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  1. a couple of scores, the Tak Matsumoto song previous best was 55% beat it :D Struggled badly Struggled even more merry Christmas everyone
  2. had to start with the Beginner to get some confidence back. ok confidence is back a bit i better concentrate on the others, night night all
  3. Hi All, i remember the Golden Elk from last time, i never pretended to like it but it kind of grew on me, i think i got up to 96% last time..... here's a starting point... a few more runs, and again and again pleased with that one.... for now, night night all
  4. some scores straight through the pain barrier :lol: Well you just knew i would........ didn't be my best though I haven't played this for a while but my second try beat my best by 1% I don't remember ever playing this but beat the 78% My previous best was 28% !!!!!! so i'm happy with this
  5. Chill out bass day......... I might of played this before a few times, i wonder ............ Hmmmmm seems like i can needs work but beat my previous best by 20% needs a lot of work but also beat my previous by nearly 20% better get the six string re strung and have a little go
  6. I was very lucky, I ended up facing on coming traffic but they managed to miss me, I just have a sore neck and bad shoulder.....
  7. well i have had a bit of an eventful November......... after working in Korea for 2 weeks i went to Kenya, Masai Mara, Nairobi, Mombassa , but on my first day back to work this happened at 70 mph on the M25 Motorway hit from behind by an Italian Lorry, spun into barrier .....ouch !!! :( anyway playing the guitar has been very painful to say the least but after some Acupuncture and physiotherapy i am able to play a bit in small doses, so I'm Back..... sort of well i couldn't miss the legendary Elvis Costello could I ?
  8. @@meelo Whoooo looks like I’m getting better and I haven’t really tried, once all the working away and holidays are over.......I’m gonna rock those beginner songs MM.... and @@Anwyn will be joining me I hope
  9. First and last posts of the week, shame really as i was getting the hang of Judas, but off to The Masai Mara tomorrow i think i must have beaten my score from a couple of years ago and i only had a few goes. this definitely beat my lead best missed loads on this...... i used to be alright on bass :mellow: I think as i won't be here next week you should choose some Metalica or some Def Metal :P have fun
  10. i can nearly play this......... bloody hell i never thought i could play any Flee bass
  11. @@meelo it looks fine on my screen......... i'll post them again if no-one else can see them
  12. never thought id get this...... ready for SA ? nearly
  13. another few goes tonight higher score higher %age this sounded so awful i won't be playing it again :unsure: this is growing on me though..... first score was 78%
  14. Hi Everyone, fresh back from Korea....... last night 9pm time for some much missed Guitar....... but starting in beginner class as i haven't touched a guitar in 3 weeks and my poor little fingers are a bit soft. nice start once i got the rhythm going.... Master Mode anyone ? gonna gradually work up but hands a bit sore for now
  15. Unfortunately I have just spent 2 guitarless weeks in France and then I have been sent for 2-3 weeks in Korea still guitarless :-( Still keeping an eye on the scores and looking forward to rocking again,
  16. @@meelo leave me alone I’m at a party and am defenseless
  17. just had to see if i improved the lead..... one shot after 2 years last played happy as a pig in shit
  18. some more improvements that i thought impossible.... for me anyway My first score into the 90's time for SA took a couple of trys to beat the 91% but feeling better those wild E,A,D string stabs at the dusty end of the fret board now feel like calculated prods ;) outta time though :(
  19. OK i had about 20 minutes tonight stuck in traffic 2 hours ......any way i got scores next go....... very nearly a happy piggy a quick go on the bass before night nights i didn't miss the notes, Rocksmith did :angry:
  20. @@Nacholede i have actually broken more LOW E strings in this championship............ i might be a bit hard on the palm muting :wacko:
  21. the bass went ok as well, previous best was 91% first play this time gave a plus 2%..... SA first go gave me an aching hand , i never ever though id get past SA with no crosses a couple of years ago, it proves that this championship improves you're playing without you even noticing..... rock on and night night all
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