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  1. A little better on Wind of Change. Not sure if I want to work more on this, spend some time on Louie Louie lead - my score is rough - or try some new songs. It's summer. I like surf. Pipeline, Penetration, Walk Don't Run, Wipeout, Miserlou and Surf Rider are calling my name. I don't see much surf instrumental CDLC - I'll need to explore a bit. (edited - there is a metric butt-ton of The Shadows on CDLC and for a newer, angrier sound some Agent Orange. Looks like I need to expore)
  2. Louie Louie - 86 in Learn a Song. I get gonged out of that show way too fast in Score Attack!
  3. I'm not sure if my playing is at that level yet, but I'll be paying attention! I grabbed the Layla (unplugged) version and ran through rhythm twice and lead once to get a general idea. I have RocksmithToTabs working on PlayOnLinux, so ran my cdlc library through that and looked at the tabs using Tux Guitar. But I'm thinking I liked Justin Guitar training, he has three videos out on Layla unplugged and I have his training book and a book of songs. I'll see if Layla unplugged is included. I might be able to hang with a Justin course. I'll give this one a few more tries, but not submit a video. I'm no-where near close - but I'll pay attention to your next one. Is this the challenge where you and Rodman posted videos with family members singing? Those were really well done videos, showing a lot of time and effort.
  4. @ diceslinger - @ Rodman - doing the acoustic version of Layla is so cool! Did you use the Layla Unplugged version in Ignition for practice? I think I'll break out my Guild acoustic and give it a go. Maybe just mic it in to RS2014 to see how I do. Haven't played the acoustic in quite some time, and haven't tried using a mic on RS2014 in Linux.
  5. Well, tried it on lead several times. Still seeing a sea of orange and very little purple. An epic track, just a little advanced. Time to take it in small sections. Edited: well, I ran it at 100% and a slower speed. I think I got every bend wrong. I'm going to claim that my guitar kept going out of tune when I used the tremelo bar and I really need a roller bridge. But honestly - for the last several bars of the song every note was right, so it isn't really dropping out of tune, isn't intonation, doesn't need a roller bridge to work with the Bigsby. But I'm saying it anyway. Darn hardware. Couldn't possibly be my playing. Those bends were right! (yeah, right)
  6. What kind of a saddle would you put on a tiger?
  7. I was just messing with you. No problem at all.
  8. hmmmm, boomer music. ageism. grumble grumble grouch. Um, in other news - Fratelliis!
  9. Does this mean to do the Bonus Rhythm part for beginner?
  10. Live streamed sudden death twitch-off at high noon. Time zone and player rotation to be decided by mods. It's always high-noon at cemetery hill, pardner! Edited to add: The Gary Moore song is for beginner bass. I'm competing in Intermediate bass - so in this case, my score would not count against yours. But I still think a live-streamed twitch-off doing a raid to the next channel would be funny as heck. Especially at high noon at Cemetery Hill!. I can't figure out rsplaylist and rocksniffer when doing Rocksmith on Linux - but just a straight stream would work.
  11. Gary Moore - Always gonna love cheese - bass:
  12. This was so much fun to play on bass. I didn't go for score yet, but had fun playing it. And really enjoyed that something so epic is in the range of a regular player. I only tried bass. I am sure lead is way beyond me for now - but bass is doable for mere mortals.
  13. @ kayteck - I think I found the issue on my Junior Jet. Radius Gauge shows about the same radius on the neck for the PRS and the Junior Jet. I did not dig out my vernier calipers to measure neck width. The PRS is running a 10" radius. Junior Jet measures about the same measuring near the nut. I need to remove the strings and measure from the fretboard to get really accurate results. Truss Rod gauge shows .006" at the 6th fret when a capo is holding down the string at the first fret and I press down on the 12th fret. So that is right where it needs to be. Action at the 12th fret is way too high, though. Medium action for an electric guitar should be 0.065" on the low E string. I'm running between .010 and .011 - medium action for an acoustic! So - I need to lower the bridge until the low E string is around 0.06 to 0.065. If that causes buzzing, adjust the trussrod. Music Nomad measuring tools at Sweetwater were pretty inexpensive. I picked up a cleaning kit off StewMac - that was pricy! But Sweetwater can get you what you need to measure your action and make decisions from there. I kept my Jet in my Sunroom (where I have my PC for RS). Temperatures are not stable, and humidity is all over the place. That might have caused the higher action at the 12th fret. I don't keep the PRS in the Sunroom.
  14. Did a little better: I was back down to 89/90/91 percent using my Junior Jet I. I put it on the stand and grabbed my oldest son's PRS. Score immediately hit 95.9%. If my son needs his guitar back, think I'll be looking for a replacement for my Junior Jet. The difference in playing is night and day. Although it could be in the setup.
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