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  1. I have recently just got Rocksmith and wanted the CDLC install on RS through steam. I found the latest video on here and followed all the instructions but it is not working. I have looked back and realised that I need to install cherub rock for it to work. HOWEVER, the steam DLC seems to have removed cherub rock pack and I cannot find it anywhere. Can someone please point me in the right direction to download cherub rock as this frustrating me now. I feel like I am being completely stupid here
  2. Hi guys. I am new here :) I just registered to Steam and downloaded the steam client especially for buying and playing Rocksmith. Unfortunately, the Steam client alone is 600MB (wtf?) and I have no use for it except for Rocksmith. Therefore, I want to use Rocksmith without Steam: So I extracted the Rocksmith game folder out of the Steam folder and uninstalled Steam. However, Rocksmith is not working anymore because I am getting this error message: "Unable to Initialize Steam API". What can I do to be able to run Rocksmith Remastered without Steam? For those of you who think I am pirating the game, here the proof I bought it. I just want the game and don't need Steam. http://i.imgur.com/k9OBZ8i.jpg
  3. Hi everyone, I've played rocksmith for a while, but this is my first voyage into CDLC. I've been attempting to convert PC CDLC files to ps3 through the toolkit, but I always get an error message. I've attempted different songs and tried two different computers, but the error message always pops up. I've seen a couple other users mention the error, but never a fix. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  4. I had the idea for a new mod, In the "Filter By" tab (where your looking at your song) should be a album future, titled "Album" meaning if you have songs from multiple albums and it looks like an unorganized mess, then you can filter the songs by the bands and the albums, The frame work for this is almost already in custom forge with filtering songs from one album, the frame work just has to be tweaked a bit, here is a little concept of I think it should look like and how avenged sevenfold has been able to do it but only because of the starting name.
  5. This may seem an easy question but I know how to install custom songs, but for example, when I go to download paramore misery business or blink 182 dammit, it takes me to a page which is about the DLC on the steam STORE and it does not give me a download link like all of the custom songs I add on? Any one here know how to add all the DLC stuff that normally appears on steam store? THANK YOU! <3
  6. Help guys, i am like a poor man using No cable launcher for plauing rocksmith, and i wanted to play with my friens in multiplayer, i connected cables with Jack–Minijack into computer, one in inline, second into microphone, and launcher says player 1 and player 2 have the same input device ids make it different otherwise multiplayer wont work How can i fix this? I don't have any interfaces because i am poor LOL, i connect cables using built-in sound card Please help
  7. Hi. Just purchased locksmith after someone recommended it to learn how to play lead on certain songs. Purchased cherub pumpkins and went through the steps to run the cdlc. I can put any of them in, but when I open them I can only get through to the tuning section. After I finish tuning, it starts loading and then freezes. Any suggestions? Running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4, MacBook pro 2015 Rocksmith- latest update as of 7/9/18 Thanks
  8. how can i play custom song on rocksmith 2014 on ps3 do i have to have a pc version on pc or do i need the cd from ps3 or how are the data loaded on ps3 rocksmith lg brian
  9. Hey guys I need some help. I installed linux mint and my rocksmith stopped working. I use proton via steam but it does not help. Rocksmith chrashes and want me to send problem code to ubisoft. How can i play rocksmith on linux? I tried also to use Wine but Wine can't find .steam folder that is hidden; Help please
  10. I'm after inside information or informed opinion, not just wishful thinking. Lets face it Guitar Hero and Rock Band are all but dead and no longer supported by the companies that made billions from them. In 2012 we got Rocksmith, great. In 2014 we got Rocksmith 2014, even better. In 2016 we got Rocksmith Remastered for free, Yah! In 2018 we got a few bug fixes, great. So what next? It's now a relatively mature product, so any improved version would probably require a complete costly rewrite. Ubisoft continues to support the product with ODLC, great, but for how long? CF has an apparently growing membership, a huge database of content and many dedicated charters (especially in death metal. :)) We see guitar shops folding and time honoured guitar companies going bankrupt. Kids are into singing and dancing these days more than playing guitars. Will Ubi upgrade again and keep the psarc format or create a whole new music game with a different format DLC. Will some other software company see the possibilities and create a bigger, better music game for guitarists and steal away RS users? Can CF carry on if Ubi dumps the product, no more support, ODLC or Real tone cables? Of course, we all want the status quo to continue with more improvements and more ODLC. I buy as much ODLC as I can afford with this in mind, even if I've got the song in CDLC. Does any member know someone who works for Ubisoft or a developer and can shed light on any of this? Your information in response is most welcome. Cheers, mczero
  11. Hi guys, back when Rocksmith 2014 did the update to Remastered, all CDLCs stopped working. Someone posted a fix, and actually work like a charm. For months the fix was posted in a big banner at the top of the Custom Forge page. I just installed RS Remastered in a different computer, and of course my CDLCs are not working anymore. I am looking for the link for the fix but, I can't find it. Could anyone give me the link for the fix? Thank you Vlab_B
  12. I have a crackling type sound when playing the guitar. I tried one fix where you edit a file but it seemed to create a different error. Has anyone else fixed this problem before?
