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  1. VERY quick question: I like this feature in Notifications... but does this mean I should replace the song with the new updated version? OR, has it 'automatically' been updated? Thanks, all.
  2. That did the trick, thanks so much Radeonus. ..and, conveniently, I still had the Patch on my desktop.
  3. I've not played in a couple of weeks, but all my CDLC was working fine. Now it freezes the game as soon as it gets to the screen with the play button. Completely freezes the game. Suggestions?
  4. It works!! Thanks so much! You just made my quarantine! ;)
  5. I have that problem as well. I haven't found a fix..but what I do is keep all my CDLC in a separate folder. I move songs I want to play to the DLC folder..let's say there's 10 songs. I fire up Rocksmith and maybe I'll see 6 of those songs. I play a bit...then go out and take out the songs I just played. 4 remaining in DLC folder. Restart game, and I may get 2 of the remaining songs show up now. etc. It's annoying, but they all work, eventually. Must be conflicts between song names I figure.
  6. Request: At least the bass part of "Say It Isn't So" by Hall and Oates. Has a catchy bassline.
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