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  1. My profile is capitalized but an old backup copy I made back in May isn't.
  2. Before I start ranting and give the wrong impression, I just want to say that I absolutely love this website, the community that hangs out here and I appreciate all the (free) entertainment it's given me. As things stand regarding the quality of submitted CDLC's, I personally think good quality tutorials and help files will go a long way towards reducing the number of poor quality CDLC's submitted. For instance, the Custom Song Creator Help tab directs you to a link that appears to have no proper help files. (If they are there then someone please point me in the right direction). Attempts by the more cleverer members at producing tutorials have gone a long way towards improving the situation but some give wrong or misleading instructions and none seem to go into enough detail or cover all the bases. I'm sure other novices like myself soon get bogged down unless instructions are made foolproof. I'm a firm believer in it being worse having incorrect instructions than it is to have no instructions. With this in mind, I think it is important that there be only one set of tutorials/help files and for these to be officially sanctioned (and revised over time to improve them). The easier you make it to produce good quality CDLC's, the less chance poor quality ones will be submitted. Having this knowledge should improve future submissions but what to do with existing poor quality CDLC's. I think suggestions of using volunteer testers and rating systems etc will be too difficult/too time consuming or not practical to implement given the number of CDLC's there are. I'm in favour of a more drastic approach and email all Customforge members, giving them 4 week's notice to remove any CDLC's they may have submitted or they will be deemed public domain/open source. The CDLC's that will be removed will have been submitted for the wrong reasons anyway and the ones that remain will be there for the benefit of the Rocksmith/Customforge community and able to be improved upon over time. I'm sure this suggestion will upset some people but the community has been discussing this subject since day one and there seems no easy answer to improving things unless authors give up any intellectual rights they may have.
  3. Excellent, now i've just got to work out wether the fat string goes at the top or the bottom.
  4. Gentlemen, Being quite ancient I get easily confused... is "Rocksmith Custom Toolkit", "Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit" and "Song Creator Toolkit" one of the same, plus, is this forum (Rocksmith Custom Toolkit) the correct place to submit "Custom Game Toolkit" posts?
  5. Great little utility, don't know how I managed without it.
  6. I've just successfully removed all of my original Rocksmith 1 and 2 songs that I was no longer interested in, and, thank's to you guy's, it was bonkers easy. Well done all you clever people out there :) .
  7. Pardon my penny's worth gentlemen. I don't know if it would make any difference or not but the sample rate of my Rocksmith USB cable is set to 48000Hz (DVD Quality). I would have thought 11025 Hz (Dictation Quality) would sound pretty rubbish with music. Just a thought.
  8. Thank you for adding the song preview/play button. It would be even better if previewing a second song would cancel the preview of the first as it's possible to have half a dozen songs playing at once :lol: Also, previewing a song automatically brings up the song info window and you have to close this or move it out of the way in order to stop the song preview (by clicking on the pause button) which opens the song info window again. Much appreciate all the hard word put into Ignition so far.
  9. Excellent work so far. I have just a few niggles you may be interested in hearing. Selecting the menu item "Add to Collection". The appropriate song is added ok but the drop down menu box remains open on the screen. I can close it by left clicking on an unused part of the screen but I expected it to close automatically as soon as a selection was made. Selecting "Search", "Collection", I seem to be able to display my songs in separate groups of Artist, Albums, Tuning etc. etc. but not as a single talble of songs. I liked the old search engines ability to automatically enter any artist, song title, album, member or tuning I click on the screen, directly into the search box and list the results without any other input from the user. In the new search engine I have to select the right filter and manually type the information into it. Could you change the font to yellow instead/as well as high-lighting the new stuff? It would stand out much better. Is there any mileage in having Amazon.com links to enable the purchase of legal copies of the various songs/albums. I personally think it would send the right signals to the powers that be. Much appreciate all the hard work done to date, not just the new search engine but the whole website in general. Big thumbs up. p.s. how do I save my collection?
  10. Looking good so far. Besides the Youtube hyperlink song preview thing, being unable to view my collection as a single ungrouped table in song title order will limit it's usefulness for me. Wouldn't it be cool if it could read the contents of your dlc folder and automatically add the songs to your collection?
  11. Thank's for uploading this tutorial. I personally think this is the best I've seen so far with excellent sound, good resolution and nicely structured.
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