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  1. I'm still very new to customsforge so please excuse me if I'm writing this in the completely wrong place, but a bunch of your Beatles charts have deleted download links and I was just wondering if you were aware of this?

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    2. GHRamsEy


      I fixed those broken links.  Thank you for marking them.

      Last summer pCloud broke all my links. 
      I thought I'd deleted one file but it deleted the whole directory of my custom CDLC.
      I was able to recover them by paying money, but recovery of the files broke every single link though.
      There are too many to go through to check each one. 
      Until people let me know I still don't know if there are more broken links.

      So thank you again for reporting them.

    3. mczero


      Mate! Thanks for doing the customs. Whenever I see your posts, I hit the download button straight off. Can be relied on to be thoroughly done and show excellent taste.

    4. GHRamsEy


      Thank you.   I've worked hard to make new charts as good as can be and I've been reworking older charts with newer techniques.   Handshaping as I've learned better crafting has been added.  Better tones and correct tone changes where appropriate.  Making a chart not only correct, but playable is what I try to go for.

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