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  1. if yove downloaded the .dll more than once it will have a (1) at the end this need s removing it can cause the songs not to play very obvious but many get caught up by it.
  2. this is the patcher https://www.dropbox.com/s/uyrleja4y6793av/Rocksmith2014_patcher.exe?dl=0 u tube tutorial
  3. hes not talking about the d3dx9 file its another file that some people need on top of that one, i had to add it first time round got it from a utube vid sorry dont have link .pretty sure its call dx patch file. anyway like i said not the D3d9x file it self , causing some confusion .
  4. david bowie width of a circle (bass) pleeeeez.
  5. the clash bank robber is great to play as a first song
  6. so pleased hurry on sundown (bass) just added thanks james.
  7. could you give me a link on how to install tool kit for beg so i can add DD to songs scolling down too fast, pls. i tried to install but didnt work.
  8. has the game stopped showing leaderboards for cdlc has it just happend i know they used to show uo weather official or not.
  9. hey the riff repeater , i love your videos , really helped me a lot , brubeck 108 on you tube .
  10. would love to see more 60s stuff like journey to the centre of the mind by the Amboy dukes or baby blue by 13th floor elevators id do it myself if i knew how ,
  11. did you try putting the (rocksmith2014_patcher ) file in , mine wouldnt work without it.
  12. i just like to add after making this post , i can see more people on the leaderboard if any 1 knows more real easy songs id love to get the achievement 10 songs on full mastery,thanks.
  13. ok, canned heat /on the road again has to be one of the best easiest songs ever its just dum dumda dum all the way you can ace it on hard maybe even master for good score attack. and as a practice song .
  14. hi , i get awfull distortion crackling , wile playing a song ,but it goes completely ,by turning down volume on guitar , down from 10 to 9. RS says you must have your volume turned all the way up to work properly . this only started recently , maybe after an update.
  15. thanks for all the info , making a sub folder in dlc game folder seems a good idea , save endless scrolling , and maybe game crashing as well.
  16. hey, was just thinking, i dont use learn a song much, go straight to score attack, as long as its got dynamic difficulty , i just got highway star from official site. and made it to the end on easy.with the headphones on it was epic. sadly a lot of cdlc dosn't have DD, i always send a thank you, to the people who take the time to add DD . keep rockin. ps i learnt a bit . by watching uploads of rocksmith videos , on YT, really helped.
  17. i always play rocksmith with 1 thing in mind , its a game , have fun . if i want to really learn a song i go to u tube , first . and then i try for a high score. i can play many songs on RS , but i cant take my eyes oiff the screen. so i prob couldn't play them , really.
  18. well i meant the cdlc has a tick at the side once download , you can untick ,after download file has been , place into dlc file ,(in game) im sure i read there was a limit . yes ignition ,was what a meant.
  19. 1.. anything by love (aurther lee) 2...hawkwind 3...more zappa
  20. iv never made any cdlc myself , but i have been enjoying playing cymbaline , one of my fave hawkwind songs , on here by the original pink floyd version.
  21. i was just wondering if its a good idea to remove tracks from collection on the custom forge , after downloading and adding the the games folder , or is there a upper limit , that you can have in your collection , cuz mines getting pretty big.
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