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  1. Mine is 1360x768 And it seems to be different depending on song title maybe. Sometimes only 3 columns are pushed off to the side.
  2. New Ignition doesn't even fit on my screen my 42 inch screen. It sucks when websites don't account for not everyone having 4k screens. Can't resize the columns to make it fit, so I'm just missing 5 columns until I scroll to the bottom, then I can scroll right and scroll back up to see them. Also, it doesn't keep track of what I've already viewed anymore. Everything looks like I've viewed it before even though I've been offline for 4 months nothing is bold anymore.
  3. Oh well, then you need to rip your CDs to .ogg format. Then find or make guitar pro tabs for the songs. And follow the Create CDLC guide at the top of this site.
  4. If they only have L and R that means the CDLC creator only put guitar parts and no bass parts. You would have to import the CDLC in the RS Toolkit and make the bass part yourself using Editor on Fire. Then add the bass chart you made in EOF into the toolkit and generate a new CDLC package with it. Using your own CDs will not add anything to the game, unless you want higher quality audio in a CDLC that used some low quality mp3 or youtube rip.
  5. If you filter "lamb of god" in ignition both those songs are on page 3.
  6. make a clean tone in tone designer and switch to it at start of song.
  7. It'd be real easy with a perfect gp5 file. txt tabs have nothing that can be imported in to Editor on Fire. BPM is very important to get in there too, so definitely gotta figure that out. I've only tried starting with okay gp5 files and it takes a few days at least.
  8. You can use the toolkit to import a CDLC and change it all you want, even replace the audio with a better recording, change the chart completely, change the tones. Whatever you want. But, it will never be easy. Maybe slightly easier than making one from scratch but you still gotta go through most or all of the same process.
  9. line means play open string right?
  10. If it's a learning system then I will pass. If it's like custom order ODLC I'd love that. I'd hate a new game just on the "don't fix what isn't broken" principle.
  11. This can be done in the Rocksmith Custom Toolkit. You might need vwise too probably. Open toolkit, at the bottom there is an Import Package button, you can use that to import the psarc file and it will ask you to pick a folder to save the "artifacts" aka the files packed in the psarc file. Just make a folder on desktop for easy access, you'll be deleting it when done anyways. Now, under arrangements select the bass and click remove. Then click add and browse to the folder you created, open it, look for an EOF folder. That will contain the xml note files. Pick the bass file and click ok. You will get a popup to select the tuning. Good luck cuz I don't see that tuning in the list or I'm just overlooking it, you'll probably have to define it yourself using the "..." button. IDK what the difference is to direct you how to do that. When you get that figured out click Generate and it will make you a new psarc.
  12. Scroll down to the Mods & Projects subforum. There is a no cable launcher.
  13. I'd advise against using more pressure. Try doing it with less pressure. The strings don't need to touch the fretboard, just the frets. If it only happens on your guitar though...you might need an intonation setup.
  14. Weird, that old one says it's for every platform but only has link for PC. According to the comments its not a good chart either. I'll convert the newest one I can find to mac since it's PC only. https://mega.nz/#!F4ZkAA4J!RZulrR52WOkl9LCQnNwBQ_RgxuuW7T04v0dG9dkbP4M It's nothing about transcriptions...they just didn't make the file for mac. You could download the rstoolkit and vwise on your windows computer. It takes seconds to convert a p.psarc to an m.psarc and you can have the same library on both computers.
  15. Read authors notes, they probably put the mac link in there.
  16. RIP Ideapad. Lenovos are great and cheap, but they die like any other laptop. A new Ideapad is always a better deal than an xbox one.
  17. These octaves are easier to play with middle finger on the top note and pinky on the high note. This lets you mute all strings you aren't playing with your index finger. And you just strum like a chord.
  18. Yeah. I have the cable, used it for a couple years but now I use nocable patch. it just sounds better. The cable was always farting when notes decay.
  19. The Steam version just doesn't come with a cable or disk...
  20. You are kinda screwed there, audio exclusivity locks other apps out of the audio input. The only solution is get the game working without exclusivity, which is hit or miss depending on hardware. Or maybe you can patch it thru with an aux cable from your line-out to mic jack.
  21. Your ninja edits don't show then. Post looks like it's never been edited. Why is Maztor posting a different link in the same thread now?
  22. Hmm...the first post there is from feb 2014. So it seems like it should be outdated. The one I posted is from that same thread, just pages deep. Someone quoted it on the last page so I figured it was the new one.
  23. If you downloaded the dll in the first post it's outdated as well. try this one https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QhJqyhZthcTS_EyiDqJG_mmLcz1Gymcu/view?usp=sharing
  24. your dll is outdated and only works for RS2014. look at the top of this site "Use CDLC" for the RS2014 Remastered dll.
  25. A Whiplash mode that degrades me for my failures. RS is way too forgiving and nice. It almost seems sarcastic the things it says after a song, I'd rather it just be mean.
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