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  1. some bass scores and an improvement on my ear worm..... ACDC is in my head ACDC lead didn't go well on SA...... think i need work on a little bit only one X but getting there.....thank you Rocksmith Championship for making me like this. going to drive to work tomorrow....All night long going to tea break .... All night long lunch.... All night long lets hope i sleep... All night long night night all
  2. I must confess that i never have liked AC/DC but i am now, thanks to the Championship, getting to like them. great way to start Sunday morning...... this was my first attempt......ended up with a broken E string on the last 1/4 of the song new strings and a bit of practice....... that first 2 segments are very unforgiving on SA this will take a bit more work but enjoying it beat my previous best by 1% great songs
  3. starting the week a little late, if only those E string bends registered every time if only those E string bends registered every time not so good ouch, my poor arthritic wrist
  4. I'm not gonna post all my tries this week but to cut a long story shot i have been progressing at a slow rate, but now i think I'm getting there and i have done 86,87,89 and now...... Ta Da very impressed with myself A, for not giving up on a song i don't particularly like B, for not giving up on a song i can't play C, getting through the SA without a strike :P and i managed a 'not too bad' score on lead. last scores for me this week looking forward to next week already...... not go and blast my scores out of the water !!!!
  5. well i beat the 68% personal best......... now that will worry the big boys ;)
  6. Not sure i can do better.......... :(
  7. my computer or Media fire isn't playing nicely so my 93% bass score won't load........ no medals for me this week :(
  8. Ok this week i have struggled with all the songs except Beatles Rhythm but i kept at the Beatles Lead A, because i like it. B, because other people could get good scores C, because i didn't much like the other songs. So after many many attempts i got thew 94%, then a load of 91%'s then unbelievably i got 95.14% 8 times !!!!!! but I still kept playing and got to the 96% then 97% then this........ happy to try again but i broke the bloody A string :angry: so onto the Epiphone Sheraton II for a go on the Ten Years song .........just a quick go as its not my thing really (plus my hand
  9. i am not sure how to play the Taylor swift song so i just 'winged it' by trying to mute most of the strings and just hit the A & B strings..... it didn't sound good. :rolleyes:
  10. tried the Satriani song just for a laugh.....not even going to try the lead.....or i might later in the week, Rhythm kicked my arse
  11. Hmmmm never been able to do the Beatles songs but i quite like this one and its starting to sound ok, got a better score the next go but same %age this is taking a bit more time but getting there, first score was low 80's this was going ok until it started going a bit too fast..... wasn't expecting it....more work needed
  12. Roddy throwing in the towel..... unheard of Lol
  13. I was desperate to get the 99% on KOL but just ran out of steam :angry:
  14. some more scores.... can't get up to my best just yet even had a play of the Django song, yes it still sounds terrible but i made it to the end and another AM personal best
  15. I Have tried the Django Reinhardt song but to be honest it would have sounded better if i had let my 1 year old Granddaughter hit the guitar with her milk bottle, and my 4 year old Granddaughter brush the strings with her hair brush :huh: so i gave up and concentrated on AM Master Mode could do better
  16. Let the week begin, one of the reasons i started rocksmith was the Arctic Monkeys...... beat my best score thanks to @@meelo for proving it could be done....I wonder if i can get passed the Master Mode .....Hmmmmm Beat the one as well......... this needs a little bit of work but happy so far.......
  17. here's some scores, i know i could better them all given time :(
  18. not much to say this week, no bloody time as usual..... but beat my previous i think
  19. small improvements..... nothing for anyone to worry about
  20. It seems like my beginner lead score has been inserted into the U2 song instead of Landon Tewers
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