypic.com/r/20ij8mh/8
  2. Hello All, Having an issue authoring a chord slide with an open note. Tried tech notes, ghosting the middle open note, etc. Can't seem to make it display the open note correctly. See below for EOF and RS views. When I author it in GP5 and import, it turns it into separate chords. Thanks, -Hunter http://i.imgur.com/IFSREAx.png http://i.imgur.com/NnGqEMt.png
  3. I'm running into an odd inconsistency and wondered if someone had an idea of what was going on/how to fix it (see the image below [image was edited so you can see the tech views of both piano rolls]). To add to my confusion, I also made a 4-string arrangement whereby I copied the notes from this 6-string arrangement into the other guitar track, adjusted it for 4-strings and then copied that into PART_REAL_BASS. However, in-game in the 4-string path, both instances of this slide appear like 1, as opposed to just the earlier instance. It might be worth mentioning that I placed everything in EOF
  4. Although I am in no way an expert, I thought I'd write about a few things I have come across. 1. Slides http://i.imgur.com/XJPPxQD.png Example created in Guitar Pro 5 Shift slide Legato slide Unpitched slide out of a note (Slide Out Downwards) Variation of (3) Unpitched slide into a note (Slide In From Below) 1.1 Shift Slides and Legato Slides In Guitar Pro, slides where the note is picked again after the slide are called shift slides. http://i.imgur.com/31WPgzW.jpg A lot of customs have shift slides where there should be legato slides. http://i.img
  5. The slide in EoF http://i.imgur.com/MA0jkwE.png The slide in game http://i.imgur.com/jj910Nv.png The slide is working perfectly in game however it won't be displayed. The same thing occurs with chord bends. The bend is there but it isn't displayed (nor the sustain). Is there a solution for this?
  6. I'm so embarrassed for still have questions :D Luckly,i'm not faild at Software Developing subject It's hard as hell(Why do i have to learn Free Pascal anyway? ) But nervermind,here are my question: 1) How can i set up the Volume of the music in EOF? I don't know how,but in my not 100% finishd work has this problem,when i play the lead part it is normal,but when i play the Rhythm part or the Alt.Rhythm part the music is very low. 2) (I know i discused this before,) How can i made the length of a sutain in EOF? Because when i reach that part where should be a sustain the part of it
  7. I don't know how to do this 3.Also i'm not so sure about the bends part.Is this possible to make it or the picture that contains the bends in guitar pro is the same?And what can i do with the toggle manipulation part to look decent? (one picture shows in pg5 the legato slide part and the toggle manipulation) http://oi67.tinypic.com/w7cz92.jpg http://oi63.tinypic.com/aadmdx.jpghttp://oi67.tinypic.com/zt6o82.jpghttp://oi65.tinypic.com/t5oepj.jpg
  8. Is it possible to author a slide after a sustain in EOF using GP tie notes? I have this Guitar Pro tab: http://i.imgur.com/HWW9w4i.png As shown in the notation, I want to sustain the double stop 5xx6 for a sixteenth, then slide to 12xx13 during the course of an eighth, play that double stop, then sustain again. It's a 'Shift Slide', not a 'Legato Slide'. However, when I import the tab into EOF, I get this: http://i.imgur.com/jIM0qlm.png As you can see, EOF seems to have read the tie notes as actual played notes, which I don't want. Could anyone help out? This issue has been bothering me
  9. Hey guys, I've been playing guitar about 2 years now, I've been playing in a church band, jamming with friends, and really getting into music. Specifically, I have really fallen in love with blue, jazz, and all that kind of music. Something about putting emotion into my guitar has really helped me with my playing, and hell with my emotions. Enough of the pussy stuff now though I need some help. I've recently really gotten into Duane Allman and Derek Trucks style guitar playing. They're pretty crazy. The best way I've noticed that I learn guitar is simply playing along with songs on Ro
  10. Hi, I'm trying to tab a "delayed slide" in EOF and it's just doesn't work. I want a single note sustain for some time and then an unpitched slide. How should it look like in EOF?
  11. The "linknext slide" in this photo keeps exporting with the slide missing and sometimes the 5th fret on the "blue string's" note will be missing as well, but the sustain will still show. Any ideas, I'm sick of testing things. With these phrases using normal DDC generator it exports with no slide at all. When I generated DDC with no phrases every other slide was missing. All other techniques and slides were fine in the song and there are a lot. Does it have to do with the long sustained linknext note?? maybe? PICTURE EDIT: This is another 5-string bass song I'm trying to wrap up :twisted:
  12. Can I make a note that starts on an arbritary fret and ends on a determined fret? Some thing like /9, without choosing the fret to start the slide. Because I have a tab in Guitar Pro that have a slide like that, I tried importing in EOF and it put the note one fret lower and makes it slide to the note I want, which is not showed in game ¬¬ http://i.imgur.com/3ytvY1F.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/DlUm6hv.png?1
  13. Hello, I've been trying to set up a note that will slide up to fret 22, hold there for a few seconds, then tremolo. Could anyone help me out with something like this?
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