  13. Should i take them like apples to apples, or like apples to oranges. I understand the first have a coloured sound, while the studio monitors have a plain sound that reflects the actual studio appearance of the music you hear. The same ive read many times that on average studio monitors are considered by most an unpleasant way to hear music, and as in Rocksmith you get everything mixed thats what you are doing. Let leave aside for a momment the different purpose of each one. My question is, should i compare the 500 watt rms of the Logitech Z906 with the 100watt to 300watt you would get out of near field studio monitors you can get without stretching your money too far away from the 250 bucks it takes to get the Logitech Z906. Because i have a Line 6 112 of 75watt 12" amp and it could crush to bits the logitech speakers. Should i give special significance to the diameter of the speakers above watt considerations. What about the SOUND QUALITY, does the engineering of an studio monitor provide better sound quality per watt than a good set of pc speakers, or even than HIFI speakers like those speakers towers used to hear music or for expensive home cinemas sets. In short. If you get let say a pair of Yamaha HS-5 and a set of Logitech Z906 and you try Rocksmith 2014 remastered with your guitar. Which one will i probably want to keep, and which one will i return to the shop. (Ive heard these week the Pioneer DM-40 and did not like them too much) Links to the logitechs and to monitors not far away from their price range when you buy a pair: https://www.logitech.com/es-es/product/speaker-system-z906 Yamaha HS-5 https://usa.yamaha.com/products/proaudio/speakers/hs_series/specs.html#product-tabs Other studio monitors in the range: JBL 305P MKII http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/recording-broadcast/3-series-mkii/305p-mkii#.XI5BkChKjb0 KRK RP5 RoKit G3 http://www.krksys.com/Studio-Monitors/ROKIT-5-G3 Behringer Nekkst K8 http://www.musictribe.com/Categories/Behringer/Loudspeaker-Systems/Studio-Monitoring/K8/p/P0AZU M-Audio BX8 D3 https://m-audio.com/bx8d3
  14. Ok, so this post is slightly Rocksmith related - hope I've put it in the right place! Some of you may know that I have basically (no pun intended) learnt to play bass, pretty much using Rocksmith alone. I think I started January 2014, and with a lot of help from the Championship on here, and some excellent Charters, who keep this place going, made massive improvements. Well, about a year ago, I joined a covers band. It was a good learning experience, and with a few one to one music lessons, it managed to wean me away from Rocksmith, at least a little. Anyway, last December I was kind of headhunted by a "proper" band. After umming and ahing over Christmas (was I good enough?), I joined them in January. We were in the studio (!!!) in February recording four original songs, three of which my band leader is happy for me to publicise. https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/560453104472561/ https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/2330246770343011/ https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/2020774164895351/ (turn sound on!) So can Rocksmith teach you to play? Perhaps. ;) Keep on rocking, guys! *Disclaimer - they're not my lyrics, I just play the bass! :lol:
  15. So, there are two ways to connect to RockSmith, you have a microphone sitting in-front of your Amplifier, or in-front of the guitar itself if you are using an acoustic. You also have their "Real-tone" cable which from what i hear doesn't work all that well and that's it. I want to know if it would be possible to take the output of an amplifier's headphone port, and then plug that into a computers input port which is typically used for a microphone or any other input device. I am sure its possible, but for some reason it does not work for me, do i have to have the amplifier turned up high, or is there something else i am forgetting? I would perfer to use the "line out" of my amp because the way my setup is, i have to turn the amp up high for it to work, and even then the game seems to have a hard time recognizing it. Any help is appreciated.
