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  1. Project to gather, organize and standardize, and improve exercise customs Rules recommended 1. Arrangement is in "Lead", and bonus/alternate arrangements 2. Tuning is E-Standard (except for special situations, like 5string Bass) 3. Record page (submitted cDLC) : Artist name "You", Album name "Exercises" (beware of typos) Ignition search "Exercises" order on Artist - should give a most complete list. 4. Exercises should list together in RS14, sorted by Artist "You" display under "Y", not overloaded letter. "You Bass" for Bass only Exercises "You Artist" for Exercises by Artists "You Riff" for practical Exercises 5. Filenames (no space), "YouBass, YouArtist,YouRiff" ....psarc followed main topic exercised, sub-topics (style, root notes), origin, charter. For easy updates, save all exercises in a subdir of DLC (DLC\Exercises) I renamed customs (original name and charter is part of the new name) Download by clicking on "You": (not this :lol:) Or jump to the charters page to use the original custom/name Remove doubles (Same Internal song DLC Keys of 2 versions may hang RS) USE Customsforge Manager An almost complete collection can be downloaded as a zip file (170mb) (this collection has not yet been updated to the remaster version) List of Exercises in RS14 vTS means, I have improved the custom Picking Exercises You : Alternate Picking - Heavy Metal Guitar School part 1 (by DeadlyPower) 5:04, 10 patterns, repeated twiceno guitar track, no beat, patterns easy, except 2) You : Alternate Picking to Solo (by DeadlyPower) 5:04, 14 patterns, 5 solo riffsno guitar track, no beat, 3/4bars, exercises what it claims, shows me how much I suck in this topicexcellent You : Alternate Picking (by blackened) 7:30, 56 patternsguitar track without beat, needs instructions in lyrics, heavy focus on finger/hand position change may loose concentration on alt.picking of other hand)You : Alternate-Picking vTS (by Sharkman828) 6:02, 10 patterns (Frets 9 -12, 9-13)no guitar track, no beat, last sector no notes for 5:00!, start delay too shortunfinished rather uselessCdlc corrected, now 3:28, 3s delay, pattern repeat faster on fret 5, faster above my ability on fret 12, metronome in bonus, get 95% without cheating on alt.picking ^_^ )Arpeggios You : Arpeggios Fingerpicking Basics v1 (by blackened) 4:22, 6 patterns, 4 riffsguitar track without beat, easy patterns for beginners, steep increase in difficulty for riffs, sustains should be removed for readabilityusefulYou : Arpeggios and Sweeps Melodic Metal vTS (by blackened) 0:36, 2 Riffsguitar track with beat, only 2 long sectors, short but usefulI've divided riffs in more sectors, to easier memorize, optimized some fret-hand positions, original arrangement kept in bonus arr.You : Arpeggios and Sweeps Advanced v1 (by blackened) 1:32, 3 patterns, 3 riffsguitar track without beat, easy patterns for beginners, steep increase in difficulty for riffs, sectors too longChords You : Chords Part 1 (by blackened) 3:17, 9 openchords, 6 powerchords, guitar track without beat, 5 increasing speed sectors of simple 4/4 down-strums, very useful for beginners You : Chords Part 2 (by blackened) 6:04, 14 barréchordsguitar track without beat, 5 increasing speed sectors of simple 4/4 down-strums, basic chordsvery usefulYou : Chords Progression 12 Bar Blues v1 (Guitar & Bass) (by iWolf) 2:58, 7 patterns, 3 keys (C E G in difficulty levels)no guitar track with beatbebop & basic jazz blues for advanced usersbarré chords onlyexcellent You : Chords Trainer ADE v1 (by apollo6655) 2:29, 3 open chords A D E (without open string)no guitar track with metronomesimple down-strum 4/4, constant slow speeduseful for beginnersYou : Chords Trainer CGAm (by apollo6655) 2:32, 3 open chords C G Am (with open string)no guitar track with metronomesimple down-strum 4/4, constant slow speeduseful for beginnersYou : Chords Advanced v5 (by darrko1984 ) 9:25, 49 patternsno guitar track with beat, uncommon chords with muted strings, confusing and difficult to register in RSlimited useful for beginnersFinger Exercices You : 4 Fingers Exercises Guy (by pollo_28) 7 customsup to 20:00, probably any possible pattern (704)no guitar track without beat no pauses, no visible sectors, difficult to pick up a set of patternTraining on the 1st 4 Frets only This is HUGE!I added bonus arr. (Root fret on 5, 9, 12) and a beat inserted pauses and visible sectors to better differentiate different patternscurrently for the 1st cDLC only, if you want more p.pm. me)You : 4Fingers alternate picking and sweep kingkill_33 v1 (by a.peter) 1:10, 5 patternsguitar track no beat, acoustic tone increase/decrease 1st-4th string / or 6th to 3rd