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  1. Maybe it is the cable that goes from your bass to the pedal Have you tried connecting the bass directly to the RS cable and see if you are having the same issue? I think you are using an active bass, don't like them, nothing against them, just personal preference, but maybe someone with more experience in this type of bass can help since I don't know if they have problems with RS
  2. In my experience, when this exact thing happened to me, the bass emulation was enabled on RS, check if it is enabled, and if it is, just disabled it and it should work just fine
  3. The fast answer will be yes, either going with TomSawyer2112 or Bluetac recommendations about getting different guitars/bass for different tunings or going for the drop tune pedal. In my opinion if you only want to "play" in RS will go for the pedal. If you want to get more serious on playing then go for more gear/instruments. For RS I use the digitech drop tune pedal, it works pretty well and does the job, also if you go for a drop tuner, use headphones, as TomSawyer said, the difference in tuning you'll hear from the guitar and from RS is distracting https://www.amazon.com/Digitech-DROP-Compact-Polyphonic-Pitch-Shifter/dp/B00LXMN740
  4. I'd recommend using a drop tuner pedal rather than finding the correct gauge for the correct guitar in order to get a good note reconginition in rocksmith in low tunnings, I used to have that same issue without the pedal, now I use 10s on E std tunning with the pedal and I don t have the recognition problems that I had before
  5. I had a similar issue as you had, device showing correctly, having input (able to record on audacity or any recording software etc...) but showing on rocksimith that the cable was not plugged In my case (using win 10) was that I plugged the cable into a usb 3 port and I changed it to a usb 2 port and it started working normally, don't know if they patched the usb 3 issues in the remastered patch since I haven't disconnected the rocksmith cable from that port since you may want try switching to a usb 2 port if your machine does have them
  6. Thought that the update would break the cdlc again, but aparently it didn't, at least for the ones that I've checked so far
  7. It is not necesarilly wrong if you use fingers 1,2,3 (index,middle,ring) on left hand to do power chords unless it hurts, if it does hurts change the position to a more comfortable one. Tina S does a lot of power chirds with 1,2,3 fingers
  8. I don't think it really matters, as this girl does the exact same thing and she actually barely uses the pinky, so as long as you can play I don't think there should be any problem
  9. What I do is going to the song, open riff repeater, select the whole song and put it to 100%, then resume, and immediatly pause and restart the song, I've noticed that even after not playing the song in a while it stays at 100% difficulty. Also what I noticed regarding the difficulty going down after missing notes, the less notes the song have the less failed notes it takes before it starts lowering the difficulty
  10. I'll definetly look at this, My 2 cents, maybe some kind of warm up lessons/exercises would be good, I use to play easy songs to warm up before going "serious" :P
  11. Such a great idea for a tool, will caom very handy when setting up a list of songs Im learning without going through all the songs, lets give it a try and see how it works
  12. I don't know if it will work for you but I had a similar problem when RS turned down the level of the sone after some time without playing it, what i found out by merely accident is opening riff repeater, maxin the song out to 100%, resume the song and after that press ESc and restart it, after that I didn't have that issue, it won't stop leveling down if you're really bad at the song, but you won't have to level up every time you play the song or haven'r played it in a while and levels down
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