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  1. i don't know if this has been mentioned before, but Transylvania is still missing a lead guitar version, i would be grateful if someone could fix this
  2. Hello, i just found out about your lessons today. Downloaded and played them and i had a lot of fun. I think it was the first time i was playing blues and i found it very interesting. Great job!!! Looking forward to more advanced lessons.
  3. The song is transfered when you buy the import dlc
  4. i'd love to see more classic power metal stuff like gamma ray and helloween. There are tabs out there but unfortunately they are not picked up :(
  5. Ah, so I guess this method only works if I was the creator of the original dlc and have the eof project files. I will try with the rest of the dlc I want to convert, luckily it's not too much, only 4-5 of them. Fingers crossed
  6. Thanks for the reply! The audio conversion worked fine I believe, but I get a "Unknown section name: pre-verse" exception. Any idea how to handle this?
  7. Hi cozy, I cannot find this exact build to download, and google is not helping either. Any idea from where I can get it? If i understand correctly the convert will not work with other builds.
  8. That's strange, I played 2 metallica songs today, no problems at all
  9. got the same error by searching for one artist, sort by artist name, and then search for something else
  10. I should have kept my goddamned mouth shut. I accidentally deleted my profile while trying to select it in game. When selecting profiles if you hit supr button profile is deleted? Without confirmation? the delete and enter button are too close to each other, i had the pick already in my hand, my finger(s) slipped, pressed delete and immediately after enter. I'm really happy that i can immediately set the dd to the highest level, so I have not stopped playing like when something similar happened to my profile in RS12
  11. I should have kept my goddamned mouth shut. I accidentally deleted my profile while trying to select it in game.
  12. Which files do I need to backup to be safe? It happened to me on rs12 once and it stopped me from playing for a couple of months, don't want that happening again
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