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  1. UKLoony did it on Feeling good by Muse. I think it was a proof of concept and would involve more work to chart. Shiroo has just updated it here -> http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/feeling-good-uklooney-reupload-r12489
  2. Its a botch but you can do multiple playlist now. I have set up different profiles for guitar and bass (also for alt tunings). Makes non-stop play far more useful.
  3. Simple goal, to play left handed. I used to play right handed many years ago but damaged my left hand and could no longer fret a barre. Several years later I bought a lefty but never got over the sounds of cats screwing that accompanies the beginner stage (strange how when you are younger you join a bans, jump on stage with a handful of chords and a couple of licks and entertain people for half an hour but wouldn't even think about it later in life) . More years passed until my son asked me to teach him. Of course you can't teach if you can't play so I forced myself through the hump with him. Then RS2014 came out and made life so much easier for both of us. My daughter has also joined the party making it a family activity. This time around I am working on theory as well and I am picking up keyboard skills since I find it easier to put theory into practice on a keyboard then apply it to guitar/bass. Now I play mostly bass (I find it more fun and unlearning right handed guitar that has burnt in is harder than learning finger style from scratch). So my aim is to get back on stage (playing bass/guitar) and writing songs again. No time scale on this as I intend to enjoy the journey and family time.
  4. Space Oddity by Bowie (mostly because it jammed as a mission when I was unlocking stuff/getting achievements) around 35 times. Followed by You do something to me by Paul Weller, 27X I should be able to 100% this but I seem to have a faulty fret on my bass that moves after each play through :( Not sure about on guitar since I mainly play bass.
  5. I would put the latest updates on. The only side effect I have had from an update was the .DLL being removed (just copy it back) and a bunch of RS1 DLC going walkabout for a couple of hours while that file updated. This might solve your tuning problems.
  6. When I buy new stuff I take a friend with post it notes to cover all branding, Then I play them and make a decision based on sound and feel. This can lead to some unusual purchases but they are right for me.
  7. Been a while since I have been in Brum so I cant help out on the Pubs and small venues but this might get you started. http://www.ents24.com/hub/search/genre/music/near/Birmingham/radius/10/order/date
  8. Thats why I would edit it down. The thing is if you set out to make a video you try to only record things that go right. I think whats needed is a tutorial on fixing things that go wrong or need fixing.
  9. You could record your next CDLC from start to finish. I would be happy to edit down the results and caption them etc. It would be good to actually see someone moving the beat marker etc. Edit: Open offer to anyone that makes CDLC.
  10. Currently I spend most of my time playing songs I don't like by bands I don't like. I know that sounds perverse but I have reached the point where to develop I need to leave my comfort zone. So if there is a technique I want to master I go for it regardless of personal taste.
  11. I will keep an eye open in Kent and Cardiff (yes that is a long commute).
  12. To help more would need play around with your setup. If I had your kit I would keep playing on the mac, convert cdlc ysing the tool kit and route the output from your mac to the pc. Usb sound systems can be a pain (I blame ms for changes to the audio system that have cripeled many sound cards).
  13. Do you have exclusive mode turned on for both your audio devices? Also are you running rocksmith full screen? Lastly do you have any other audio software running? Better to get the program running with the RS cable before thinking of patching it to work without.
  14. 8 hour flash sale on steam. RS2014 9.99 UKP (75% off).
  15. Single : Spiral Scratch Gig : A friends Black Flag cover band (as long as going with your parents doesn't count)
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