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  1. Just thought I'd share my new Rocksmith twitch stream setup, to maybe save some others a bit of headache--- (Stream is here if interested: twitch.tv/1o57_CuriousCodes ) Due to how I wanted my setup up to look, I'm using a separate computer for streaming than for running the game. I'll talk about video first, then about audio. I've got an i7 NUC (small Intel computer) running Win10 + Steam that I play the actual game on. The video is fed into a el Gato stream capture that is connected to a second NUC. (Both computers together are smaller than most desktops.) The video from the stream/
  2. This is exactly the setup and discussion I was asking about, but nobody responded... If you want to split your input and use an amp, one solution is to use a Lehle P-Split (I also use a Sunday Driver in the chain) and it works great. I turn down the sound for the guitar in the game and only use my amp. If I want effects, I just take that second signal and run it through guitar rig or physical pedals....
  3. Let me know if you'd like a leg up on this or endorsement/words of encouragement... Also have you considered a Defcon101 talk on this, or a presentation in one of the villages? Please let me know if you are interested. - 1o57 "LostboY" (Defcon Organizer, Speaker Selection Committee, Hardware Hacking Village creator, etc., blah blah blah)-
  4. This lag is exactly what I was talking about when I made my post about splitting my signal- I have part of the signal going directly to an AMP, so there is no lag, and the other half to the game. Then I turn down the volume for the main instrument on the game side. Yes, unless I use a pedal or one of my other computers to process the sound I lose the tone processing... Anyways, that's how I combat the lag issues...
  5. So I've had RockSmith going on the trifecta of systems since the original RockSmith, that is on Xbox, PC, and on a Mac. When RockSmith2014 hit the streets, it *felt* at the time (especially on the Xbox) that there was more latency in the game (especially processing time to produce sound, so string time to sound felt super laggy)- to remedy this I created this setup: Guitar/Bass ---> Lehle Sunday Driver ---> Lehle P-Split ---> RockSmith Cable to PC/Xbox/Mac |---> Cable to AMP Then when I p
  6. Well heck, I might as well go finish the November goal for you :)
  7. My way was just me having fun :) And I was unsure if there were different PayPal fee structures for different account types, etc... ;)
  8. For those that want to donate $6.66 (when using PayPal as the processor): So after my initial donation this month, which I tried to have come out as $105.70 (see my profile if you want to know why)- I figured I'd back calculate and figure out how to advise people to donate $6.66 as a fun way to encourage people to make a small donation if they can- So at first I calculated the "fee" off of my original donation, where the amount I donated was $105.70, but that showed as only $102.33, which gave a "fee" rate. However using that fee rate, I calculated that it would take a donation of $6.90 t
  9. As with most instruments, I've had good and bad even from the same manufacturer. If at all possible see how a particular instrument (not just model) plays. You can sometimes get a good instrument for much less $$$ if you check places like Pawnshops, or eBay and Craigslist. I personally love G&L, but some people don't like how heavy they are. Good luck, let us know what you get!
  10. Runs great on a clean Win10 install on a NUC. Thanks!
  11. Have you considered other payment methods for donations, so you can avoid the paypal fees? Like Venmo or Square Cash? I finally fixed it where it shows the paypal fees. Paypal takes fees out with every donation. We was under the limit of what we needed each month which caused unnecessary extra goals.
  12. Glad to see the site still going strong. I plan to help out as much as I can. And with DEFCON over for this year (finally) I hope to lend a hand...
  13. The second I saw this thread I knew I was going to go spin a quick PCB for doing this with a cheap uController.... Stay tuned....
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