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  1. Friday nights improvement....... ...... getting the hang of it now
  2. Well the more I played the Bon Jovi song the worse i got.....until i realised i had a loose battery connection on the Epiphone prophecy which is now a broken connection on the bloody battery, so it won't work at all :angry: Quick change to the Epiphone Sheraton II.......... first go,
  3. a couple of mid week improvements..... annoying misses now........ just can't improve much :(
  4. at last i can start the week early here's my first goes, not my first go, really liking this one :rolleyes:
  5. Heres some scores, getting there..... oh dear, not so hot :rolleyes:
  6. Well its been a while but i couldn't resist the Arctics... shame i concentrated on the Lead and not the rhythm :angry: surprisingly i smashed my old score even though i haven't touched my guitars in 2 months and lead shocked me also Rhythm only played a couple of times but still happy with it i guess, next week i'll try to get a score in my class (if i ever get back to 'my class') B) feels good to have the guitars again.
  7. A bit late to the party but i just had to give the Foo Fighters a go............. i have no idea what to do near the end of the Rhythm ......
  8. hello all, here's last nights scores, I haven't been playing lately but surprised myself with these scores, I'm not sure what my previous best was but i think i beat it. and this definitely beats my previous best of 89%
  9. Hi All, go easy on me I've been out of the game for a while due to RSI in both wrists so i'm trying to get back up to speed..... little practice and straight int SA and only 2 Red Crosses hoping for improvement.....
  10. some scores love playing this....... i've never heard this but i think it'll grow on me, solo was a bit of a surprise it looks like i have done better on this before....... i'll beat it Night night all
  11. some scores, no time this week but looks like ill be getting more time soon
  12. some midweek improvements getting better.... @@HollyMakrell i have 24 frets and still can't do the last bit, or the bit before, i blame fat fingers i can do this one though, every other score was 99.79%
  13. scores from Sunday lost in Burnt in Media Fire RHCP-Otherside-Lead - 95.23% Nazareth bass -99.44% ACDC-Bass 96.5% RHCP-Bass- 97.3% much fretboard prodding randomly at the dusty end
  14. Hey mate, yes. They aren't showing. I planned to tell you once I sorted the new weeks scores, but I forgot :lol: If you could post the necessary screenshots again, that'll be ideal. Cheers. Cheers, I’ll sort them out tonight and re-post
  15. big improvement from yesterday, feeling and sounding lot better Did My Scores From Yesterday show up ? Media Fire has issues :angry:
  16. on occasion that my Misses has taken the grandkids to Disneyland Paris i have much more time the next couple of days, so i managed to play few hours tonight... most of my scores will be before Thursday when the Misses knocks me back into reality :huh:
  17. lead was a different story........ i gave up after that run -_- Franz was a bit better but never reached that score again as i have swapped guitars and kept the SG tuned flat going to watch the football now :rolleyes:
  18. ok so the guns and roses song is well out of my league but I'm giving it a go my first go was 77% but i managed to work up to 90% then had this go on SA.......... yes i deserved the 3 X's the second run was much better but still that red X, again this was deserved (score was 90.22%) The third run was better still, in all ways, but did i deserve the red X ?????? No i bloody didn't !!!!! Rocksmith hates me :unsure:
  19. another slight + and a slight fail on master mode......the solo killed me looking forward to the new week, thanks @@Toni-Wan Kenobi i just know its going o be a good one
  20. Brutal! But I can't argue with your results! It's my Friday night incentive.......it usually works :D
  21. @@Anwyn I must confess ...... I am never gonna get through the master mode lead.....but I’ll give it a go tomorrow
  22. OK its friday night which means 'No improvement = no Guinness' missed the screen shot for my highest, oh well wanted the 99% sooooo bad i tried All Night Long so i thought what about the Master Mode now lets see @@Anwyn hammer that...... and a little plus on the lead but still can't do the bendy stuff at the dusty end of the guitar :wacko:
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