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Found 8 results

  1. How can we encourage more users of this site to chart CDLCs? I just had a look through the Request CDLC tab and there's an almost infinite list of hopeful suggestions. It's mainly a dumping ground for requests. I doubt if many charters actually look it up. They of course have a huge list of their own favourites at the particular time and do one of those. I somehow doubt that as many as one percent of site members actually chart. It's tempting to just be a passive down-loader and use other peoples efforts to learn to play. I have only done half a dozen charts myself, as I'm slow at it and
  2. Hey peeps noticed that no one has done a good chart of 11th hour & ruin by lamb of god and wondering if anyone is willing to as its a great song and since learning guitar its a song I would love to learn but cant read music and rocksmith is the only way I learn to play, many thanks to anyone that can help out in advance.
  3. So I'm working on a CDLC that incorporates some guitar feedback into its song and I was wondering. Is there any proper way to chart out a 'feedback effect' for a certain note? Should I substitute it with a pinch harmonic? Or should it be left blank? For those that don't know what a feedback effect is, here's a video explaining how it's done:
  4. When I bought Rocksmith, I really liked the idea of CDLC, so much so I decided to try it out myself. I've only charted 1 song and have another on standby. I mostly chart songs that have already been published mostly because all the songs I want to chart myself have already been done (and some of those tabs need a bit of work to fix up.) I probably should have asked this before posting my first CDLC but I'll ask now: Are there any rules regarding posting CDLC that other charters have already done? If so, what is allowed and what isn't. Also, is there anything I should keep in mind about posti
  5. Does anyone know how to do a pick slide in EoF? Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s83d6JlnyY#t=33 Thanks!
  6. Hi So i charted the song i want in EOF and its all timed correctly and all so now what do i do??
  7. Rocksmith doesn't like to read below a Low C on BASS more n more songs being done with this issue being ignored... If it's TOO LOW Transpose BEAD to CEAD - BASS - Lowest i believe the Game likes... and only lose a a small % of notes for some songs whereis: Korn's Fieldy using 5-string Drops 1-step lower again so no way to get true notes to be recognised... The Mudvayne Dig BASS is a good example, at most i can Score about 60-70% cause the RED Open notes aren't counted...
  8. C C# D Eb E F F# G G# A Bb B0 16.35 17.32 18.35 19.45 20.60 21.83 23.12 24.50 25.96 27.50 29.14 30.871 32.70 34.65 36.71 38.89 41.20 43.65 46.25 49.00 51.91 55.00 58.27 61.742 65.41 69.30 73.42 77.78 (82.41 87.31 92.50 98.00 103.8 110.0 116.5 123.53 130.8 138.6 146.8 155.6 164.8 174.6 185.0 196.0 207.7 220.0 233.1 246.94 261.6 277.2 293.7 311.1 329.6) 349.2 370.0 392.0 415.3 440.0 466.2 493.95 523.3 554.4 587.3 622.3 659.3 698.5 740.0 784.0 830.6 880.0 932.3 987.86 1047 1109 1175 1245 1319 1397 1480 1568 1661 1760
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