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  1. The list is now up to date and improved a bit. Now there are links to songsterr tabs (if available) and album artwork in Wikipedia.
  2. Or set the soundtrack option to 0 in the game and only record your guitar or bass sound. That way you won't be using copyrighted music as the backing track in your playthrough videos.
  3. CDLCs found here only work on RS2014, but not in the original Rocksmith. Shouldn't be a big problem though.
  4. Depends, really. I prefer medium strings (045 to 105), which I think your Ibanez also has if it was new. One of my basses came with light strings (040 to 100) and they felt too flimsy, so I replaced them.
  5. I also recommend upgrading when you feel like it. I bought one bass and almost never touched it. Then I bought Rocksmith, and now I have two more basses and I never play them outside Rocksmith. Each one has enhanced the playing experience in their own way. My second bass has 24 frets as opposed to my first one's 22, so I had to readjust my playing posture in order to reach the frets further away. However, it was built in unsatisfactory quality and I was never arsed to get it fixed. The third bass is somewhat similar to my second bass, but it's built just about right, is better balanced and loo
  6. Thanks for the info, the list's now up to date. And big thanks to you for Mastodon CDLCs. I'm afraid I'm not skilled enough with bass to tell if the tracks sound good or not, but maybe one day...
  7. List of Mastodon songs on Rocksmith. L = lead, R = rhythm, B = bass, V = vocals. Remission Crusher Destroyer March of the Fire Ants (rummhamm87: LRBV) Where Strides the Behemoth Workhorse Ol'e Nessie Burning Man Trainwreck Trampled Under Hoof Trilobite Mother Puncher Elephant Man Leviathan Blood and Thunder I Am Ahab (rummhamm87: LRBV) Seabeast Ísland Iron Tusk (rummhamm87: LRBV) Megalodon Naked Burn (rummhamm87: LRBV) Aqua Dementia Hearts Alive Joseph Merrick Blood Mountain The Wolf Is Loose (rummhamm87: LRBV) Crystal Skull (rummhamm87: LRBV) Sleeping Giant (rummhamm87: LRBV) Capillaria
  8. I'd imagine so. Rocksmith is concidered first and foremost a learning tool, and by learning one (preferably official) arrangement, you have all the skills needed to play the song in other ways, such as acoustically or by playing your own cover version of it.
  9. Take your time. I see that you have taken The Big Money under your wings, too. Good stuff on the way.
  10. I may have missed something, but apparently simply repacking a custom with the latest version of Custom Song Toolkit alone doesn't fix the tone crashing issue? At least it didn't for me. Default tone appears on the Tone field in the toolkit, but in-game the tone still stucks on default after starting the song in question. Ticking the "Prevent tone change" boxes in any of the added arrangements didn't help.
  11. Looking forward to those. The Main Monkey Business is especially a cool song. If Leave That Thing Alone also gets ever released, I can die a happy man.
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