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  1. I would recommend repairing all your song with the "customsforge song manager". It gets rid of the tone problem and a few other bugs.
  2. @SpankNass You need to upload your picture somewhere. Like https://imgbox.com or https://imgur.com/ or any of the many many more sites like those.
  3. @Wi11 You need to use the "override to max" setting
  4. This is not the style of music i would ever listen to on my own. But its really fun to play. The championship keeps giving me great songs.
  5. BT speakers for Rocksmith is a really bad. The latency is way to high.
  6. If no one else adds this as beginner rhythm might do it tomorrow just so I can have my 100%..
  7. I need a better chair for longer plays. These song made my back hurt. Great songs tho.
  8. I agree with @Mikson. We should use Teinashus version of Drink. Also I need a better guitar for low tunings so i don't have to cheat.
  9. Wife is working tonight so i had a lot of free time to play.
  10. I remember this song being my pick back in week 52. Played it so damn much but never managed to play the solo. got 99% on Rhythm and got moved to advanced a lot earlier than i wanted. This time the only part I missed are the damn bends.
  11. @Wi11 A lot of us fix the songs with the song manager before playing them. I guess that might be the reason they look different.
  12. Some fast improvements so I don't have to be ashamed of my scores.
  13. Was planing on playing the lead parts of all the songs a few more times this week. But lack of alone time and some minor injuries that made it painful to play has stopped that so far. Might get an hour later today, we will see. But here is Rhythm at least.
  14. First tries on lead. My cat jump onto my lap and demanded attention when playing ATWA so i might have scored a bit low there.
  15. Great custom @Nacholede. It was really fun to play.
  16. @Rodman It was a really hard song to sightread. But its fun to improve on. also some rhythm
  17. Becoming the bull rhythm did not want to accept a single one of my open stringed power chords.
  18. The lyrics to this one really sounds like a bad google translate work. Is there a Japanese original lyric?
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