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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, A random thought came up while i was going through the chord book on RS2014 But before i go into that a quick brief what why i got there. I picked up RS2014 for the xbox and PC a year ago, but i never really go a chance to sit with it till about a month ago, ive made some kick ass progress and all but something thats really holding me back is i feel; is me not being able to play the guitar without having to have rocksmith up and running. For example, after spending hours on learn a song, playing it solo without rocksmith being on is a bit of a turn off, its almost come to a point where i do not feel confident touching a guitar thats not connected to rocksmith to even practice basic stuff. Now to my thought:- Rocksmith has some kick ass technique guides that help build muscle memory and get a player become familiar with the guitar. On you tube and from various books, there are a ton of random sets of notes put together that when played sound decent (like one of the practice tracks from our rocksmith lessons) Now if we could take advantage of the fact that one can make custom tracks for the PC. An example of a custom track for technique:- all the important chords with random switching between them, a bit of scales, some lead notes here and there, basically random riffing that sounds decent. These tracks can be between 10-15 minutes long and with riff repeater it would be a god send, i tried my hand at creating custom tracks but im having issues thats im not able to solve, hence i ask here. Are there already such tracks on customs forge? I really dint know what to look for in case they did exist. Do you think riffs like this created for learn a song would help newbies? Thanks
  2. Ok, so this post is slightly Rocksmith related - hope I've put it in the right place! Some of you may know that I have basically (no pun intended) learnt to play bass, pretty much using Rocksmith alone. I think I started January 2014, and with a lot of help from the Championship on here, and some excellent Charters, who keep this place going, made massive improvements. Well, about a year ago, I joined a covers band. It was a good learning experience, and with a few one to one music lessons, it managed to wean me away from Rocksmith, at least a little. Anyway, last December I was kind of headhunted by a "proper" band. After umming and ahing over Christmas (was I good enough?), I joined them in January. We were in the studio (!!!) in February recording four original songs, three of which my band leader is happy for me to publicise. https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/560453104472561/ https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/2330246770343011/ https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/2020774164895351/ (turn sound on!) So can Rocksmith teach you to play? Perhaps. ;) Keep on rocking, guys! *Disclaimer - they're not my lyrics, I just play the bass! :lol:
  3. Hi everyone here I present some little lead exercises for guitar. The music and tabs are taken from the Jammmz site. This site provides some really nice exercises with mp3 as normal tracks and without the specific instrument as playback. In this little workshop I make cdlcs with some of them. The tracks are very short and focused on particular techniques. I'll offer them as 2 piece packs with the example track with all instruments and a playback track without guitar. enjoy and raise your skills!
  4. I think i had enought of this!!!!!! My father always said i need a guitar teacher,because i have to learn properly.Ok,that's not the problem,the problem is he always said i can't play the guitar!And how????? I don't care that he learnd 14 years in the piano but never in the guitar.He saw and heard me playing,but he always said i can't play just my brothers -.- Well than maybe he should try to play This Surefing by Billy Talent and than say that!!!!!Sorry guys,i have enough of this.But why he always says that? What's Rocksmith for?To learn play guitar and that's why i started.Ok i need a teacher but why say that always? What's you opinion?
