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  1. Does this song exist as a bass-version? Really, the whole Doom-OST would be very fine to play the guitar-parts on bass (because the only Bass-parts are pretty boring...)
  2. Thanks for all the links guys! But everytime I click one of them Ineed to sign in again and I am most of the time thrown back to this thread!
  3. since you don't pay for CDLC I don't see how it would be "consumerism". I would rather say learning and playing your favorite Punk Rock songs is maybe the most Punk & DIY way possible.
  4. The 4 Sivits - Power of Music http://www.the4sivits.net/media/mp3/The_4_Sivits-Power_Of_Music.mp3
  5. - Zeke "Punk Rock Records" - Kevin Pascal "Lederjacke" - Novotny TV "Weihnachtsmann"
  6. Looking for some dirty old Punk Rock-Songs as CDLC. Any suggestions? Something in terms of - Spermbirds "my god rides a skateboard" - Shock Therapy "Hate is just a Four Letter Word" - Tagada Jones "Aux Urnes" - Kiemsa "Mass Media" - She-Male Trouble "Killin Keeping her alive" - NOFX "Stickin in my Eye"
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