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  1. I'll PM you the video as i've not had any response from Snake3169
  2. I give some time to charter and other testers to respond your notice ... and sure test soon myself too (not today) Thx for report again, will follow and test those soon... I'm not sure what is best time scale for charter to fix issues, any ideas? 2 weeks ? Now it's about 2 weeks. Have another list that i also follow, but not have listed here, 2 week time to fix list :shock: :-P Or should list be instant warning list to players ..suggestions? Being instant just means that it makes more pressure to removing them also fast, without causing harm to charter, so i think 2 week tolerance is best... Edit: did test those songs, didn't crash for me... i also answered to song topic same thing no crash. Only thing can figure out, you must have same name duplicates somewhere "hidden" in DLC folder .... Disturbed Prayer is done by 2 separate charters... they most certainly crash together.. These kind of crashes are not listed, only Same Name crash caused by separate artist have Same Name are listed, because they are not so obvious. Can't help yet. I need, "copy paste" help for Mac Converters... if someone know, can add help for converting other platforms without issues... and other issues too that other plaformers should know. Only help i figure out now is to use latest toolkit, and try again... or try to search help for converting... on other topics. Can also add those other platform Crashers, that are uploaded by charter... this one is not. Bass and other platforms are not tested by me, so they are up to you....Report here both... add to list and possible remove to list. EDit: maybe its not best idea to put on list something i can't test :mad: So maybe someone can do list for other platforms... even though haven't test Bass it is at least possible... Just try to minimize errors on list. Errors just piss off charters and that's not good thing. Thanks for help/advice. Issue seems to have resolved itself after converting several time using the toolkit. I have changed my previous post so that there is no ambiguity about that CDLC.
  3. Yeh as MVega says, its asking for you to point to the mp3 file you will be working with.
  4. Done http://www.sendspace.com/file/hu6g8z Thanks Piepesado thats abs brilliant, trying to put together my first Jeff Buckley CDLC.
  5. Hi Snake3169, THANKS for the great tutorial. I hope you don't mind but I've sorted out the audio levels in your video so I (and others: see previous comments) don't shit my pants when I play the music haha. Shall I PM you a link to the edited video so you can reup it to youtube?
  6. Hi Izzy, any Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith? I'm interested in makings some CDLC as there is barely anything out there at the mo. I'll take whatever you've got please, if anything at all. Thanks
  7. I bought from DLGamer and the transaction was very smooth, just had to verify my email and paid by paypal - received the steam code within 2 mins.
  8. Thanks. Also DLGamer are selling PC/Mac steam keys for 12.99 GBP or 19.49€ (strangely not on their US store though?!?) which works out similar if not slightly cheaper than $24 for British/European buyers. http://www.dlgamer.co.uk/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=rocksmith+%28win+mac%29
  9. I found a few Pearl Jam songs on a site but I think they are Xbox format and maybe 2012 if someone can convert them to PC 2014? Is it ok to post up a link to the site here? 4566.tistory.com.288 They have Last Exit, Even Flow & Do The Evolution.
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