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Found 23 results

  1. How can I make tones like 'lead phaser', 'distortion processed', 'acoustic octave' etc.? I've seen these kind of tones even in cdlcs so I know it's possible I've tried importing the tone, for example 'overdrive tremolo' from 'spiderwebs' by no doubt In the toolkit the tone type is marked as 'tremolo' and also in the game it just shows as 'tremolo' There's also a cdlc ('how did we get so dark' by royal blood) with a bass distortion lead (or something like that) tone I saved the tone as a .tone2014.xml file and I notice that on the image I'm guessing the two numbers after 357 define the tone I already tried that too, with different numbers, but it will just stay, either as 'bass distortion lead', or just with the name of the first tone (bass in this case)
  2. Hello everyone. So the story is: I have a favorite song which i want to make a cdlc from. It is known song - Young Lust ftom The Wall CD1, but i wanted to do it with my own "simplified and adjusted for dummies tab". And by now I have only one trouble: Tone doesnt switch back to "clean" after Solo. I did everything as mentioned here - added only two switches (to solo and back), defined default tone as clean. It starts well and switches to solo, but doesnt switch back. Can anyone help me? Everything is here (Eof project, my mighty tab, even an RSt xml): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nlvhgjlgE4vQMCCKUEncTp3q6ROdmR-L?usp=sharing
  3. Apologies in advance if this is something that is not allowed but I could not find anything that says something regarding this subject. So a while back looking through these forums I managed to find a link that took you to official tones of the Rocksmith songs that you needed to import via buying them from Steam along with all the DLC that had come up to that point. Seeing how I still have that file it has been quite handy in making songs with the best sounding tones. I am looking now to improve a song by "The Pretenders" and I know that they have a DLC package out now and wondering if there is the same type of file out there updated with the most recent tones up to date? Sorry if this is forbidden, i'll take whatever heat may come of it, but in any case thanks for reading and safe travels. :)
  4. I've created a chart that has multiple tone changes, the 1st tone change is fine but the rest of them stay ob the same tone. I haven't done anything to the tone slots in the toolkit and I've made sure that all the changes in eof are correct so i'm not sure why it is happening. Any help would be great.
  5. I need help that I can't find the answer to and hope to god someone has it. After I played a custom just today I experienced the dropped tone glitch that happens to me, as always, I unplugged the real tone cable and plugged it back in to regain the connection. But this time the tone glitched out and went to all clean tones, no matter which tone I chose. So I restarted my game but I still only have clean tones....... this is not good, I NEED my tones back. Please god tell me there is an easy solution to this or that someone knows what to do in this case so I can continue to play and make Rocksmith content.
  6. I'm having some trouble with finding out what tones are what in RS custom toolkit. I really want to make more customs, but i suck at making tones, i dont know how to choose what time they switch at or even how to make them in general. Could i get some help?
  7. I've noticed that hardly any RS player posts their tone. It drives my nuts because it's something I always enjoyed doing and I love hearing other tones that players have created. Do you have a tone you're proud of? Feel free to post tones you have made.
  8. Sorry if the workaround was mentioned earlier. But I wasn't able to quickly find a solution here. The problem is that after a while (even after 1 song sometimes) the tones stop working at all. I mean that I could hear only clean guitar strings. I've seen in some topic that it somehow connected to using CDLC, thus I think in 'vanilla' Rocksmith there is no such problem. But is there any workaround? Because I'm tired of relaunching Rocksmith after a couple of songs. I play under Win10, and I could say that Rocksmith is quite unstable. It crashes often, stops in the menu, lotsa of that stuff I didn't see in Win7. Sadly, It's not possible to install on my PC Win7. But the main problem is with tones. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Can't find an answer to this, thought I am sure it's here somewhere. What's the situation with cdlc and tones. If a cdlc is downloaded will it sometimes have a custom tone with it, do I need to get custom tones somewhere separately, do cdlc use a tone from the game that is as close as possible, do I just need to select the closet tone that's already in rs2014 and if so are there suggestions for these or can I just not use custom tones with cdlc? Think I have exhausted all the possibilities I can think of above :) Cheers