with fret increase for each finger, every picknice crossing patternsuggested picking alternate or sweepvery useful to train strings change with each pick You : Finger Independence and Speed v1 (by darrko1984) 2:16, 12 patternsguitar track no beat, distortion tonechromatic patterns, a minor & major scale with hand position shifts, hammer on / pull offssingle string and all strings patternsYou : Finger Independence and Speed v1 (by DeadlyPower) 5:04, 5 patterns (non-linear sequences of major scale G), repeated 3xno guitar track no beat, distortion toneirregular speedsYou : Finger Spider Sequence Pebber Brown vTS (F A C E frets) (by DeadlyPower) I added bonus arr. (F A C E Root fret) You : Finger Warm Up 1 Lesson Guitar vTS (original by Sharkman828) 2:30, 29 patternsYou : Finger Warm Up 2 Lesson Guitar vTS (by Sharkman828) 3:36, 26 patterns2 nice quick exercises to play through or train by sector no guitar track, no beat, ends in long sector with no notes, waiting for the score...I removed the last sectors, add drum & bass tracks,and a bonus metronome arrangement.I corrected sectors to match start/end of a pattern, and start/end of fret hand positions.I suggest this as an exercise template.Rhythm You : Rhythm Metal Riffs low tone (by darrko1984 ) 7:32, 11 exercises/riffs with powerchords and muted open stringsmetal guitar track with no beat, guitar tone is lowuseful, unequal difficulty You : Rhythm Strum patterns in DD Level 120bmp v1 (by iWolf) Scales You : Scales Blues : Lesson Guitar v1 (by DeadlyPower) 5:14, 1 pattern, linear sequence, changing root constantlylyrics indicate root note on low E-Stringspeed may a bit too fast to keep it for 5:00 blues scale is NOT RIGHT, missing 4th note on the G string with other 4 patterns and more sequences in difficulty levels would be a perfect scale exerciseuseful, but unfinished cDLCYou : Scales Natural Fretboard A B C D E F G (Guitar&Bass) (by SA PyroBillie) You : Scales Harmonic Fretboard A B C D E F Ab (Guitar&Bass) (by SA PyroBillie) You : Scales Pentatonic Fretboard A C D E G (Guitar&Bass) (by SA PyroBillie) All 3 customs last 4:00, 17 patterns (single & double picks, up & down the Fret in 2 diff.levels)no guitar track with beat, plays same notes all over the fretboard, excellent ear-to-fretboard notes learning .... if played notes were displayed in lyrics ...You : Scales Runner A vTS(Guitar&Bass) (by PyroBillie) 4:08, 11 scales, 1 position on root A (5th fret), sequences of scales linearno guitar track with beat, scales from RS12 game, double pick, up/down, speed levels in difficulty levels, great idea for extensions.add repetitions where possible, corrected 1st invisible sector, completed lyrics to display scale names longer, add clean tone, original arr. with distortion tone in bonusadd 2 difficulty levels for guitar with non-linear sequence, three notes 123,234,345... and thirds 1-3,2-4,3-5..., up/downwardsPerfect exercise in all aspects, should serve as an exercise templateYou : Scales Runner C vTS (Guitar&Bass) You : Scales Runner Open vTS (Guitar&Bass) 2 identical customs added on root fret C, and open string (root E or F)You : Scales Runner Metal (Guitar&Bass) (by SA PyroBillie) v1 You : Scales Melodic Sequences on Major F A C (by TS2112) 7:07 You : Scales Melodic Sequences on Minor F A C (by TS2112) 7:34 You : Scales Melodic Sequences on Pentatonic Minor F A C (by TS2112) 5:18 You : Scales Melodic Sequences on Pentatonic Major F A C (by TS2112) 5:19 You : Scales Melodic Sequences on Blues Minor F A C (by TS2112) 5:57 You : Scales Melodic Sequences on Blues Major F A C (by TS2112) 6:25 6 sequences non-linear (group of 2,3,4 with interval 1 and 2) (12,23...; 123, 234...; 1234, 2345... and 13,24...;135,246...;1357,2461...)no guitar track with beat, acoustic tonescales on 3 fret positions (F, A, C) info in lyricsYou : Scales Lesson Guitar v1 (by Sharkman828) 10:03, 59 patternsno guitar track, no beat, 3:00 useless silent end sector with no tabs no scale information in lyrics, causes more questions than teachingrather unfinished useless cDLCSpeed You : Speed Exercise Lesson Guitar v1 (by Sharkman828) 3:02, 20 patternsno guitar track, no beat, 2:00 useless silent end sector with no tabs chromatic, pentatonic, major scales, riffs, pull off, slide - no clear topic separation, no understandable rise in difficulty, no lyrics giving inforather unfinished useless cDLC You : Sweep Picking Exercise vTS tuned E & Eb (by Izzy) E-Tuning added, Eb tuning set in bonus arrangementArtists YouArtist : eZUKA from GRANRODEO : Glare Guitar School vol3 guitar inst demo v1 (by th1rtyf0ur) YouArtist : Hizaki : Glare Guitar School v2 (by Tiothae) YouArtist : Paul Gilbert : Intense Rock 1 Sequences and Techniques