  16. not sure if I am posting in the right place, but I was looking through the CDLC list and came across a bunch that have a dark red background, and the member is ubisoft...are these the songs that come with the original rocksmith? afraid to download them. They are all from 2012 or so. Thanks for the help! hope this makes sense.
  17. Does anyone know how songs show you the strumming pattern that you need to do, right now i learning "knocking on heavens door" and i was just strumming down down down down down, but apparently the right way was "down with a pause down down up". So my question really is, where does it show what strumming pattern do i need to do, does it even show it in game or is that something i need to look on my own? Thanks for your time.
  18. I got rocksmith 2014 remastared on steam and when i play i notice the volume of the game is very low like a whisper, i see game setting and check my laptop altavoz mixer and seems runing fine.
  19. I have multiple slide down notes that aren't working. I have notes connected with "Linknext", selected as "Slide Down", and even set the end fret (ctr + shift + L) and the slides still aren't working. I have slide lines highlighted with purple that are working but the slides that aren't working have a black line instead of purple. Any ideas? https://www.dropbox.com/s/o41oslvei0v92au/slidesOnPurpleOffBlack.png?dl=1
  20. I've been playing Rocksmith for bout a year and 4 months now, roughly 11 months as there are week breaks I stupidly took. I'm pretty decent, but I don't think I'm as good as I could be had I had lessons. I met a guy who is 40 2 years ago and he is absolutely insane at guitar, I'm talking slash style.. he played everything I said and it made me sick, especially Soothsayer by Buckethead.. he is a graded guitar teacher and bassist as well so after 2 years of contemplating this i decided the sooner I go up the sooner I learn more stuff, he gave me bargain lessons. I had my first lesson and he was expecting me to know jack-shit, I forget in my head how much rocksmith can improve you. I think he was surprised although i only know how to play some basic bands. Ramones, Radiohead, Blur, David Bowie, T.Rex, Green Day, Nirvana etc.. but we jammed on a lot, it was an hour lesson and he ended up keeping me an hour and a half as he was enjoying it (usually his students are children or older men, I think he liked jamming with a younger dude) I'm hoping to be in a band this summer. For anyone here contemplating giving up rocksmith, don't... I can't believe the parts i knew even with taking breaks but guitar lessons will motivate me to play weekly even more. Sorry about blabbing, pretty excited. Does anyone else here take lessons on top of Rocksmith? Are the lessons proving beneficial? What taught you more? I learned a fair bit and got shaped up on some bad habits.
  21. HI guys, since i finally know how to create Custom Inlays, i will offer my Graphic Skills to create some fresh Inlays for you. Just write me a message what you want and i will create it for you. Maybe someone can tell me if there i already a Thread where i can post the Inlays :)
  22. Hey Customforge Community, Im new here and was wondering if someone could answer my questions :) I got Rocksmith 2014 for my Playstation Super Slim (250 GB Version 4.55) a few weeks ago and I think its an awesome tool to learn guitar. Just the songs that are avaible are not that much what I want to play. (besides Slayer Iron Maiden, and System of a Down) Here my question towards downloadable custom songs here. 1. After downloading the PS3 version of the songs do I need to convert them or are they good to go ? 2. How do I bring the songs over to my PS 3 3. Would a PS3 Super Slim accept the custom songs (DLCs) ? Thanks for the help
  23. Looking for Buckethead Viva Voltron... I can't seem to find it, but I know it exists. I would love a copy of it! Thank you!
  24. Hi, it happens that when I try to install the program an alert window shows up and cancel the installation. I downloaded the latest version and every time i try to install an error pops up that says: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A porogram run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." I don't know if it's because of a windows process or somethig like that, I tried to install without having any window open but it doesn´t work.
  25. Hello anyone? I apologize for being late to the Rocksmith world but can anybody out there help me? I am trying to convert my PC game files which end in p.psarc to m.psarc so I can play them on my Mac. I have tried troubleshooting the website and customer support with no avail. If anyone has a solution you would be a life saver, by the way the rocksmith toolkit DOES NOT WORK. I have downloaded the file on both mac and PC and the logo just sits there and never opens. Thanks for your time. Big RS fan.
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