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  1. This was fun. It was a real stretch for me, and I am no where near accurate - but it was fun anyway. The 92% was slowed down in Riff Repeater. It's only 78% at full speed.
  2. Giving it a go. For the life of me, couldn't get through "Should've Come Over" on Score Attack. Got on 89% in Learn a Song at full speed (the 96% was in Riff Repeater at slower speed).
  3. This is the first time I had an absolute need to turn the volume up on my amplifier. Teddy Picker on Bass is just pure fun!
  4. Some more muffins. That's all the muffins for tonight.
  5. Proton gets it up and running really well, at least for Ubuntu. The link is here: https://www.protondb.com/app/221680 Some of the steps I had to do are: Install steam-installer from Ubuntu Software repository. Once steam-installer was installed and got Steam running and then installed Rocksmith2014, I had to go in to Steam, right click Rocksmith 2014, click on Compatibility and clicked "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool." I then selected Proton 5.13-6. I was not able to get Rocksmith to run without doing this. Not sure if it's still required, but I had to try out different Proton versions. Then just go to the protondb link above for edits. The first steps noted below are from the protondb link: Install winetricks, then from terminal: WINEPREFIX=~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/221680/pfx winetricks sound=alsa To select Rocksmith Real Tone Cable as input device WINEPREFIX=~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/221680/pfx winecfg If you have to, disable pulseaudio systemctl --user stop pulseaudio.socket systemctl --user stop pulseaudio.service I did not have to disable pulseaudio. You probably won't need to. If you do stop it, you'll need to restart it to get sound working again outside of the game. Again - I didn't have to mess with it. The below is extra, and only if you want to get CFSM running under Linux: I installed PlayonLinux from Ubuntu software store. I used it to install CFSM Manager for Windows. Used PlayOnLinux to install CFSM Manager for Windows Used PlayOnLinux to install the app in a new virtual drive. Used PlayOnLinux to install dotnet40 Created a symbolic link. Rocksmith is in a hidden directory, under .steam, and Wine can't see hidden (.) files The symbolic link calls /home/bruce/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014 Rocksmith (so when I look at my directory structure, I have a directory called Rocksmith just under my home directory) Since CFSM Song Manager comes with an installer, and PlayOnLinux did a good job installing it, I used PlayOnLinux to open the directory for CFSM virtual drive and installed RocksmithToTab there. RocksmithToTab Located directory CFSM was installed in (CFSongManager). Created Rocksmith to Tab V1.1 directory Copied RocksmithToTab zip file over and unzipped it Opened up PLayOnLinux Selected CFSM, then selected "Open the Directory" Went to RocksmithToTab directory and ran the rocksmithtotab GUI. Rocksmith directory - I previously made a symlink to get CFSM working: Z:\home\bruce\Rocksmith Saved tabs to: c:\users\bruce\My Documents\RocksmithTabs used .gp5 format Then I installed tuxguitar. Tuxguitar reads the rocksmithtotab files with no problems. Located Rocksmith tabs directory, to tell TuxGuitar where to find the files: \home\bruce\.PlayOnLinux\wineprefix\CFSM\drive_c\users\bruce\My Documents\RocksmithTabs I've printed out some tabs for simple songs and have tried going into Score Attack on Master Mode and trying to play just using tabs. It's kind of hard, but it's been a very long time since I played just using tabs. Editor On Fire Copied down Editor On File full program Extracted. Copied to CFSongManager virtual drive. This opens up. For the life of me, I can't get DLCBuilder running under PlayOnLinux. If I go for an updated laptop, I'll probably switch to Windows as I'd like to create some The Cramps cdlc. I like early rock, rockabilly, psychobilly, surf and garage music - and lately have been liking The Cramps. I'm not finding a lot of early roots type music.
  6. I really enjoyed using the PRS SE Standard my oldest son lent me for this song. The action felt a little more comfortable. Anyway, some more of them there High Flying Birds. Think I'll work on Muffin Man. My score isn't competitive there yet. Leaving Zombie Barricade on rhythm alone. That's a little advanced for me at this point.
  7. Picked up a point. Think I can do a little better.
  8. Some Zombies been running around. Trying to decide between working on Muffin Man on bass or If I had a Gun on lead. Muffin Man is fun, but I'd like to advance beyond beginner on lead - and that might take a few weeks. Hmmm. New strategy is rhythm on the Gretsch Junior Jet strung with 10-46s and lead on the PRS SE strung with 9-42s. Let's see how that works.
  9. Had some fun. Had some challenges. Zombie Barricade Rhythm is not really 95%, that was in Riff Repeater at 70%. I'm only hitting 80% at full speed. Decided to park that one for a while and work on Frank Zappa's Muffin Man on Bass next.
  10. I hear you on that! I'm not quite there yet. It had to feel good to get that accomplished.
  11. A little better. 85% at 100% speed. Ignore that 94.5%.
  12. So "Too Bad" on rhythm is a bit beyond my abilities at the moment. The 94.5% is only at 70% speed. When viewing my screen capture - I'm really only hitting 76% at full speed. I'll work on it some more, but I'm at several hours at slower speeds, 11 play throughs on Learn a Song and about 7 attempts on Score Attack. But I bet with a little more work, I can get through it on score attack! We'll see by Friday night.
  13. This will take some work from me. That's okay.
  14. A little further along. @m_verd- I'm challenging you! Ummmmm, at the end of the week I'm about where you started. So maybe not. But! I'm challenging you anyway!
  15. Another try at U2. I hope that mole can move out of his hole and maybe move into a nice townhouse or condo or something. "There's a mouse, living in a house!" Kinda Dr. Suess'ish.
  16. You and me both. 50% for a long time, then 60%, then 70% and 80%. Then getting messy at 90% and completely falling apart at 100%.
  17. Dudes! And dudettes! And non-dudes! And however you define your duded-ness! Beach Boys - I Get Around - Bass. My fingers and my brain absolutely do not go that fast. I can hit 95% at 90% speed, but completely fall apart at 100% speed. Not sure about doing Foo Fighters bass, or just moving ahead with Beach Boys rhythm. Think I'll hit rhythm, then think about Foos. Edited: White Limo is cool! Definitely gonna do some Foo. I'm about Beach Boy'd out. What about Beach Men? Beach Women? Beach People?
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