  5. Hi all, actually I'm creating customs from Guitar Pro tabs that I wrote for education. This blues exercises are inspired by the book "Play Blues Guitar" by Jürgen Kumlehn, but I took only the riffs (Lead) and create full tracks of it with Lead, Rhythm, Bass and Drums in GP6. Thanks to Guitar Pro 6 which is able to convert the tabs also to wav, so I use the GP audio. (To record everything would be much to much work). The idea is to use this customs for practicing some standard blues riffs in typical 12 bar shape, in this case for accompaniment. The shapes are here as followed, always 12 bars then repeat, every shape is played 4 times. The steps are written in Roman numerals. A step belongs to the chord of it's ascending scale. If i.e. A Major is the key, the Chords to this key are A, Bm, C#m, D, E, F#m, G#mb5. Standard 12 Bar Blues shape uses only A, D, E, what are at the steps 1, 4 and 5, thus I, IV and V in this case the shape: I I I I IV IV I I V IV I V this formula works in all keys Of course you can use it also to improvise, every custom of them will have an additional bonus track without any notes for jamming. Metronome tracks are also available for each path (bonus) except the Bonus Jam Track. we start with easy ones Exercise 1 Blues Comping 1 shuffled 8ths in A major 12 Bar Blues accompaniment in A-major @ 90 bpm, easy level on all paths. The tabs for all arrangements are written by myself, also drums and bass. Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/23142836tl.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23174590zs.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23174640ic.jpg Exercise 2 Blues Comping 2 in A major with straight eights @ 120 bpm again an easy one with single notes on lead guitar, rhythm guitar with chords and bass. Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/23174889hb.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23174891zn.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23174908we.jpg Exercise 3 Blues Comping 3 in G major @ 120 bpm, advanced level Again a 12 Bar Blues, this one is a little bit harder, especially the rhythm guitar since it's played in a funky rhythm quite a lot of fun if you've got the groove Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/23201246ep.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23201266xx.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23201281qn.jpg Exercise 4 Blues Comping 4 in E major @ 90 bpm (shuffle) 12 Bar, all paths Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/23267054sh.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23267071da.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23267115mz.jpg Part 2 Now let's continue with some more advanced stuff The next track is from Peter Fischer's book Survival Guitar, chapter Blues. I took the soundtrack from CD and modified it a bit, cut, copied and pasted 3 chorus into the song that it has 4 12 Bar chorus instead only one. Now we have the same lenght than all other exercises and a great sounding backingtrack (no GP RSE this time). Also I managed to add a "Vocals" track which shows information every bar i.e.: 1 - E7 (I) what means bar number of a chorus (1), actual chord (E7) on this step (I). (I will update all other exrecises with this feature later.) This exercise still uses the same shape like the first 4 exercises, I-I-I-I-IV-IV-I-I-V-IV-I-V, but now we have a turnaround in the 11th bar and as an Intro before the first bar. also the lead path is played with some rakes what makes it more advanced. Rhythm path is mostly offbeat with deadnotes (chords) in between, and the song is again in shuffle/swing feel at ~115bpm. The bass plays a walking bass line. Like all others it has metronome as bonus track on all paths and on lead a Jam-bonus track without any notes for improvisation. Exercise 5 Blues Comping 5 in E major the sheets: Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/24690165ze.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/24693015bl.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/24690188gr.jpg -enjoy this 5th exercise- Exercise 6 The next one is again the 12 bar shape like usual with an additional Quickchange on the 2nd Bar, IV instead I. Now the 12 bar shape looks like this I IV I I IV IV I I V IV I V With a rate of 140bpm and a shuffle/swing feel it's on a higher level. Also it includes any turnarounds. all tabs and music of these are created by myself, only helper was GP6 which enabled sheets and sound (and of course EOF and all other amazing tools that are needed to create any cdlc, thanks to the developers :) ). Blues Comping 6 in B major the sheets Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/24947606qf.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/24947608sx.