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  1. Blues to come soon. Sex Pistols, Black Crowes, and Velvet Revolver coming soon too.

  2. I'm going to see him and Motley Crue this summer :)
  3. We just went over 4000 songs earlier today. 1000 CDLC in one month goal,,, achieved.You didn't read my comment :o We need 4074 because 74 are links to purchase the officials. Those don't count!Have faith young Jedi. That number doesn't include the ones we had to take down either, so technically we are probably past it already. I read your post, I just have more faith than you. We're 6 away.
  4. Clapton and My Chemical Romance today. Sex Pistols tomorrow or Friday. Then I'll let ya'll have some 'Remedy'.

  5. We just went over 4000 songs earlier today. 1000 CDLC in one month goal,,, achieved. You didn't read my comment :o We need 4074 because 74 are links to purchase the officials. Those don't count!
  6. Awh damn, we've gotta exclude the 74 'officials' put up by CustomsForge. So when it says '4,074'... We can celebrate!
  7. Going to try to get a Clapton song in, and then My Chemical Romance with some Sex Pistols this week.

  8. Separate solos are a pain. I've had a couple incidences where the Lead was in a key of something other than E Standard and the Rhythm will be in E Standard. Then the solo will be completely separate, but it'll be in E Standard, so I have to put it in the Rhythm section. It's also a double negative, because then there might be a gap in the lead section for the solo, but I can't import the solo because of the key difference.
  9. I've tabbed a whole bass part for a song. It really does suck. One other complaint, I may as well add, about guitar pro tabs is that some tabs will be missing a series or single repeat and it really pisses me off.
  10. Warrant next. Slash after. Some blues to hit this week too (Clapton). Sex Pistols - "Pretty Vacant" this week too for all you Punk fans.

  11. timthetoolman put his tools to work?
  12. Motley Crue and Alice Cooper July 8th! I might get tickets to go see Boston.
  13. John Lee Hooker, The Rolling Stones, and Warrant to hit the library soon!

  14. More Stones for today! (5/7)

  15. For a mac, you have to make sure that you put files that end with 'm_psarc' into your dlc folder. I'd estimate that about 80% of the songs that are in the library are strictly 'p_psarc' files. You can convert the 'p_psarc' files to 'm_psarc' files using the latest version of the Toolkit. :)
  16. First Album: Devils Got A New Disguise by Aerosmith First Concert: Trans-Siberian Orchestra (It was kick-ass) Second Concert: Sammy Hagar with Michael Anthony and Rival Sons
  17. I start up EOF, and make a folder, then I import the .mp3 into Sonic Visualiser to get all the bpms of each count and then import the .gp from Songsterr. Most of the song will be perfectly in sync. This is how I get my customs done so quickly. If the Sonic Visualiser gives beats too slow, they most likely need to be doubled, if they are twice as fast, you really can't halve the beats. So if Sonic Visualiser doesn't work, I try to balance out 10 measures each with an average bpm if I can. I am currently working on an instructions list with a editable checklist because it has been requested.
  18. So I'll have to just sync it without the .svl? I see that changing the time signature doesn't affect it either.
  19. I've been using: Transform - Analysis by Category - Time - Tempo - Tempo and TIme: Beats. It's worked perfectly for a few songs, but the majority of them are double the bpm. I used the tool in eof that detects the bpm for every bar and it was about the same as the sonic visualiser.
  20. I can't seem to find a forum on the sonic visualiser site about this and I'm going to take a gamble to see if you know the answer to this... Whenever I import the .svl and get the bpms for EOF, I noticed for a good portion of the songs I put through, that the bpms are double of what they should be. I wouldn't mind halving them with pressing CTRL-SHIFT-X, but halving only works for about 10% of the set bpms. And if I can't halve them, the .svl is useless. Is there some way in Sonic Visualiser or EOF that I can get half of the bpm values?
  21. I already posted this, but now that its gaining attention, i'll reiterate: "One problem is that when you open a cdlc page, it seems to go to the page that you cannot submit a thanks, only likes. And then there is another version of the cdlc page (for instance, go to content and click on a song that you perhaps submitted or commented on) and it enables you to like and thank. For these two pages, I also noticed, the 'likes' are kept separate."
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