v1 (by BX5) YouArtist : Paul Gilbert : Intense Rock 2 v1 (by BX5) YouArtist : Steve Vai 30 Hour Workout v1 (by th1rtyf0ur) Bass YouBass : Bass Finger A.Sklarevski Ch.2 v1 (by darrko1984) YouBass : Bass Finger Chromatic James Jamersons (by justgimmethefunk) YouBass : Bass Finger Stretching v1 (by Izzy) YouBass : Bass Rhythm Song-1 (by Vartok)_v1_1 YouBass : Bass Rhythm String Muted A.Sklarevski Ch.1 (by darrko1984) YouBass : Bass Scales C (5 String Bass) v1 (by Tysylio) Riffs YouRiffs : Blues Comping 1 in A major_v2 (by frippchen) YouRiffs : Blues Comping 2 in A major straight 8ths_v2 (by frippchen) YouRiffs : Blues Comping 3 in G major funky (by frippchen)YouRiffs : Blues Comping 4 in E major shuffle (by frippchen)YouRiffs : Blues Comping 5 in E major (by frippchen)YouRiffs : Blues Comping 6 in B major (by frippchen) YouRiffs : Blues - Lonely Man Blues v1.1 (by TS2112) YouRiffs : Country - Licks v1 (by TS2112) YouRiffs : Metal : Rhythm Thrash Guitar & Bass 1st Lesson v1 (by blackened) YouRiffs : Rock : 100 Chicago Music Exchange v1.2.1 (by haarek) Below, I'll link to songs with undeniable learning effect - Minuet : From First To Last (by s37h) (Arpeggio chords finger stretching) (this is my corrected version 1.1. jan.2017) - Blackmore's Night : Memmingen (by SmellyOrc) (finger picking) - Aquarium : Gorod Zolotoy (by Obvilion) (finger picking) Suggestions to add / improve customs / exercises are welcome. Further suggestions : Aim is quality in form and content in the making of exercises. guitar mp3 track only if useful (to rhythm or melody) (no guitar track allows more arrangements in different keys, tunings, root notesdrum/beat track is alive, better then dead boring metronomemetronome bonus arrangement added by checking Metronome in Toolkit/arrangement windownotes must be on beats!no empty last sectorlyrics (long duration) for each sector to recall the topic exercised, player's focusdivide exercises in logical sectors, optimize fret hand positionsconstant increase in difficulty ( not jumping from easy to hard back to easy)don't overload a custom with different topics, tabs or riffs, 4-5 minutes duration optimaluse clean tone (except if Metal...) (... to be continued)
  2. Hi all, actually I'm creating customs from Guitar Pro tabs that I wrote for education. This blues exercises are inspired by the book "Play Blues Guitar" by Jürgen Kumlehn, but I took only the riffs (Lead) and create full tracks of it with Lead, Rhythm, Bass and Drums in GP6. Thanks to Guitar Pro 6 which is able to convert the tabs also to wav, so I use the GP audio. (To record everything would be much to much work). The idea is to use this customs for practicing some standard blues riffs in typical 12 bar shape, in this case for accompaniment. The shapes are here as followed, always 12 bars then repeat, every shape is played 4 times. The steps are written in Roman numerals. A step belongs to the chord of it's ascending scale. If i.e. A Major is the key, the Chords to this key are A, Bm, C#m, D, E, F#m, G#mb5. Standard 12 Bar Blues shape uses only A, D, E, what are at the steps 1, 4 and 5, thus I, IV and V in this case the shape: I I I I IV IV I I V IV I V this formula works in all keys Of course you can use it also to improvise, every custom of them will have an additional bonus track without any notes for jamming. Metronome tracks are also available for each path (bonus) except the Bonus Jam Track. we start with easy ones Exercise 1 Blues Comping 1 shuffled 8ths in A major 12 Bar Blues accompaniment in A-major @ 90 bpm, easy level on all paths. The tabs for all arrangements are written by myself, also drums and bass. Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/23142836tl.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23174590zs.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23174640ic.jpg Exercise 2 Blues Comping 2 in A major with straight eights @ 120 bpm again an easy one with single notes on lead guitar, rhythm guitar with chords and bass. Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/23174889hb.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23174891zn.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23174908we.jpg Exercise 3 Blues Comping 3 in G major @ 120 bpm, advanced level Again a 12 Bar Blues, this one is a little bit harder, especially the rhythm guitar since it's played in a funky rhythm quite a lot of fun if you've got the groove Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/23201246ep.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23201266xx.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23201281qn.jpg Exercise 4 Blues Comping 4 in E major @ 90 bpm (shuffle) 12 Bar, all paths Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/23267054sh.