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  1. Happy Birthday FearTheTitan!

  2. Happy Birthday FearTheTitan!

  3. Have a new PC so had to re-download a fresh copy of EoF with the hotfix. Few things I've noticed that don't work (for me at least) Neither Waveform nor Spectograph will show with F5 or manually toggling it in the menuAdding silence no longer works, initially does the re-encode CMD window then asks what bitrate I want again and asks for the media file again. Sometimes does nothing either and gives me an Error 42 windowCan't do much past this since I consider these pretty important for my CDLCs EDIT: Tried a fresh copy without the hotfixes and works fine
  4. Like a 4 count or whatever time sig click to start the song. Is it possible to do in EOF or does it need to be added to the audio file?
  5. Happy Birthday FearTheTitan!

  6. I didn't realise how often hotfixes came out for EOF (I was using one of the December '16 ones). Getting the latest hotfix sorted it. I'll leave this topic here though in case anyone else runs into this but I'm sorted now.
  7. Never had this problem before with the dozens of CDLCs I've made. When I go to import my Guitar Pro file I choose to import Time Signatures then it just freezes. Task Manager doesn't say EOF is not responding so I'm a bit confused. Tried re-exporting to a new GP5 file and tried copying and pasting the tracks into a new GP file (and re-did all the signatures). Neither worked. Here's a link to my GP5 file if someone wants to try import it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gt4ujw6701s85y7/Drop%20A%20Medley.gp5?dl=0
  8. Happy Birthday Metalocalypse!

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