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  1. 2600 finally printed the article. "How To Be A Guitar Hero, IRL" I hope we get some friendly, cool customsforge members from it. https://store.2600.com/collections/2010-2015/products/summer-2018
  2. zot

    CDLC Requests

    I have not been around here in a long time, & it feels that way. Whatevs... Somebody please make: Woman to Woman - Joe Cocker (aka, that "California Love" song)
  3. Yo @@firekorn the deadline is up. Gimme what you got, or be left out of history. Choice is yours. Post it here, or email me: jjstyles0001@gmail.com You have 5 hours. -JJ
  4. OK, enough talk, here is some of the new work I have done (gonna be the best 2600 article ever!): The Rocksmith “Realtone Cable” is a proprietary USB to 1/4inch Phono guitar jack cable. It is a fine piece of equipment, & when I say that, I mean that it is a fine POS (piece of stuff). The cable works just fine, don’t get me wrong, but I personally have owned 4 different cables due to breakage. These cables do not stand the test of time very well in my experience. My guitars, & I, do spend a lot of time connected to Rocksmith, but I take care of my Realtone cables, & still they break. Sometimes I can get extra use by placing extra tension on the cable, by looping it from the input jack, through my guitar strap, but this is a temporary fix at most. At this point one must either purchase a new cable, which costs $29.99 USD brand new, or look into a “No Cable” hack. A no cable hack will allow one to use a non-proprietary USB to Guitar cable, or ever utilize a professional audio interface as an alternative sound input source for Rocksmith, or even a microphone. This is a big deal! Music audio interfaces made by M-Audio, Focusrite, etc, have lower latency (digital sound lag, like buffering), & a higher frequency range. So the signal Rocksmith can receive will be of a higher quality, meaning higher scores! You’ll finally get credit for those missed notes that you know that you nailed (the ones that make you want to smash your guitar!). I have tried several different applications to bypass the Realtone cable requirement, & have experienced inconsistencies, & glitches with all of them, with the exception of one program. So now I will elaborate on that one: NoCableLauncher available at https://github.com/Maxx53/NoCableLauncher allows for point&click ease of use. All one must do is locate the target Rocksmith installation (standalone & Steam version), & select the appropriate sound input source. After that has been determined, & the settings file has been written to disk, the next step is launching Rocksmith, which will occur automatically after a point, and a click. The only other advice I have to offer is to try experimenting with the Windows Sound Mixer control panel input level settings. For example, my best input level is ten out of one-hundred (10 out of 100). Once I start going past 17 out of 100 the signal becomes too distorted (over modulated) for Rocksmith to accurately determine notes. NoCableLauncher is a work in progress, & just recently (as of this article creation) included the capability to take advantage of the “multiplayer option” in Rocksmith, meaning you & your bass player, rhythm, lead guitar players can jam out on separate guitars together, & get that new cover song for your band down nice & tight. Yeah! If you have further questions, or suggestions about this application, I would advise you to contact the author Maxx53 at their email: demmaxx@gmail.com (Be polite to Maxx53, their work is quality, & they are Russian it seems).
  5. I was showing my singer the version @@firekorn did of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" today to demonstrate a pop music song can rock if done right, & totally tripped out he's in France & I'm in The U.S. & we're making this article happen that other people all over the World are going to read. That's so rad! Rock'n'roll! Everybody wish him luck, cuz the article will be so much better explaining CDLC creation (I'll finally learn how, cuz I read 2600! Lol.)
  6. Awesome man. Godspeed, good luck, & all that jazz (or rock preferably ;) ). Looking forward to it.
  7. Hey @@firekorn, I was just listening to my cover of your badass song (listening to my cover cuz I'm an ego maniac ;) ) & just wondered if you had a progress update? Whatever's cool, cuz we got about 2 months to get the article in (to be in the Spring 2017 issue). Just checking that you're still on board & shit.
  8. OK! I scored a copy of NoCableLauncher-binary.rar containing Windows program NoCableLauncher.exe & it actually works with my FirstAct USB cable & Windows 10. So I've started up an addition to the article that will focus on this app. Because it is very easy to use (like point & click easy) I can totally handle this, but if anybody has any other techniques to achieve this cable solution, feel free to contribute. Thanks!
  9. I wish I knew how to be punk rock. Would singing "I wanna be Sedated" at karaoke tonight, & doing all the other things people do at a bar, would that be punk rock? How about if I stay home & watch Star Trek, Next Gen, Voyager, Enterprise, & Deep Space Nine? How about if I go dumpster dive for food instead? Build a computer out of space parts (to play Rocksmith)? Build a computer out of plumbing pipes? Program a new Rocksmith from scratch? I just don't understand! Help me! Oh wait, I remember I was a punk-rocker once. I'd say the most punk thing I could do tonight would be drinking 40's, & listening to records, with friends. Throw in some Guitar Hero or Rock Band, & I'd feel punk as fuck tonight. I'd also say consumerism to keep up with the Kardashian's isn't punk rock, but consumerism to further your own personal individuality, growth, fulfillment, is punk enough for me. Consumerism to help me out is very punk rock. Buy my recordings! Here: https://sites.google.com/site/jjstyles0001/bright-idea-records
  10. I'd like to see a lecture made to demonstrate the cool stuff that goes down here. My original goal with the article was just to spread the word a little bit to the appropriate communities, to get more creators & players a like on here. I think DefCon definitely has enough modders & coders to deserve a lecture. I haven't been to DC in years, but I'd be willing to bet I'd have fun it I did go back.
  11. Then I'd make a CDLC for this too
  12. & for the record, I'd put some Fear up on here too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl-wW6RR6iY
  13. Are you talking about already made CDLC, or ideas for CDLC? If I knew how to make CDLC, I'd put more Crucifucks up on here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FITwy6afNw
  14. Hey firekorn! Thanks to Rocksmith, CustomsForge, & rum, & beer, & SoundCloud, you can hear me butcher your song ;) https://soundcloud.com/jjstyles0110/transformation-firekorn I took an hour or two or three to make just another one of my drunken covers. I personally really dig what I did, but I don’t expect you to. Just thought you should know. Ttyl.
  15. Cool man. Sound great! We got about one week to be considered for the Winter issues. Otherwise it's Spring. Here's what they said: "Awesome. I reckon that since the Autumn 2016 issue was release 10/10/2016, that that means you require submissions a month & a half (or rather 45 days) prior to release date. We’ll do out best. Thank you. -JJ On Nov 17, 2016, at 11:04 AM, 2600 Article Submission <articles@2600.COM> wrote: Hi, For this article to be considered for the next issue (Winter), we would need it by the end of this week. If this isn't doable, it can appear in the Spring issue. We hope that helps. 2600 Editorial Department"
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