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  1. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Jay
  2. Hi all, There is a song I've downloaded that I'm learning, and I'm struggling with the solo portion. The song file is set up so the solo is one long section. The actual solo has two main parts, first have moderate speed/difficulty, and the second section where it kicks into high gear with a run of rapid fire notes. I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to modify this file to break the solo into at least two sections so I can work on smaller bits at a time? I assume this is possible, and that using it for personal use only wouldn't be a breach of protocol? Thanks, Jay
  3. Happy Birthday jman64!

  4. Happy Birthday jman64!

  5. Happy Birthday jman64!

  6. I have most of the rest of CDLC creation down, but I'm still clueless on doing the lyrics. I followed a small tut that was part of a full CDLC creation tut, and the steps didn't work for me at all. So I'm really not sure what I did wrong. Is there an in depth tutorial anywhere on just the lyrics? Thanks!
  7. Nice pack. A five pack with Rock n Roll Band, and Smokin would have been about perfect! :cool:
  8. Shrubbery, I'd be very interested to see a detailed tutorial on how you use Go Playalong( I'm assuming an export from there) to help the syncing process in EOF. I downloaded the trial version, and had great luck syncing up tabs to an MP3 that I was really having trouble with in EOF. I'm just unsure of exactly what you do from having it sync'd in GPA to facilitating it in EOF.
  9. I have an EVH wolfgang with a floyd rose in it, but it's not floating ( only pulls notes down not up). I love a floyd in this configuration as I can still dive bomb, but I can also rest the edge of my hand on the bridge at times ( palm mutes and such) with out affecting the pitch. It also has a "D-tuna" which allows me to go from standard tuning to drop D tunning at the pull of a knob, and back again instantly. I find this to be the most comfortable and versatile bridge setup I've played on.
  10. jman64


    I use a EVH 5150 III 50 watt head, and EVH 2x12 cabinet, with a line 6 POD HD500X for effects.
  11. Can someone point me towards a good tutorial on creating customs for RS14 from start to finish? I've looked at a few that dealt with one aspect or another, but nothing that encompasses the entire process.
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