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  1. Yeah, you rock hard. You are for sure more of MC than ADV. We'll level you up. I think you'll be fine and giving good competition up there. If it still does not work out you are free to come back anytime!
  2. just came home from the dentist decided for tallica pain therapy
  3. Yiiiehaaaa! Yo Andi, long time no see! Hope all is well over there at your place! So nide to have you drop by rockin, hope that´s mot as one shot. Rock, Rod.
  4. Thx man! For recording i used my Zoom R24 here, it has 24 tracks for recording, featues a decent drummachime and also a looper and has quite some built in effects like the distortion i used up there. No Trio+ on that recording. I have tested a few DAWs end of last year, have not decided which to go with, so until now i am happy to have the hardware options. Which one do you prefer? Really excited about your course there, we shall be talking a lot about improvements! The solo didn't come easy here. While the other parts are mainly first tries i has to experiment here quite a bit and e
  5. I couldn´t find that screenshot quickly, but If a score is done in Score Attack (SA) it scores with the .xx If it´s done in Learn a Song (LAS) only the full % of accuracy can count cause it may differ from the big Mastery Number
  6. @diceslinger Hey Dice! Had a walkthrough at that cool Kiss song. When i heard it so many times at my morning coffee i felt the dark soul under that happy screaming cloak. I´m happy at the recording it could be easily brought to light. I recorded a clean guitar line based on the original, didn´t change anything in the song structure here. Then recorded bass, recorded the Drums on Cajon (but skipped those for the drummachine (cause in the end i just forgot to change it), i think its ok) recorded vocals, as those deviltounges are going together on the chorus - of course i
  7. Because there was a knot in my brain! Of course its all paths, thx man
  8. @Nacholede - as discussed AJFA is new Gog Album for 4 weeks - thx for that work. We don´t wanna see you jobless for a week, not a chance
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