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  1. for me it goes to the search page but no songs load at all
  2. Looking for ANDY JAMES - THE WATCHER - I have the tabs Also, KFIR Careless Whisper - Metal version - I have tabs as well.
  3. any movement on patch to get high sierra going after the steam update? Thanks
  4. Hey, Did a recent security update to my mac. I am running Yosemite 10.10.5 and just downloaded custom song toolkit ver 2.7. When I double click the guitar icon it just bounces and then nothing happens. Please let me know what I can do to fix. Thanks
  5. Ive never had that happen. The issue I have is when I convert a song from PC to Xbox all is fine and then when i paste them into the folder for rocksmith nothing happens, its as if the file is empty. This only happens on about 30% of the cdlc I have downloaded. Im not trying to insult your intelligence but woul your pasting the file in the correct folder, right?
  6. Macgamestore for $14.99 http://www.macgamestore.com/product/3006/Rocksmith-2014-Edition/ Are these reputable sites though?
  7. Bump Anyone converting psarc to xbox ever experience this? You successfully convert a file using the toolkit (no errors) and then when you try to paste the file in the xbox folder for the game its as if your file is empty and nothing pastes. Thanks
  8. So For many songs I am able to convert to xbox format then place on a USB stick and then paste into my xbox folder and no problems the songs work and play beautifully. For many other songs however, it says they were converted, no errors, but when I go and paste them into folder nothing happens it's almost like they are an empty file. For example ALL the Five finger death punch songs I am unable to paste them from USB stick into xbox folder. The only one which worked was Lift Me Up. This happens with other cdlc as well I just used five finger death punch as an example. Is this from my end caused by the conversion process or is this the way the developer of the cdlc packaged the file? Could it be if they are using a different version toolkit from the one I am using? Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. MAC OSX users, big thanks to BUNDITO who created the RS Toolkit to work on MAC without mono or X11. Thanks for all your hard work BUNDITO!!!!
  10. ya i figured I would ask here as that's what the forum is for, right? To help others? Apparently not, especially by your tone. So Ill ask others on here that actually know the answer to the questions and have a nicer attitude about helping others. So thanks for nothing!!
  11. RJtag is the xbox mod which allows this. All you need to do is get the cdlc in the right folder and you should be good. A lot of the cdlc people make on here, even after converting still doesn't work but it works for the majority of stuff.
  12. I use a program on my xbox xexmenu. This allows me to look into the file directory of the game. Check this out. http://rocksmithcustoms.wikispaces.com/Playing+Custom+Content+for+Xbox
  13. Really? What is Mono and why is it required? Other than mono what else is needed? Do these programs have to be running when opening the tool? Thanks
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