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  1. I'm glad you like it. You are one of several bassists who seem to like it. Looking at when I made it, and how green I was at making customs, I'm amazed it's as good as it is. I'm not even much of a bassist either. I charted it to play with a pick. I have wished I could make the guitar parts too. But the camera was not on Gurley enough on that performance to see enough of his playing and the distortion and effect he was using messes up the spectrograph. GPA is a great tool. And as I said I've had excellent response from it's developer on any issues I've had.
  2. I know this is an old thread. But I use GoPlayAlong in the paid version for at least 3yrs now. One thing that is great about GoPlayAlong is the developer response to issues and comments. I've experienced minor bugs, reported them and within as little as an hour or two got a response and a fix. How many other devs do that on for-pay release products? GPA is instrumental to my having charts that are in sync, but also the spectrographic shows the notes vs pitch. I've charted a whole bass line from a live performance that way (my Janis Joplin Monterrey pop festival Ball and Chai
  3. I'm still very new to customsforge so please excuse me if I'm writing this in the completely wrong place, but a bunch of your Beatles charts have deleted download links and I was just wondering if you were aware of this?

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    2. ghr1227


      I fixed those broken links.  Thank you for marking them.

      Last summer pCloud broke all my links. 
      I thought I'd deleted one file but it deleted the whole directory of my custom CDLC.
      I was able to recover them by paying money, but recovery of the files broke every single link though.
      There are too many to go through to check each one. 
      Until people let me know I still don't know if there are more broken links.

      So thank you again for reporting them.

    3. mczero


      Mate! Thanks for doing the customs. Whenever I see your posts, I hit the download button straight off. Can be relied on to be thoroughly done and show excellent taste.

    4. ghr1227


      Thank you.   I've worked hard to make new charts as good as can be and I've been reworking older charts with newer techniques.   Handshaping as I've learned better crafting has been added.  Better tones and correct tone changes where appropriate.  Making a chart not only correct, but playable is what I try to go for.

  4. Happy Birthday ghr1227!

  5. Is there a way to search CF for songs that are able to be played on Acoustic guitar with a mic vs the tone cable? If not are there enough to keep someone busy if you know what to search for? I have a friend who is a complete beginner that might like rocksmith to learn with, but he is 50 and trying out something new. He might get impatient with the lessons and want to noodle with a real song. He has a low cost internet special lefty acoustic guitar. It has good tone and low action from the few moments I noodled on it myself. But are there even any only acoustic w/ mic songs? I guess I'
  6. I did not manually customize the environment variables so whatever windows put in there from moving the users folder and sub folders to E:\ is entirely produced by windows during that process. I have not changed or added a path environment since about 2000 in Windows 98 :unsure: I downloaded and overwrote the toolkit folder with contents of the zip Here is a screen shot of the config on first launch with new build: https://i.imgur.com/9kQZMO5.png The problem has persisted but I think the error changed. Here is the log file from the error now: 2019-04-01 18:55:25.5268 | RocksmithToolkit
  7. It's not manually setup. It's change from the properties dialog box of the documents folder. There is a location tab and the path is set there. I did this when I installed Windows 10. Whatever links Windows 10 sets it does them automatically. All my users folders, my documents, pictures etc are all moved in this manner to E:\ since I do not have enough capacity on my SSD for these libraries. Here are a couple of screen shots of the environment variables though: https://imgur.com/iFA4lNL https://imgur.com/1AcMeOe https://imgur.com/FgnANTl https://imgur.com/LuNVAXC Is there a text file Win
  8. The error preempts the box from appearing. When I clear the error by telling it Ido not want to view the log it shows this: https://imgur.com/l2J52E4 in the box and it doesn't let me see any directory even selecting *.* It generates same error. It's only in Quick Add; the Add button works exactly as expected and as a work around I was able to make the song using Add. Also, after Add is used it seems to affect the Quick Add function and make it work. As if my selecting the folder I want is stored and then Quick Add works. Path to E:\ is where I have my_documents folder set to. Path t
  9. Just updated toolkit. Version Now I get an Thread Exception error message when I try to use the quick add button. If I tell it to not show the log file the window which should be populated with directory structure is blank. I just posted a screen shot at the discord channel on this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/414422683963621406/561964379189280782/unknown.png The Add button works normally. Log file contents: 2019-03-31 12:32:46.8975 | RocksmithToolkitGUI.Program (INFO) : RocksmithToolkitGUI.Program.Main RocksmithToolkitGUI: v2.9.2.0-378802d2 Rocks
  10. What do I do with this part of the song that shows "free time" ? https://i.imgur.com/nkV7P3b.jpg I asked on Discord about the playing behind the strings and Firekorn told me there is no way to properly present it in game. OK. But I need to resolve the free time. Firekorn said he had not idea how to handle that and that it's rarely used. It's only these two measures then it shows tempo1/4 note = 110 At a later point it shows "free time FX for 25 seconds". Which is easy enough to add rests to cover. So is that the best approach? Just add rests to cover the "free time" duration?
  11. Well after playing with it for a while I got it to work. The program was looking in the wrong folder which had a synonymous name and I'm not sure why it was there. It was looking in E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014 but the correct path is E:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\ I'm not sure why that folder existed, but it was on both C and E drives and had dead end path \dlc and in the RS 2014 folders the d3d9*.dll was there. And since it had rocksmith 2014 in the path I was erroneously directing the program there too manually.
  12. Installed latest build of CFSM and when it looked for RS install folder it's not letting me using E:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014 as the path. It keeps changing stubbornly E:\ to C:\ It will not let me manually type the path it brings up a file manager window to look for the file the moment I try to type. Manually going to the folder though does not change the issue either. It still changes the path to C:\ If I copy/paste the path hit save and try to list songs it gives me an error that no songs are found. And it loops back to the setup process. Rinse,
  13. I think I found a minor menu bug. When you tick the Auto Adjust FHP and Auto Adjust Tech Notes it is closing the Preferences dialog and acting like I hit OK. It also automatically ticks 3D Render RS Style and oddly enough Lefty Mode (which is fine for me since I'm lefty). I'm sure ticking one and having the others tick automatically might be right but having the box go away is probably the bug. Not sure why it is setting Lefty Mode though :unsure: This is minor but slightly annoying too. Here's a video showing this in action: http://pc.cd/mXJ
  14. Happy Birthday ghr1227!

  15. Yeah, I realized that after re-watching a YouTube video on how to change the tone. Well I uploaded the DLC a moment ago so it's done. Need to still work on the bass tone since it's not very loud but that is a work in progress.
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