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Found 7 results

  1. Apologies in advance if this is something that is not allowed but I could not find anything that says something regarding this subject. So a while back looking through these forums I managed to find a link that took you to official tones of the Rocksmith songs that you needed to import via buying them from Steam along with all the DLC that had come up to that point. Seeing how I still have that file it has been quite handy in making songs with the best sounding tones. I am looking now to improve a song by "The Pretenders" and I know that they have a DLC package out now and wondering if there is the same type of file out there updated with the most recent tones up to date? Sorry if this is forbidden, i'll take whatever heat may come of it, but in any case thanks for reading and safe travels. :)
  2. Hello everyone. So the story is: I have a favorite song which i want to make a cdlc from. It is known song - Young Lust ftom The Wall CD1, but i wanted to do it with my own "simplified and adjusted for dummies tab". And by now I have only one trouble: Tone doesnt switch back to "clean" after Solo. I did everything as mentioned here - added only two switches (to solo and back), defined default tone as clean. It starts well and switches to solo, but doesnt switch back. Can anyone help me? Everything is here (Eof project, my mighty tab, even an RSt xml): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nlvhgjlgE4vQMCCKUEncTp3q6ROdmR-L?usp=sharing
  3. I'm having some trouble with finding out what tones are what in RS custom toolkit. I really want to make more customs, but i suck at making tones, i dont know how to choose what time they switch at or even how to make them in general. Could i get some help?
  4. I'm in the process of making these Foo Fighters' songs from there latest album Wasting Light, "Arlandria" is all tabbed out but is in need of a decent tone. "I should have known" is a jumbled mess, anyone got any good tabs for it? Midway through the song it gets harder to heard the main guitar and as a result I don't know if the tabs I have are right. Thanks :D
  5. Is there a tool or program to check your CDLC for missing tones? It seems every time I play, My tone dies. and by the time i realize I have no idea what song caused it but I play different songs all the time, so there are likely several that are causing it. So a tool that can go through, Identify what ones ones are missing the tone, maybe even auto add in the default would be nice, as it would stop the tone from dying, (which then causes me to exit the game to go back in.) I know there's a post, where they are trying to keep a list of all the songs that cause the dead tone, and I've gone through it. and recompiled many songs i have that are on that list thinking it's better to be safe than sorry. But i have roughly 8,000 songs. (not all loaded at the same time of course) but that would take forever to go through them 1 at a time, as well as that posting, plus the versions could be different that cause it as well as different people making the same song *Shrug*
  6. I need help that I can't find the answer to and hope to god someone has it. After I played a custom just today I experienced the dropped tone glitch that happens to me, as always, I unplugged the real tone cable and plugged it back in to regain the connection. But this time the tone glitched out and went to all clean tones, no matter which tone I chose. So I restarted my game but I still only have clean tones....... this is not good, I NEED my tones back. Please god tell me there is an easy solution to this or that someone knows what to do in this case so I can continue to play and make Rocksmith content.
  7. Hi I started working on my first customs and have quickly realised that its not going to sound very good if there is no tone and I am not very good with the tone creator, so I was wondering if anyone would like to help out and create tines for: Green Day - Lazy Bones ( Close to completion) Green Day - Loss of control ( Close to completion) My Chemical Romance - Vampire Money ( Just Started) Thank you and appreciate any help offered :)
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