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23267071da.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/23267115mz.jpg Part 2 Now let's continue with some more advanced stuff The next track is from Peter Fischer's book Survival Guitar, chapter Blues. I took the soundtrack from CD and modified it a bit, cut, copied and pasted 3 chorus into the song that it has 4 12 Bar chorus instead only one. Now we have the same lenght than all other exercises and a great sounding backingtrack (no GP RSE this time). Also I managed to add a "Vocals" track which shows information every bar i.e.: 1 - E7 (I) what means bar number of a chorus (1), actual chord (E7) on this step (I). (I will update all other exrecises with this feature later.) This exercise still uses the same shape like the first 4 exercises, I-I-I-I-IV-IV-I-I-V-IV-I-V, but now we have a turnaround in the 11th bar and as an Intro before the first bar. also the lead path is played with some rakes what makes it more advanced. Rhythm path is mostly offbeat with deadnotes (chords) in between, and the song is again in shuffle/swing feel at ~115bpm. The bass plays a walking bass line. Like all others it has metronome as bonus track on all paths and on lead a Jam-bonus track without any notes for improvisation. Exercise 5 Blues Comping 5 in E major the sheets: Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/24690165ze.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/24693015bl.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/24690188gr.jpg -enjoy this 5th exercise- Exercise 6 The next one is again the 12 bar shape like usual with an additional Quickchange on the 2nd Bar, IV instead I. Now the 12 bar shape looks like this I IV I I IV IV I I V IV I V With a rate of 140bpm and a shuffle/swing feel it's on a higher level. Also it includes any turnarounds. all tabs and music of these are created by myself, only helper was GP6 which enabled sheets and sound (and of course EOF and all other amazing tools that are needed to create any cdlc, thanks to the developers :) ). Blues Comping 6 in B major the sheets Lead Rhythm Bass http://thumbs.picr.de/24947606qf.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/24947608sx.jpg http://thumbs.picr.de/24947612hi.jpg I try to show always only one page of the sheet for every arrangement, so it requires sometimes to hide the traditional note system, then only the tablature is shown. At this one I had to do the screenshots earlier since I created a second drum and decided to mix them, therefore I had to split up the repeats to have the first two chorus a halftime shuffle and the 3dr and 4th more forward drums. Unfortunately later in EOF I decided to change the first three bars note positions at Lead in every chorus, same notes but easier to handle, so this three bars are not exactly the same as in the sheet. Challenge 7 for the next track I don't provide tabs since it's just too much, too many variations because it's a real audio recorded by myself with drum, bass and 2 guitars. For more information see the release notes at the record page. If you need tabs you can extract them with the RS to Tab tool or with the newest Toolkit, I heard this can do the job as well. Now folows as promised a 12 bar Minor Blues in this shape with a quick change at 2nd bar I m7 IV m7 I m7 I m7 IV m7 IV m7 I m7 I m7 bVI 7 V7 I m7 V7 Fripples - B-Minor-Blues (blues comping7) is a cosy shuffle @ 98bpm this time it's not named as a You exercise but rather a full value song, performed by me. The cdlc contains a Rhythm guitar which is the Blues comping 7 Lead guitar which is an improvisation, nice solo blues licks the whole song Bass guitar of course additional I created tracks with muted instruments from the multirack, but I suggest, esp the solo guitar, have a good ear on it (the main track with all instruments) before playing the muted ones, because RS of course is not capable to display things like articulation, so play also with your ears and your heart! Challenge 8 this is another tune I created by my own. Like the B-Minor I composed, played and recorded all instruments and finally mixed down in home production. More informations about the production and the set up you find at the record page of this custom. It's another 12 Bar Blues in G-minor, slightly different shape than before: Fonk de Blues it starts with a 8 bar funky pentatonic riff, then follows the 12 bar blues shape in a funky way (2x) then over 2 chorus (12 bar bs) a guitar solo, then 8 bars a catchy octave vamp, again the 12 bar theme (2x) then the riff from start 8 bars, last but not least 8 bars the octave vamp as an outro the blues shape now looks like that Im Im Im Im IVm IVm Im Im V7 IVm Im V7#9 Fripples - Fonk de Blues (Blues Comping As already said the lead guitar has a nice solo in the middle, some funky riffs and a single note line during the 12 bar shape. The rhythm guitar doubles the riff and the vamp once, the second time it's doubled transposed by an octave up. At the blues shape parts the rhythm guitar plays chords and many dead notes with wah pedal. The bass is a nice and groovy slap line. Key is G-minor, straight eights at 102 bpm, very nice to play (and to listen I mean) Again I made also a No Lead, No Rhythm and No Bass track with the multitrack audio. enjoy it! have fun with this challenging exercises, I do
