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  1. For me, Computer digital audio out to Pioneer sc25, Polk RTi a7 speakers + sub Computer video monitor out to Sony 42” TV. Bass guitar Y'd to computer and bass guitar amp. Then turn down in game bass and use the amp instead.
  2. So does the sort by date added in Rocksmith not work, or maybe it just doesn't work for me? When I add a song, I can't find it on the bottom or the top of the list, using Sort by date added
  3. It is very useful when making CDLC There are some tutorial's here on this site for making CDLC
  4. If you subscribe to Chordify You then are able to download the midi file for the song that is being played in Chordify . The midi file download also gives BPM for the song. You can then import that midi file into TuxGuitar save as a GP5 file. Then convert the Youtube song to mp3. Load song into EOF import your GP5 file enter the BPM given for the song, and everything lines up perfectly
  5. I'm creating my own cdlc, and I'm creating my own difficulty levels. I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the scroll speed in EOF for the difficulty levels when creating the song. After I create the cdlc and play the song in Rocksmith the highest level scroll speed is perfect, but the lower level scroll speed is way to slow. I would like the scroll speed to be the same for all levels. Is there some way to do that?
  6. Just to add, I'm not on a Mac, but still have the problem once in a while, not able to click on anything.
  7. I have that exact same problem ones in a while, and I have to restart Rocksmith to get it to work.
  8. Just want to add to my comment above, Wwise does need to be installed, and I had to use an older version, This version works fine v2014.1.6 build 5318. It's nice just to add your file to the Toolkit and and it does the conversion from there.
  9. It's been a few years since I made any cdlc, and found out recently you don't even need Wwise now, OGG tab in Rocksmith Custom Tool Kit, Input Vobis OGG or WAV file to convert to Wem
  10. I think it would be nice if tutorials were up dated, I made my self some cdlc quite a while back, but forgot how to do it and wanted to make some more recently, so I started back at the tutorials, I didn't even realize i didn't need to use Wwise anymore, and was able to use the toolkit instead, didn't find that info in a tutorial, but in a past discussion I was reading.
  11. Also at the top menu in EOF Select Help then Select Keys from the drop down, a lot of good info there for maneuvering your notes.
  12. Just figured out it works fine when you have input set for Real Tone Cable, and probably won't come up until a song with a different tuning comes along. If you have it set to Disconnected it will ask you to Tune your guitar before every song.
  13. Well Heck, I need to spend more time learning this game. I just figured out something that I never knew. In Rif Repeater, I can select sections that are hard, bring the difficulty down on just those sections, without bringing down the difficulty on all the other sections that are already easy. Then bring the selections bars back out to play the entire song, with just the hard parts difficulty brought down, pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Perfect, like a whole new game now.
  14. I do like the DD, I was a logger for many many years, run chain saw, skid wood with cable skidder. My hands, fingers are worn out and stiff, Less finger movement the better, I need to take it down a notch on some songs. I just want to play the songs, don't care to learn them, and a slightly easier version of the song to play is fine with me. What I don't like is when DD takes out too much of the easier notes along with the hard. Then you have something that doesn't even sound good played. But some songs do work better then others with the DD turned down a few notches.
  15. I have a question about NonStop Play, How do you turn off “Tune Up!” Please tune then select ok when ready? It isn't really nonstop play when I need to keep clicking the OK button to go to the next song.
  16. Thanks a lot Berneer and firekorn for the info. I was thinking that might be what that setting is for "Chord protector" I will have to take a closer look at all the options and see if I can get it to do what I need it to do.
  17. What I don't like about DCC is it removes so much, It removes all the easy notes along with the hard notes as you lessen the difficulty. At least at the lowest setting it would be nice if it showed at least all the chords of the song. Kind of like chordify.net shows the chords of the song at he simplest form. I mean at least you can just play the root notes of the chords on bass and it sounds good, but DCC takes all that out on the lowest setting, You many have a song with just one chord in it at the lowest dd level. But it also could be I'm just not using it properly
  18. C could someone explain the different options there are in the DDC section of the custom song creator tool kit. What they actually do? Phrase Length The different options in Ramp up model, ddc_chord_protector ddc_chord_remover ddc_dd_remover ddc_default Same goes for options under Config file
  19. Thanks firekorn I found also find F on the keyboard brings it up, after trying every letter on the keyboard.
  20. I did a search for the Disc import tool on Steam, and can't find that. I hate to purchase the first version of Rocksmith and not be able to import the songs. Or maybe that is something I won't see until I purchase the first version. Anyone know anything about importing the songs, and can it still be done?
  21. The Rolling Stones – “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction? I see this is one of the official songs, and would like to purchase it, but can't find it anywhere on the steam site. Anyone know what's up with this song?
  22. I can't remember how to change the fret numbers on the colored notes in EOF, I need to select the note and change the fret number. Looked all over for info.
  23. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place I'm looking for an updated tutorial for making CDLC Using these versions Wwise v2016.1 Custom Song Creator Toolkit v2.7.0.0-6d0cdeda I get this error, does anyone know what the problem might be? http://www.edrums.info/error.PNG
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