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  1. Same issues after latest update also original RS songs not showing, this has happened before and if they want to keep the customer base want go onto whatever is coming next a bit more effort for testing would be a good idea. If asked I suspect most of Mac and PC audience would help as we all want the best experience and to take it beyond just a game. Last time I had to remove all the DLC and reacquire then add back in CDLC afterwards, will give that a try in morning and post results.
  2. Easiest way to find is to go to local files tab in Steam properties, I've moved all DLC folder contents re acquired and revalidated and so far all working. Will be interest to know whether there will be a 64 bit version of tools coming or I'll get cheap PC laptop to allow conversions and other 32 bit programmes that are not going to work in 64 bit. ( Catalina and what follows)
  3. Exactly the same, have to validate again and validates 6 files, unhelpfully doesn't say which ones. As latest update mentioned overlay problem I suspect that the move to 64bit has not been as painless as Steam hoped. The usual progression is that it will suddenly start working again without anyone saying what has changed but is more than frustrating.
  4. Patch doesn't work after Steam "upgrade", you can rollback using time vault before Oct 7th and it will remain working offline as when you connect to Steam then upgrades ( their word not mine) CF are trying to redo patch but given resources may take some time, all Mac users will be greatly appreciative once again when its working. If your DLC are also not showing up remove the file to somewhere safe out of RS folder and reacquire and verify, hope this saves you searching all over the net as I have already
  5. Any movement on patch update to allow CDLC to play on Catalina?
  6. If you want bass blues try some Willie Dixon, Red Rooster is local to the original but if you want to chart Stones version I'm sure you have lots of downloads, at least when RS starts working again......
  7. The corrupt songs can be reloaded from trash on IMac then repaired one at a time when you do bulk will report some as corrupted. Seems to dislike one out of 20ish.
  8. Further to last Update had installed another version of game in new file now deleted and have updated old version with all CDLC working
  9. Anyone had problems after todays UK update all CDLC are in same file as yesterday when they all worked. After update game runs without them, no emulating message so suspect patch in need of update to cope with update, or it could be I've got to rerun something....? really annoying as have just finished concreting last of PC files after new iMac a month ago.
  10. Do you runToolkit have just started with new 2017 IMac after years on PCs, converted all old customs which won't play and have had to download Mac versions but most of favourites are still only PC. Newly downloaded customs play but would love to have full library to play.....
  11. Does make you wonder whose computer it actually is. Very expensive firewall software doesn't let me install and keep Song Manager. Had no problems until resent update anyone else getting same thing?
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