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    Want someone to do "north to Alaska" with bass and all, skip a rope, harper valley PTA, and tom Dooley. I cant find any of those except NTA which is apparently an unplayable one. oh and for laughs Mr. Custer from larry verne
  2. I have 3 Metallica requests - all are acoustic(ish) except the solos and bass 1. Metallica Blackened 2020 (acoustic) 2. Metallica Would (allice in chains cover 2020) 3. Metallica Now that we are dead 2020 (from the helping hands benefit concert and auction) Make that 4: Metallica - Astronomy (garage inc blue oyster cult cover) and I have 2 other requests Fastball - the way (a version without graphical issues the one from 2014 seems to have) Fastball - are you ready for the fallout?
  3. I am also reporting constant OAuth error. what happens after I refresh the page over and over I might get it to work for a couple mins but then its OAuth error again.
  4. SIDE-NOTE: Its hard to believe how time flew by and the vast difference between version number on here and the one I had... the one I had that gave me the trouble was I cant remember but it was years old.. I think. but apparently I had a later one 12.0.40629.0 which seems higher then the current one since 3 is lower then 12 but the format is obviously just different. This one is not digitally singed like the other one but at least It wrokes and seems better and less choppy.
  5. Thank you so much. I could not find that info when I looked my apologies. Indeed that was the issue and my memory returned after reading this... what happened was and forgive me If I'm not making the most sense here I'm out of it today but boy I feel silly now lol.. 1. when I updated to win 10 from 7 I opted to keep most of my files and installations but of course sometimes when updating OS some installations may not be marked in the register anymore or icons, shortcuts may vanish.. sometimes installers need to simply be run again only to pass the files already in place or replaced by compar
  6. where did you get that? it didnt transfer to rs 2014 and its one of my  favorites, couldn't find a custom anywhere same with the holiday pack that they stopped offering...
  7. Hi Im on windows 10, I downloaded the latest version from the link at the top of most pages... when installing it gets to the step that says "click next to uninstall old version" I click next and it says "internal error extract temporary files: no files matching "{temp\ClickOnceUninstaller.exe" found Not sure what to do about this.. Im going to look over all my files and see if I have anything from the song manager on here but I dont remember installing it since the remastered update..
  8. Hello I have posted about this in help an support but so far Ive not gotten far with this issue. What i know if when I download and install the DLL listed as PC alternative from the op's post and put in my CDLC library I keep geting a glitch of master mode where it will try to turn it on even when I have it set to off and level up also to off. I dont mind MM most times but on some songs or some times I just dont want it on.. There is also an issue with my tones not sounding quite right also.. I dont know if its the DLL file or if its a custom song causing this but those 2 issues effect more
  9. I have clead up my rocksmith and uninstalled and re-installed it and put my CDLC and the DLL in another folder so for now Im bug free again.. Ive seen different versions of the DLL file going around and alternative versions of it so Im wondering whats up with that and if maybe changing it may fix the issue.. I will do some troubleshooting.... surly Im not the only one who experiences the MM issues. EDIT. I just thought of another possibility if its not the DLL. One custom I think may be causing issues is Iron Maden Dance of Death, Its just a theory currently.. Ill try and test that when I c
  10. Thank you for your input.. I may do that with the ini.. Im just not sure whats going on but im sure it has to do with the .DLL file or a custom tack or two because not one of these bugs happens before putting back in my customs and the .DLL..
  11. Hello, I have some issues with rocksmith which I think may be due to the D3DX9_42.DLL or the custom songs them selves.. I'm not sure if what i will describe is old news or long solved but if not I hope someone can help me or provide insight on the matter. I believe strongly in communities working together towards issues by reporting, troubleshooting and solving them as one. That said, if s solution is not known I hope maybe my report or that others may offer some clue or insights that lead to a solution in the future for everyone it concerns. I also belief that even personal individual bug r
  12. EDIT, I deleted what I had put here originally because I was soooo "out of it" when I posted it.. Here is the thread with my issues explained more clearly.
  13. Well thank you for that.. seems its just red that keeps it from being available.. their is not even any recourse for people who already owned it sadly.. I asked RS about it and they just coldly said it was a one time gift and is no longer available... which I already knew or I wouldn't have been asking for them again.. So yeah that was indeed one of the 3 songs.. I just dont understand why they are so firm on not letting people have those tracks anymore was it cause Seth is no longer with them after the band fuse irony? I dont know.. it just sucks cause they were free tracks in the first place
  14. Hello, I'm not sure If I can ask this or not but since it is concerning a DLC pack that was free I did not see the harm.. anyways some of you may have known that in the days of the original rocksmith they released a free Christmas DLC pack which also worked with 2014, however part of why I switched to the PC version was because my xbox was breaking down again and for the last time.. it has since died and so I am unable to play these tracks anymore.. I dont know if this would work but if anyone on here happens to have that original pack if you could message me Id be extreamly grateful.. I wante
  15. Dose anyone know this song by fastball "are you ready for the fallout" I cant find a real tab for it anyplace, just chords. Im still very much learning guitar and I dont think this one will ever get made I requested it a super long time ago so Im thinking about trying to make it my self but Im at a loss on how to beigin to match it up with the aduido and making sure I got the right notes there.
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