  10. There are two common issues that are affecting the quality of CDLCs here, and I'd like to extend this request to anyone and everyone making CDLCs. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, and I realize that the best and most direct approach is to contact the developer, but in this case it's almost too much work, so while I work on my boilerplate replies, I'd just like to give everyone a heads up in case they're about to upload a "less-than-awesome" CDLC. I'm relatively new to guitar and extremely new to CDLCs but I have a few years experience as a bass and keyboard performer, studio engineer, and live sound tech, and I do know a little bit about guitar and mix processing, so I have some theories as to the mistakes that are being made. Please take a look at these tips in case any of the info is new to you. #1: Tones About a third of the CDLCs I download have... well, issues with tone. Here are some tips you should apply before attempting to create a custom tone. Connect your RT cable right to the guitar. Not everybody owns a tube screamer or a preamp. If you set up a tone so it sounds good on your pedal rig, it will most likely sound terrible on a guitar, which is what RS recommends and which most players are using. Don't forget that there are EQ controls inside some pickups.Do not use the tone controls on your guitar, or ask us to. This kills RS's note detection, and not all guitars have taps or tone pots. There are EQs in the tone editor.If your guitar is so equipped, try to use the bridge pickup for lead and the neck for rhythm. This also relates to note detection. RS uses harmonics to tell what string/note you're playing.Do not use a hollowbody, acoustic, short-scale, or other "exotic" instrument while developing tones. They sound different to begin with, and also have different harmonics that can affect detection. If that's all you've got, refrain from making significant tone changes or have a buddy with a "normal" guitar help you.If you have any doubt at all, just use the default tone. It sounds great on quite a few songs.Regardless of your level of expertise, get an honest and competent friend to check the sound for you. Many of these are just so far off I can't stomach playing through. Yes, you can use the tone stick under some circumstances, but there is a limited number of slots.If you've adjusted any control (with some exceptions like fuzz or overdrive) in any plugin to the extreme end of its range, consider very carefully whether you've attempted to reach the tone in the wrong way. There could be a more appropriate signal chain.Don't make a tone that's "better than the original." This is subjective, and it usually isn't.If you are an extremely skilled guitarist, remember that the overwhelming majority of RS players cannot control muting as well as you and that your "all the way to eleven" tone will disappear in a sickening mess of fret and handling noise and 60Hz hum for everyone else here.Remember that playing technique varies widely from song to song. Picking position, fretting, palm muting, and strumming style all contribute greatly to the timbre of a guitar's voice. Try to watch the original video and make sure you're playing the instrument appropriately before you then go on to tweak the sound. If you're unfamiliar with a guitarist you may be trying to achieve with stomp boxes what naturally comes out of his/her fingertips.In most cases, if you search the web for "so-and-so's guitar rig," you'll find a precise rundown of what they use, and can get a very good clue to how to replicate it in RS. If not, you'll find a competent guitarist's guess at the very least. #2: pitch. About 10%-25% of the CDLCs I've downloaded are so far off in pitch that they're truly unpleasant to listen to, and it is difficult to play to a song that's not in tune, particularly when bending. Here are some tips for getting the pitch right: Please don't use audio from YouTube, like many tutorials describe. Legal issues aside, YT compresses the heck out of audio and this will also result in a transcode; and you're also trusting that the person who ripped it originally didn't screw it up. In addition, off-tuning songs fools YT's copyright police software, and many uploaders intentionally screw with the pitch or tempo of songs for this reason.Don't transcode at all. Bit rates are sensitive to distortion when transcoding, and there is always a possibility the result will be a few cents off.Don't use CD ripping software if you don't know how it works. There are options in most ripping software for sample rate conversion that can affect pitch.Don't trust your ears. Not everyone can tell by ear that a whole song is out of pitch. You have to know what to listen for. Learn how to use a strobe tuner (you can download one for your phone). Ask multiple people to help you check. If your ears are all you've got, play the CD alongside your CDLC and listen for flanging or "fattening." Listen to your editor's MIDI playback if that is an option (and make sure you've got the right tuning).If you are ripping from tape, vinyl, video, or any other source, remember that all of these types of sources can go out of pitch and must be calibrated periodically.Don't use a cheap sound card. Some plug-in USB sound interfaces have horrible clock accuracy. Sometimes the driver affects clock speed and dropped samples in response to your video card's settings. Laptops and their many integrated peripherals seem to be notorious for pitch issues. Ripping direct from a CD does not require any processing of the audio by your hardware.Don't forget to tune your guitar meticulously while you develop your CDLC. If your ax is out of tune, you won't notice that the song is out of pitch. If you're a relatively new guitarist, remember that your playing might be a little sharp due to your fretting force.Don't forget that some songs were not recorded in A=440. Try your best to make sure you're in the same tuning as the original.I am very grateful to everyone who's taken the significant time and effort to upload CDLCs so please don't take this as needless griping. I would like to help everyone here who is working to expand the customs universe and as my RSCT skills grow I will certainly lend my assistance to anyone who asks.
