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  1. I added other chord notes as ghost notes and EOF imported a handshape. Is there a way to import arpeggio heading too? edit: It's not a handshape, just all the notes appearing on fretboard. It would be nice though.
  2. Any idea how I can add arpeggios and still keep fixing and reimporting tab?
  3. You cover just half of the cases, chart can start before or after time 0:00, it all depends on how much silence you have in audio, what is the BPM and how many empty measures are in tab. Chance of measure 1 falling on 0:00 is pretty much non-existant, all syncs are affected and out of sync in EOF (right up to the first link).I'm worried about changing measure numbers, mainly I don't understand how (with GPA and GP import being totally independent) you can import tab afterwards. I'm going to assume you tested this enough when you decided to do this change instead of warning.
  4. In MIDI staccato seems to be shortening to half duration so "without sustain" applies only to staccato quarter notes, staccato half notes would be still be quarters (with sustain).I have a tab with palm muted 3/4 note so if it works well in RS I will want to keep that sustain. I compile my own EOF so I can always change it to do whatever suits me best...
  5. Better than it is now, but I'm not sure about those palm mutes. I will have to finish the tab first and see if PM sustains are usable.
  6. In this case arguably you can ignore the sustains so it's just a matter of misleading chart, but those sustains were not fun or easy to play if you followed it. I think staccato is very handy for enforcing single note import but you can cut the duration in half (this seems to be the MIDI interpretation) and then assess if it should be a short note (in my case it would have the same effect). I just think something should happen, full duration is clearly incorrect. Most of the time I shorten palm mutes but recently I came across a few that ring out pretty long. It depends on how heavy muting
  7. I have that preference so that works for me. Maybe you can set constant duration instead, I don't know.
  8. As it turns out, the dotted note I was mentioning was another kind of dot: diff --git a/src/gp_import.c b/src/gp_import.cindex 017d976..777f9a0 100644--- a/src/gp_import.c+++ b/src/gp_import.c@@ -3611,6 +3611,7 @@ struct eof_guitar_pro_struct *eof_load_gp(const char * fn, char *undo_made) } if(byte2 & 1) { //Note played staccato+
  9. Because there's already phrase name and you can put "section marker" only on measure boundary. Maybe you just don't understand what I mean. Forget it, I'll just make a script that applies it directly to RS XML, I can script that in an hour or less with measure+beat support.edit: I doubt anyone will want it but I made the script (I guess it's not going to work as expected with stock toolkit GUI anyway). I might add another optional field to add offset (positive or negative number) to beat time if it's going to switch tone too late. Switch by phrase or section name would be easy too.
  10. I probably won't add support for an external text file just for this, but I may reconsider beat text, but it would have to be formatted pretty specifically (ie. "tone:[tone name here]"). It can't be just that, you need to be able to declare section along with that. I would implement it myself but I just don't know the code that well to start right away. I'm not sure why you think that processing external file upon RS export would be harder, I would think otherwise based on the way it is stored in RS XML and that could be done with piece of code dependent only by identifying time of parti
  11. I would like to put measure+beat+tone (first one can be just base tone name) to some text file and it would be processed when RS XML is exported. It can be in song.ini for all I care, but timing by measure+beat would be as convenient as it gets.
  12. Well, if it's your preference... I just hope you don't lose any code when your drive fails. BTW do you see a way to author tone changes in GP tab? (Maybe another use case for text marker descriptions along with arpeggio chord name and vibrato frequency). I guess this one is not so important as they stay even if I clear events but entering it manually is not much fun.
  13. It was getting late but I think I figured it out, the reason I described was correct but I know how to prevent it now (will try it out when I get home). Basically the EOF's assumption that first measure starts at 0:00 is different to GPA which seems to use steady BPM of the first link before it and therefore first measure will fall before or after 0:00.I placed first link on measure 19 and the tab starts earlier, I have to place the first one on/before the actual first note of any of the arrangements I care about. Because of the electronic backbeat it was properly synced but EOF shift of measu
  14. That was not a point. The point is when start of first measure falls before zero (there is no actual link there), EOF will silently shift it to 0 and I don't really understand what happens because between measure 1 and 16 this shift is slowly corrected. I'm sending you an example, you can compare sync times with actual EOF measure times and see and hear for yourself. BTW you have yet to push the blank phrase fix
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