  3. So I have been toying around in tone designer for quite some time so I can have a variety of presets assigned to my tone stick. After a lot of tweaking I was happy with this heavy, deep sound that (to me) sounds close to the Krankenstein and Diezel tones James uses on stage now. Keep in mind that I am not at all seasoned with dialing in amps or have an ear for a good tone, but Rocksmith actually offers me greater sounds than I'll ever get out of my little budget amp at home. Without further ado, here are the modules and settings from top to bottom on the tone designer screen. PRE: Noisegate - Threshold -64.00db; Rate 47 (I'm sure these will vary for different guitar calibrations) AMP: HG-100 - Gain 73, Bass 50, Mid 50, Treble 50. LOOP: First: Germanium Overdrive - Gain 50, Tone 967 Second: 5-Band Graphic EQ - 63 HZ = 13db, 250 HZ = 6db, 750 HZ = -11db, 2.2 KHZ = 2db, 5.7 KHZ = 9db Third: Tube Spring Reverb - Mix = 20, Depth = 46 CABINET: Marshall 1960 TV - Mic Position = Dynamic Cone RACK: None Having the Germanium Overdrive where I put it will add some crunch to the low end, but raising the gain on the amp will create muddiness and compromise on clarity. I tried to balance these sounds out because I feel like that crunch is essential to the sound this setup is trying to achieve. The EQ is a rough mockup of the settings John Petrucci uses on his signature Mesa head, a brief closeup of his equalizer is shown during his demo of the amp. I don't have anything like a Mesa Boogie or Mark IIC++, therefore I don't have the slightest clue how to dial it in, but I figured JP knew this best and his setup offered a good starting point. I like to turn up the manual balance, I have mine set to 10 in this case. To me this sounds best in Eb standard Hope some of y'all give this a try! Looking for feedback on how I can further shape this overall tone.
  4. I'm working on a song that has 4 guitar parts and one bass. The problem is, in EOF has only 4 arrangement part that I can use but I need one more! I need a part for lead,bonus lead,rhythm,bonus rhythm and bass. What can I do in this situation?
  5. So I'm working on a project that involves a solo with two guitarists harmonizing with each other. However, there are three guitars in the solo. Two guitarists harmonizing with each other, and the third guitarist providing the rhythm. Should I combine the two guitarists into one and just use an octave pedal to create an artificial harmony, or have the second solo guitarist in rhythm? From what I understand, people stick to rhythm when they want to only play "easier" parts of the song, whereas the lead guitarist prefers to do the "harder" parts. What are your thoughts?
  6. I have unashamedly 'borrowed' this idea from the official Rocksmith forum from Ubisoft, the original thread is right here (have used an anonymiser just in case linking to Ubisoft from here is a bit dodgy!) and full credit goes to P308R for coming up with the original idea! :D spiritofcat on there has done the following tutorial on how to record your Session Mode stuff on your PC, here they are: People on there have been uploading their tunes/solos to Soundcloud here. I've had problems with very low guitar sound the first time you start Rocksmith and Audacity but quitting Rocksmith and restarting it seems to fix the issue. I'm full of Prawn Balti at the moment but will have a go in an hour or so and upload something...but be warned - I'm a bit pants lol :mrgreen:
  7. Just posted my updated version of A Day To Remember - Holdin it Down For The Underground, and i need YOU to help me test :) Its simple, just download from here -----BOOM > http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/holdin-it-down-for-the-underground-r2425I need both Guitar/Rhythm parts tested as i no longer have my guitar (R.I.P) Also looking for someone who wants to team up and tackle tones on those parts (again i can only do bass tones). Thanks for all the support. ROCK ON!!!-Dat
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