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  1. Happy Birthday FearTheTitan!

  2. Happy Birthday FearTheTitan!

  3. Have a new PC so had to re-download a fresh copy of EoF with the hotfix. Few things I've noticed that don't work (for me at least) Neither Waveform nor Spectograph will show with F5 or manually toggling it in the menuAdding silence no longer works, initially does the re-encode CMD window then asks what bitrate I want again and asks for the media file again. Sometimes does nothing either and gives me an Error 42 windowCan't do much past this since I consider these pretty important for my CDLCs EDIT: Tried a fresh copy without the hotfixes and works fine
  4. Like a 4 count or whatever time sig click to start the song. Is it possible to do in EOF or does it need to be added to the audio file?
  5. Hey guys. Thanks for choosing my Highly Suspect - Bath Salts CDLC I made this CDLC when I was just learning how to do it and you can kinda tell, so I've updated the Guitar Path to fix a lot of the bends, added slides, fixed a lot of the solo's syncing and I've done a little bit of cosmetic stuff. Feel free to download it and use that one instead if you prefer.
  6. New versions of GeForce Experience don't work with Rocksmith. I use V2.5.13.6 and it works fine
  7. This is either: a} The CDLC has no sections or b} The CDLC maker didn't auto-generate Dynamic Difficulty when they made the package Usually can be fixed by importing the CDLC into the Rocksmith Toolkit and re-packaging it with DD turned on or by using Customsforge Song Manager
  8. Added "Careless" and "Ten Tonne Skeleton"
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