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  1. For now, each section and each phrase has to start on the first beat of a measure. The first note of a phrase is always used in the first level of difficulty whatever its position in the measure. The name of phrases doesn't matter because DDC identifies itself the similar phrases based on the sequence of notes they contain. That's why the result phrases are named like p1, p2, ...
  2. If you have only a few notes in the arrangement, try to add more notes on later time positions. You can add temporary notes. I already had this issue in the past and adding more notes solved the problem.
  3. It should be nice to set it automatically on a new project creation.
  4. @@raynebc, For your information, DDC adds automatically the "COUNT" and "END" phrases if they are missing. I don't know if the tests has been made with DDC or not, but before removing those phrases in EOF it should be better to evaluate the RS stabilitiy without DDC ...
  5. @@Lovroman, For your information, DDC v3.2 doesn't break anymore handShapes or chord density statuses on a phrase change.
  6. Thank you,I'm gonna try this.Sorry if I was rude in the prev. post, but does defining phrases gonna solve the second problem that I mentioned? Yes, if you define your own phrase and then set the DDC phrase length parameter to a high value (16 for example), DDC should not add more phrases with a break in the middle of an handshape (for example)
  7. If I remember correctly, shift+p should add a new phrase on the selected measure
  8. The link for DDC v3.2 is given in the following topic : DDC About the phrases you should create in EOF : - a phrase contains a pattern of notes that can be repeated many times in the arrangement - a phrase is now the shortest part of the song that you can select in the Riff Repeater - you can define long phrase length for easy parts of the song (8 measures for example) and short ones for the hard parts (2 measures for solos) - you can choose precisely the starting point of a phrase in order to protect a sequence of chords or the sustain of a note or an handshape ...
  9. @@ShrillBear52, Just a little more precision : The number of different tones is limited to 4, but you can switch between them as many time as you want (the same tone can be reused many times)...
  10. @@ShrillBear52, Wich release of DDC are you using ? You should not have the first issue with DDC v3.2. I saw in your EOF project that you didn't define yourself the phrases (you have only created the sections and a phrase for each section). It is better to define the phrases you want in the final result rather than letting DDC arbitrarily choose which one to create ...
  11. @@Berneer, The <minHighDensityMisused pct="25"/> parameter defines the percentage level that triggers the new process of chord density correction. This process is designed only for old CDLCs. For the new CDLCs that use efficiently the chord density status in EOF, you can set this parameter with a higher value. @@mikejl46, If you need more explanations about DDC, feel free to ask about it in this topic. You can also ask for new features or more parameters. Their development will depend on the complexity of the task.
  12. Update v3.2 (28/11/2016) New process to force the density status of chords depending on their position in a sequenceNew parameter in the configuration file to adjust or not the density status of chordsNew process to add open notes in chord tags in order to remove display glitchesNew message in the log if the time position of an anchor is adjustedNo more protection of adjacent measures that share the same handShape during the phrase creation process No more generation of linkedDiffs node (only newLinkedDiffs is usefull)Fixed bug : Wrong time position used when generating a new anchor at the beg
  13. Hi, That's the folder in which you have previously installed the RSToolkit. Download this tool first before using BPR tool.
  14. Did you install ASIO4ALL drivers to use the RS Real Tone Cable with other softwares ?
  15. @@SkullRock, Can you check the "Advanced" tab properties of your Rocksmith Real Tone Cable ([sound][Recording] configuration panel. You should have : - 1 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz - Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device (checked) - Give exclusive mode applications priority (checked) An finally check in RS2014 game options : - Audio Settings : Audio Exclusivity : On
  16. @@raynebc, DDC can be applied on old CDLCs, whatever the EOF version used to make them. So it has to manage all cases and sometimes some weird things caused by bugs in old EOF releases...
  17. You can add DD on existing CDLCs by using RSToolkit tool (DDC tab) ....
  18. @@BoomSoMuch, You can also use the DDC tab of the RSToolkit to do this : - drag and drop all psarc files you want to fix - define the parameters and activate the needed check boxes - click on generate button Check if some of the fixed psarc files are not duplicated (some with DD in the name and others without) You have to keep only one file in the dlc folder of the game ...
  19. You have to use DDC v3.2 beta to fix this issue. You can replace the files located in the ddc folder of the RSToolkit.
  20. @@lamby, You can also use the DDC tab of the Toolkit by using the check box "generate new arrangement Id" @, Use DDC v3.2 beta to fix this issue in old CDLCs
  21. @@Azrael, If you import the psarc file in the first tab of the RSToolkit, you have to generate DD on each XML file before packing again the CDLC. Another way (and easier if you just want to correct the chord density status), is to use the DDC tab : - drag and drop the psarc files - set a high value for the "phrase length" parameter (8 or 16) - set the check boxes the way you want - click on "Generate DD" button If you choose to generate the DDC log files you can check if this process has been used or not : "==> WARNING : High density status is not correctly used (curre
  22. In EOF, I can create 10 phrase iterations with the same name even if they don't contain the same pattern of notes. In order to generate DD, DDC needs to : - use the phrase iteration markers as defined in EOF by the user - divide the existing phrase iterations in respect with the "phrase length" parameter - identify the phrase iterations that contain the same pattern of notes and associate them with the same phrase - define DD levels for each phrase (and not for each phrase iteration) So, that's the reason why the result phrases and phrase iterations can't be the same as these defined
  23. To correct the chord density issue, you can download DDC v3.2 beta and replace the files in the ddc folder of your RSToolkit install. Then apply DD again on the psarc file.
  24. @@iminashi, Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. I have just fixed the bug. Can you download the last release of DDC v3.2 (Beta) in the first post of this topic and try again ?
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