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  1. thanks cozy1 So here is my status. I have gotten CDLC working again. It was a strange combination of deleting all CDLC Starting up again with only cherub rock running the script to overwrite files and restarting (but I did not need to reinstall) I have added a few, maybe 20 CDLC (old ones that I did not re-download, or fix) and they all work. So pretty happy at this moment :-)
  2. Hi all, first thanks so much for this awesome tool. Here is my status: MAC platform OS 10.11.6 (el capitan) Steam RS Remastered A few months ago none of the songs would start, no charts came up So I removed all DLC put back in just cherub rock, and that works I got the CSFM tool and assumed I needed to repair files. I have about 400 CDLC files I made a backup of the DLC folder and then hit repair. But almost all my songs (about 10 where repaired) where moved to corrupt DLC... is this expected? Or did I do something wrong? any help would be appreciated thanks They all look like this [2017
  3. Cool, any way to get this into the MAC version? thanks guys
  4. I have run across a freezing issue that seems to be due to Rocksmith getting patched. So I have disabled background updates. And gone back and deleted the patch. No more freezing.
  5. I am having the same issue, I actually tried on both a PC and a MAC same issues. What version of the toolkit are you using? Also have you been able to make any? The first one I did got created, but wont play. But now I unpackage one of the "good" ones Try to save a psarc and get the same error
  6. Hi all would really appreciate some help here. I have been able to generate all the files, I believe. Here is what I have: waveofmutilation_rhythm.xml waveofmutilation_vocals.xml album_waveofmutilation_256.dds waveofmutilation_rhythm.json waveofmutilation_vocals.json wave_preview.wem wave.wem I have tried on both PC and MAC and get an error for missing file. MAC gives more details on the issue. Error says " Package was generated with errors! See below: Error generate PC package: Could not find file /var/folders/9f/f8c3v6zj7dn2k0wqsnf7s67m0000gn/T/tmp6e90662e.tmp". " And when I go l
  7. hi all, Like the other Mac guys all I want to do is convert from PC to Mac. But I cant open a file I get the following. versions RSToolkit = Version: Mono = 3.4 Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I resently discovered you guys last week. Bought Mac RS and started jamming to LedZep Amazing work So now Ill have to get a PC to make some Pixies CDLCs but for now.... any ideas? 2014-05-01 19:33:12.0589 | mm.local localhost - XXXX| PID: 9492 | RocksmithToolkitGUI.Program (ERROR) : RocksmithToolkitGUI.Program.<Main>b__1 System.XmlVoid .ctor(IStaticXsltContext)Exc
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