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  1. I run Rocksmith on Mac as well so glad to see you are up and running.
  2. Thanks for the all the joy from your guitar BB. Never did the blues feel so good.
  3. Thanks for all your efforts hdnsmbt. BTW. Bold worked for me today in Chrome... Yeah!
  4. I like the new Ignition Layout, (good work guys). Further, I like the ability to customize. However, one feature I miss from the old site is the "Unread Bolding" of songs that have been added since my last visit. That feature allows me to quick scan the new songs. Can we get that back or maybe a flag? Finally, a suggestion. The theme is a bit dark for me. Could we add a theme similar to the "Requests" page? i.e., white background? Thanks for all your hard work.
  5. Happy Anniversary!. Little did I know I stumbled upon CustomsForge a month after you started. Cant thank you guys enough for all your hard work and passion. Here's to you. Cheers.
  6. I agree with Wepeel. It is easy to convert songs from PC to Mac. Not possible with XBox One or PS4 without Jailbreaking. Here is what I do which you may find useful. I use a Mac but a PC will work as well. Get a larger flat screen... if you want mount screen on a wall, and use a wireless system. I use Audio-Technica System 8 Wireless System that I picked up at Guitar Center for $79. Much nicer setup for Rocksmith if that is what you are looking to improve.
  7. Thanks for your hard work Darrken. A suggestion would to be able to add a prefix to the file name. For example, I rename all my CustomsForge DLC with a prefix of CDLC_ so that I can quickly identify the songs I bought from Steam and those I downloaded from CustomsForge. For Example: CDLC_Slash_and_Marta_Sanchez_Obsession_Confession_v1_DD.psarc Great work and Thanks Teece
  8. Ok thanks.... appreciate the feedback. So if one was to "adopt" a song that the original owner is absent, looks like the best way to edit a packaged song is to recreate the EOF through the unpack to get the .ogg and the sngtotab function get the .gp5 file. Not too horrible :)... thanks again!
  9. I want to take a song that I did not create and experiment with it (change the tone, change some notes, etc). When I unpack the song, the arr directory has the xml but not the .eof file. Is there any tutorial on how to import the xml into editor on fire to edit the song? Just curious.
  10. Wait.... redownloaded the latest build...... and the interface popped up.... seems to be working... false alarm... will check it out
  11. Unfortunately, Tool Kit doesn't seem to work with Yosemite on Mac... tried different builds.... bounces on the dock for a while then is unresponsive... no interface shows up
  12. Excellent!... Thanks again for the feedback. Just got back from vacation and will make the changes and submit. -Teece
  13. Colleagues, I hope this thread is still alive and this is the right place for this. I wanted to give back in small part for all the great work people have done on the CDLC. As a novice guitar player, I decided to submit my “I Have No Business Playing This” Challenge Song: Slash & Marta Sanchez – Obsession Confession. It challenged me as a player and have had a lot of fun playing it. I hope people enjoy it as well. All versions can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6vjqn63yyurclfo/AAAIEKWHSUpRVqE-dTcYTwTWa?dl=0 Few Comments This my first CDLC. I grabbed the tab of the net and found that the tab was 3:30 min long and the song was 5:40 minutes long. Further, the tab was outright wrong in some places. So, I tabbed it myself. Another first. While I learned a lot and I think I got it, I would like to have a second (third, fourth, ..) set of eyes and fingers take a look at it before I officially submit it to the forum. I used On Top Of The World Clean Tone… Seemed close enough, but if you all have better suggestions…. I tried to tab every technique Slash does (bends, slides in and out of notes, vibrato, etc). This makes it a lot harder song to play. Was that too much or should I have tried to simplify the tabs? I didn’t put fingering in as, as a novice player, not sure if my fingering is the most efficient. Finally, two notes are not coming out right and any suggestion would be great 1) First note is tremolo with a sustain…. I have tried linked and unlinked notes and it only shows up as tremolo Its kind of weird as in other areas linked notes worked. 2) At time slice 3:35ish & 4:48ish, there is a full step pre-bend on B string 8 fret… for some reason it is not registering as such in Rocksmith. Clearly I am doing something wrong here. Anyway… thoughts and comments are welcome. Teece
  14. Is rockprodigy just for beginners? Not sure... I am flying through the first lesson pack... there are some challenges, but still flying through. The third? maybe intermediate. They are talking about doing an advance package, but way down the road on their development plan. Unfortunately, they dont have a demo mode of each of the packs for individuals to make an assessment to their skill level.
  15. I took guitar for about a year when I was a kid and took it back up a couple of years ago (I wont tell you the time span between :) ) . I started off with Rocksmith and enjoyed it but wanted more.... well rigor to hone my skills. So I explored a few options: 1) http://www.guitarlessons.com/ was my first venture... Nate Savage has several free lessons, but I sprang for the beginner package. I liked it. The price was reasonable, I learned some things and completed the series. I was even surprised that Nate called me personally to see how the series was going for me. Nice touch. 2) Jamplay was my next attempt for "formal training". I had it for about a year and for most of that time I was doing the lessons from Mark Brennan. Probably learned more here than from Guitarlessons.com, but Guitarlessons.com gave me a good foundation to dig deeper. The price of Jamplay is a little steep and you can usually get a year for $99 in... hmmmm Jan/Feb. But after a year, $139 /year wasnt worth it to me. 3) About 4 months ago I heard about http://www.rockprodigy.com/. This is an online PC/Mac/iPad app similar to Rocksmith... or maybe better said similar to BandFuse since it uses scrolling tabs rather than note highway. While there are some songs I think you can download, the main purpose of the app is instruction..i.e. lessons. So far I think it is great because I get feedback on my playing rather than just watching videos. The have sales occasionally and you can pick up then entire lesson set for $99 or you could just buy one course. I took advantage of a sale and bought the whole thing. They have a forum for questions and they are usually quite responsive. Hope that helps... feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions. Good luck and have fun!
  16. Brilliant work!...I am just beginning to explore the app but, I was quickly impressed. Thanks for the effort and contributing to the forum.
  17. Donated $100. Guys are doing great job. (Though CDLC seems to be down for me right now.... another reason people should donate :) )
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