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  1. so i dont need to do what he did above this in WWise?
  2. i finally got Wwise to work by changing the settings vary quickly before it closes. Im not really having troubles in eof i just dont know where to put a completed EOF track and what i need to do other than line up the notes with the song.
  3. Every time i try to get wwise to work it close for no reason. I also don't know what to do with it once i'm done in EOF (step by step)
  4. Hi. I have always tried to make rocksmith custom songs but it always ends with tears, a couple viruses, and no more cdlc. I have tried watching videos but they always lead me to a dead end or require the purchase of some software like WWise that i cant get to work. The farthest i have ever gotten is a charted song in EOF before spending 2 hours trying to get some program to turn it into a rocksmith file. Why can i just put the file in some file converter? Anyway, I need some help, I'm starting to loose interest in guitar as a whole because all the rocksmith songs have become stale and i tabs just frustrate me. PLEASE HELP
  5. where can i download wwise. all i find is a user subscrtiption for actual coders. anyone have a download for wwise
  6. Hi So i charted the song i want in EOF and its all timed correctly and all so now what do i do??
  7. whenever i open a song it just stays on the amp and doesnt load the highway
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