  11. Is there any way to have a tone switch mid song that one creates and if so how do i do it. For example if i wanted to go from a clean tone to an overdrive how would i do that. I also would like to know what the download link is. I know its where people go and it downloads the cdlc for them but how would i get one so i get a link so people can download my song
  12. Hi guys, I have a question for all of you. I was studying a song made by Nacho (who is one of the best CDLC creators), namely "The best of times" from Dream Theater. I wrote to him back that on the solos the tones are not the best as I get strange noises out of the guitar, but he told me that for him everyhting is right and nobody else said anything. So I thought that this might have something to do with my audio setup. I have the same problem with other CDLCs like the ones from Gary Moore which for me sound so awful that I cannot play them. Just remembered another one: Brian Adams - All for love (here one of the tone is set so high that sounds are really distorted). My setup. Hardware: CPU I7, RAM: 32 GB, Audio: ASUS Audigy XONAR D2 6 channels, sample rate: 192 kHz, Analog out: 5.1 speakers (Video - maybe irrelevant: Nvidia Quadro FX6000 - I don't play anything else but RS on the computer) Audio volume: around 60% in Windows, 40-50% on the speakers (it's pretty loud :P ) Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (made in Mexico) Cable: the real tone cable All software is licensed, no cracks or anything like that Game configuration: Mixer: all volume levels 100 Audio settings: Audio engine 2 Exclusivity On Real cable gain: -1.2 db Video settings: let everything the way the game set it up Play settings: irrelevant In windows: the cable is acting as a microphone: volume level 17 and the format is 1 channel 16 bit, 11025 Hz (Dictation Quality) both options in Exclusive mode are checked. I have a spare real tone cable and everything is the same so the cable is not the issue. So, is there something wrong with my setup? Should I change anything? Should I configure something differently? Thanks a lot and really looking forward for your feedback as I feel that with your help I might just improve my RS experience and play some songs which currently might seem to be wrong for me but correct for the others. One last comment to this post: there are also many songs where everything seems to be in the right order. Cheers, Calin
  13. I'm having lots of trouble getting tone changes to work, I've put the names in the eof, then assigned them to the gui, and i still can't get them to switch in game. Would someone please help. :c
  14. Is there a tool or program to check your CDLC for missing tones? It seems every time I play, My tone dies. and by the time i realize I have no idea what song caused it but I play different songs all the time, so there are likely several that are causing it. So a tool that can go through, Identify what ones ones are missing the tone, maybe even auto add in the default would be nice, as it would stop the tone from dying, (which then causes me to exit the game to go back in.) I know there's a post, where they are trying to keep a list of all the songs that cause the dead tone, and I've gone through it. and recompiled many songs i have that are on that list thinking it's better to be safe than sorry. But i have roughly 8,000 songs. (not all loaded at the same time of course) but that would take forever to go through them 1 at a time, as well as that posting, plus the versions could be different that cause it as well as different people making the same song *Shrug*
  15. Hi I started working on my first customs and have quickly realised that its not going to sound very good if there is no tone and I am not very good with the tone creator, so I was wondering if anyone would like to help out and create tines for: Green Day - Lazy Bones ( Close to completion) Green Day - Loss of control ( Close to completion) My Chemical Romance - Vampire Money ( Just Started) Thank you and appreciate any help offered :)
  16. Hi, can anybody tell me how to make song with auto-changing tones? I have to change tone 2 times: from delay to lead and from lead to delay. How to do it?
  17. I'm in the process of making these Foo Fighters' songs from there latest album Wasting Light, "Arlandria" is all tabbed out but is in need of a decent tone. "I should have known" is a jumbled mess, anyone got any good tabs for it? Midway through the song it gets harder to heard the main guitar and as a result I don't know if the tabs I have are right. Thanks :D
  18. I have enough people asking for tones or help with tones that I figured I would just upload them all for people to use if they want. I make alot of drastically different customs song styles so there is a pretty big variety to try out. Some with wah trem echo metal tones and some clean tones with effects on some and also the ones I used for game music tones. its in a rar file since uploading individually would be just silly. I wasn't sure which section to put it in so if not here some mod can move it wherever. http://www.mediafire.com/download/6el84nv8sls8ds8/all_my_tones.rar
  19. Does anyone know why a song disables tones on all the game? this is the song that disables my tones http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/we-are-all-we-have-r2350
  20. Hello everyone, Seems like every custom DLC that I download has no tone. Is it just me or is no one checking their tones? I'm kinda new to this but not completely. One out of the 10 songs I downloaded this evening has a tone. I will try playing with a pre-set tone in the options menu to see if that helps, but am I missing something here? I am playing the bass in case you're wondering. Thanks, Uncle
  21. I just generated a custom song I've been working on with the toolkit, and made sure to import the two guitar tones I made within RS2014, which had been specified in EOF and given simple, one-word titles (Lead and Fuzz). When I loaded the song up, though, I found that my guitar suddenly had no tone at all and was almost impossible to hear, and at the points in the song where it was supposed to switch tones, it just said the song title with a dash on the top right portion of the screen, but not Lead or Fuzz afterward. Is there a factor I'm not taking into account with tone creation and importing here, or is it some sort of bug?
  22. I have a bass tone I made saved to my profile for a custom I'm working on, but I'm a little confused as to how I should go about naming it. I don't know whether to include the song title then add a dash and the word bass to make "Song Title - Bass", or if I should just call it Bass and the song title is added automatically ingame. The fact that I can't add spaces to tone names only makes things more confusing. Also, do I need to manually add an Insert Tone event at the beginning of the song in EOF to activate the tone, even if it's the only one used for the whole song?
  23. Maybe Something like how the CDLCs are setup but for Custom tones?
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