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    Kiss,alice cooper,wasp,faster pussycat king diamond 80`s metal

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  1. looking for these songs Pretty Boy Floyd leather boys with eltric toys 48 hours your momma wont know wild and young Enuff Z' Nuff fly high michelle she wants more fingre on the trigger new thing vinnie vincent invasion love kills need all L R B V hope some one can help thank you for your time
  2. i was wondering if somebody had or can make these songs pretty boy floyd leather boys with electic toy, rock and roll,48 hours,any songs off this album, enuff z' nuff a new thing, fly high michelle she wants more, L.A Guns ballad of jayne since im having trouble figuring out how to do the cdlcs thanks for your time i hope some one can help
  3. i have like pretty boy floyd enff z nuff nitro killer dwafs cds i was just want to use my own cds that i cant find on here to play my fav songs and so other people may play them as well thats why i asked what programs i need to use my cds a lot of my music is old 80's metal that didnt get very big but still made a few albums just inerested in trying to put more songs on here
  4. i wasnt for sure what part of the forums to put this at since im new to the pc version i was wondering what programs i need to use my own cd's for songs im a bass player and i noticed that their are songs that i want to learn but their on L and R so thats the reason i ask what i need to use my own cd's awsome site for music it alot better than ps4 hope you can help KEEP ROCKIN GUYS METAL FOREVER 80's style
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