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  1. I really enjoyed the songs this week. When I started to learn bass I used the pick a lot and skewed towards Rocksmith songs that used one but at some point that flipped and now I actually feel weaker at picking so it was good to practice and improve it a bit. I didn't get quite the scores I feel like I could but I made a lot of progress over the week and I'm happy with that.
  2. Gave it my best but this song is a little too fast for me. I did over the week so it was great practice.
  3. Barely played this week but I wanted to post anyway. Should have a bit more time next week. Also I got 99.8% on the beginner song on my sight read so that makes me feel pretty confident in the promotion.
  4. @ Mikson Yes I'm okay with promotion. I'll need to spend more time with the songs but that's only going to force me to get better which is the end goal anyway.
  5. Really fun week. Beginner song wasn't as clean as I wanted but I knew I had a 100% run in me so I'm glad I got it. Dreadlock holiday was a blast to play. There were two tricky sections that gave me issues. I started to learn one of them and got it to 85% in the riff repeater but didn't get back to it. Still happy with my progress. And I tried Stayin' Alive just for fun and I impressed myself with how I was able to progress it over the week. My fingers started doing things without me thinking about it. Felt real nice.
  6. Didn't play much this week. Meant to take a crack at the Iron Maiden song but didn't get around to it. The beginner song felt pretty simple with just that one tricky part later in. I put it in the riff repeater for like a minute and got it down. Similar feelings with the intermediate song although it was a bit more fun to play. I messed up one part on my scoring run but I put this off too late in the week to give a few more runs to hit 100%. Felt more like a hard 3 then a 4.
  7. @ Rodman I actually went back and played almost every song rated 1, 2, and 3 in January and February just to get back into playing Bass. 1s and 2s were both very easy but 3s tended to be very hit or miss. Some were fun and easy and others I just quit back to menu because it felt like there was no way it was going to happen. That could be because some of them utilize techniques or patterns I haven't practiced at all. I think if I went through it again now I wouldn't feel that way. 4s most definitely cross that line where I appreciate the complexity and it's more fun to play but I have to buckle down. I'm in the process of working through all the past 4s from old championship weeks but that's going a lot slower since I tend to be more focused on the current week's songs so I only do that if I have extra free time. Whenever the week's songs are more difficult I try to just see it as a challenge and rise to the occasion. I won't lie though there have been definite moments of frustration in there when I just stopped playing because I didn't feel like I could do it. That being said I'm seeing real improvement and I feel like my score on Two Tickets to Paradise this week is proof of that. I was just flailing away on the fretboard the first time I played it and I think I got somewhere in the 60s or 70s on accuracy. Anyway I don't have any solutions or ideas I just wanted to give some input on my experience.
  8. Okay this week I finally got myself to do scoring runs on Friday so I won't miss out on posting scores for the first time in a few weeks. I had major issues with note recognition on the custom tuning beginner song and I couldn't be bothered so I played it once on Monday and then once today for a score and spent all my other time on the intermediate song since I felt like that would progress me further overall. It was a last moment decision to try it in score attack but I'm very happy I did because I got a score I'm proud of.
  9. Oh no, I didn't check the thread and thought I had a few more hours. Oh well, I didn't yet have a winning score anyway. And now I can focus on next week.
  10. The beginner bass and intermediate songs were both pretty hard for me. Didn't quite get to practice them as much as I wanted so I'll have to go with what I did get for my scores.
  11. Beginner and intermediate songs on bass pointed out some of my flaws. Good to be reminded and have them in front of me to work on. Not sure if I'll be able to improve this, I'll give it another go tomorrow and see.
  12. I tried the intermediate song once (Breaking the Girl) but RHCP intimidate me. It was fun to see there's parts I can play and I don't feel like it's completely out of my league but it would have taken a lot of work and I decided to put that work toward the beginner song instead (In the Shadows). Just that one sequence that makes the song tricky. I slowed it down to 80% at first. Even now at 95% speed I can't hit it every time. But it got way better over the week. I might try a few more runs but I'm not sure if I'll best this.
  13. Fun week. I even got my guitar out and attempted the beginner songs but that was a bit frustrating and I definitely need more practice before I'm willing to join that competition. Also I want to make sure I'm consistent with bass before adding more in. Unfortunately I didn't get to practice these two as much as I would've liked but they were both fun to play and pushed me past my comfort zone.
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