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  1. So, time for my next video... Please, leave any feedback :)
  2. So time to post here my first video - my laptop isn't best to record, but audio should be nice... Tried to get 100% - but it is quite hard to perfectly strum all powerchords in this riffs... So... Enjoy
  3. Don't spam with this on whole forum - you 've posted yesterday evening the same here: http://customsforge.com/topic/7567-getting-started-with-rocksmith-2014-on-ps3/?do=findComment&comment=56104
  4. As for me - sort by artist, and manually choose songs - best way to learn is just playing that, what you like, enjoy etc. Check this out: http://customsforge.com/topic/5419-song-tips-for-beginnner/
  5. Hmmm... I think, to make things easier - when sb adds here demo/mp3 etc., let (s)he add also link to gptab to that demo. Otherwise more than 1/2 of this topic will be requests for tab to some of the demos ;)
  6. I think... Looking on how many active users we've got - we can easilly make few songs... Cuz 1 or 2 songs may be not enough for this number of ppl - and their ideas, riffs... Anyway - great idea, I'm looking forward to it :)
  7. Maybe first any .gp file, when song will be done, we can make CDLC, record it etc. But I think, that GPTab will be the easiest way to compose, edit this song first.
  8. CsForge collab? Could be nice... In GP?
  9. Check it out: http://store.steampowered.com/app/248270/ It isn't now a good program, but at least - it exists... @Down: Sure thing. But it shows that finally some studios decided to start working on music games/programs, making learning easier and more enjoyable (eg. traditional learning scale vs Rocksmith's games)
  10. The only problem may be notes... RS doesn't officialy support fretless instruments ;)
  11. 1mm Dunlop TORTEX Triangle FTW
  12. -2 0 0 -2 0 -2 Not -2 -2 -2 0 0 -2 ;)
  13. Is there any way to get tab from songsterr.com into a .gp format? (or even .tg etc.) Or have I to re-write whole tab into GP...?
  14. Chose yes -> only got popups with adblock, rest is fine
  15. Mx360 - Finally Sabaton has released 5 bonus tracks to "Heroes". Check out this cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hq4k38UJ04 And now - how not to make an epic CDLC of it?
  16. HP Pavilion G6 sw-1350 with integrated intel HD series 4000 graphic -> I have to reduce graphic settings a bit to play w/o lags or FPS drops... (often is enough to turn off venues) To record video from songs I 've to raduce a bit more grpahics - but it's still OK...
  17. Of course it is - we're gonna try to CDLC all Sabaton's songs :) But ask Teinashu or Mx360 cuz I'm gonna now be away for about week @Mx360: When I'll return I'll try to help ya with it - I had the same problem, so I hope that we will resolve it :)
  18. Wazzup? You've got also problems with synchro?
  19. Judas Priest - Breaking the law! All Hunter's songs Sabaton - Ghost Division Edguy - Superheroes
  20. Kajdany Istnienia - 2012 Geneza Entropia H+ Komora Remedium EnigmaH 2.0: Deus Ex Machina - 2013 Prototyp - http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/prototyp-r4767 (beta ver) by BeZi Transgresja - WIP by BeZi Proxima H 2.0: Prolog H 2.0: Algorytm 21 H 2.0: Otchłani Dno H 2.0: Omega Geneza Wrota Edenu Dystopia Matka Machina
  21. First - sorry for bad english ;) So, what's up? I've recorded few songs with afterburner... Today I've tried to record one more - but every time, i switch into RS - screen on captured video is whole white - white screen with mouse cursour... In any other window/program/on desktop - it captures my screen, when i switch into RS - it's white... Just white... Anybody got any idea how to fix it? I've searched through the web - w/o any results...
  22. Gonna do Soldier of 3 armies
  23. Próbowałeś zmierzyć BPM po obcięciu ciszy na początku i na końcu piosenki? Przy "White Death" miałem ten sam problem. Niestety MixMeister głupieje gdy w piosence się tempo zmienia - wtedy chyba nic, tylko mp3 na kawałki trza ciąć i oddzielnie mierzyć.
  24. Tam jest opcja by ustawiać dla beatu oddzielnie*, więc pewnie da się i od beatu do końca - gorzej jedynie to pomierzyć te tempa w mp3... Chyba by trza mp3 ciąć na kawałki i oddzielnie dla każdej frazy mierzyć... PS chyba nie growth/fall a raczej increase/decrease ;) @EDIT: * - tam gdzie masz opcję do zmiany BPM, to na tej liście pozycję czy dwie niżej masz opcje do zmiany (ale nie globalnej)
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