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/24947612hi.jpg I try to show always only one page of the sheet for every arrangement, so it requires sometimes to hide the traditional note system, then only the tablature is shown. At this one I had to do the screenshots earlier since I created a second drum and decided to mix them, therefore I had to split up the repeats to have the first two chorus a halftime shuffle and the 3dr and 4th more forward drums. Unfortunately later in EOF I decided to change the first three bars note positions at Lead in every chorus, same notes but easier to handle, so this three bars are not exactly the same as in the sheet. Challenge 7 for the next track I don't provide tabs since it's just too much, too many variations because it's a real audio recorded by myself with drum, bass and 2 guitars. For more information see the release notes at the record page. If you need tabs you can extract them with the RS to Tab tool or with the newest Toolkit, I heard this can do the job as well. Now folows as promised a 12 bar Minor Blues in this shape with a quick change at 2nd bar I m7 IV m7 I m7 I m7 IV m7 IV m7 I m7 I m7 bVI 7 V7 I m7 V7 Fripples - B-Minor-Blues (blues comping7) is a cosy shuffle @ 98bpm this time it's not named as a You exercise but rather a full value song, performed by me. The cdlc contains a Rhythm guitar which is the Blues comping 7 Lead guitar which is an improvisation, nice solo blues licks the whole song Bass guitar of course additional I created tracks with muted instruments from the multirack, but I suggest, esp the solo guitar, have a good ear on it (the main track with all instruments) before playing the muted ones, because RS of course is not capable to display things like articulation, so play also with your ears and your heart! Challenge 8 this is another tune I created by my own. Like the B-Minor I composed, played and recorded all instruments and finally mixed down in home production. More informations about the production and the set up you find at the record page of this custom. It's another 12 Bar Blues in G-minor, slightly different shape than before: Fonk de Blues it starts with a 8 bar funky pentatonic riff, then follows the 12 bar blues shape in a funky way (2x) then over 2 chorus (12 bar bs) a guitar solo, then 8 bars a catchy octave vamp, again the 12 bar theme (2x) then the riff from start 8 bars, last but not least 8 bars the octave vamp as an outro the blues shape now looks like that Im Im Im Im IVm IVm Im Im V7 IVm Im V7#9 Fripples - Fonk de Blues (Blues Comping As already said the lead guitar has a nice solo in the middle, some funky riffs and a single note line during the 12 bar shape. The rhythm guitar doubles the riff and the vamp once, the second time it's doubled transposed by an octave up. At the blues shape parts the rhythm guitar plays chords and many dead notes with wah pedal. The bass is a nice and groovy slap line. Key is G-minor, straight eights at 102 bpm, very nice to play (and to listen I mean) Again I made also a No Lead, No Rhythm and No Bass track with the multitrack audio. enjoy it! have fun with this challenging exercises, I do
  6. Hello there. Today I decided to finish my guitar experience forever and ever. It's a bad message for users who expected more CDLCs of Horytnica and many other bands. I believe someone will finish the job alongside game popularity growth. I will also sell my Cort KX5 to someone else who actually plans a career. I still doubt if to sell it or keep in closet for the case I changed my mind. I have been finishing my guitar adventure for 9 months and sometimes I play Rocksmith but no gain. Even a regression! I couldn't play any chord cleanly, guitar pick was slipping out of my fingers and changing angle, solos almost muted, strings and frets confused commonly. I couldn't even play songs that I performed decently last year. My fingers look like rubble despite guitar abstinence. I had no issues before. There are also some counter-indications. I don't wanna screw up my wrist and cause other health problems by practicing all over time. The other issue is that my time is limited and my roommates would kill me for doing it every evening. Guitar is a low-level instrument (you manipulate strings directly) and needs lots of time-consuming efforts. Guitar was only an experiment for me. Only few classes on university before bachelor's defence so it's time for writing thesis and... learning guitar basics! Yeah! Moreover, I started to work before Christmas. I couldn't predict it before. Now I have full time job, other projects and master's thesis left. You can think I have a lot of free time. It's an illusion. This is why I must optimize it starting of 2016. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away I was playing piano so I'm not a beginner in music. Why guitar? In high school I started to listen to rock and metal music. On student carnival we met in number of 3 guys to discuss about our interests. No1 makes techno and knows FL Studio, No2 wants to play drums and we decided to do something together. After holidays everyone forgot this meeting. Next year I discovered patriotic rock/metal bands. It's better than nihilism put into most modern songs. It became obvious I need guitar. I also thought "ladies love guitar players" but later "ladies hate bad guitar players". What next? I consider continuing my piano experience but no idea what to start of and how to in case of progressive music or symphonic metal. To sum up, playing Rocksmith was fun but I don't see future in playing guitar for now. I don't say bye because I'm not removing account. I will still discuss with you about guitar, RS, music and other topics. That's my confession. If you also doubt or threw your guitar away, tell your story
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