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  1. New UI looks awesome and everything I tried seemed to work great, with one exception and maybe it was just me. On the request page when I clicked in the search box bar, the bar turned black and then back to white and then black again after I typed a couple letters. when I then tried to backspace the page changed on me so I stopped. Sorry dont mean to piss on your new UI as I think it looks great and seems much nicer and Im not capable of spelling properly so who am I to criticize. Love the site ya all, an early congrats on 10000 tracks as well. Hope you all have a happy holiday.
  2. Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham is extremely simple, short(2:20 seconds), and damn fun to play as well on either acoustic or electric. Knocking on Heavens door though a great tune is a bit much for a total new guitarist. Creep by Radiohead would be better really. The Beatles, Paperback Writer is great for learning a couple chords and its just that as well(2 chord song) Good Luck and practice an hour a day everyday.
  3. Snake, I must say a huge thanks to you for that video tutorial, something finally sunk in and I think I might have my first chart for you to take a look at by tomorrow. Thanks again, sometimes it just takes the right person to explain things. m/
  4. I have been trying a few times,actually you just caught me taking a break to breath and gather myself before I get to ripping the last of my hair out.....lol
  5. Thanks Snake!! Im addicted to RS and cant seem to get enough CDLC. I keep trying to make my own as well but I get easily confused when reading.
  6. awesome! Thank You, it does show up in my list now, Ill play it after lunch....great tune...thanks again
  7. Snake, is there any chance that you could reshare this link? It just errors out right now.
  8. It doesnt show up in my list of songs.
  9. Awesome job on this list, Thanks for compiling it as I feel the same way, I just wanna play and not have issues that distract me from my groooooooove!
  10. First concert was Ozzy Ozbourne Diary of a Madman tour. Right before Randy Rhoads died actually. My first album ever bought was with lawn mowing money and it had to be Kiss Destroyer.
  11. Not sure which song I saw it in but its a 5/7 power chord then a 5/9 then a 5/12, Im getting close to the 5/9 after 4 monthes of alot of practicing..40+ hours a week, either way never die or quit, you can do it eventually as Im 45 years old next week and Im getting there. practice practice practice
  12. Congrats on a huge milestone at 2000 custom files, You all really are incredible and Im forever in your debt since without ya all and these CDLC I would probably not be able to play as much as I can today. Thanks CustomForge and all of its Creators, Testers and Members alike.
  13. I would love to learn how to make my own custom DLC's, if anyone is willing to teach me how, I have time on my hands to be able to make files.

  14. I thought that may be the case but wasnt entirely sure. Thanks
  15. Im not sure if I missed but didnt see a question about this. Is there a limit as to how many songs you can have as CDLC in RS2014? Since the other day when I added several CDLC to my Rocksmith 2014.....the game now when starting up always says(and never did before), "Enumerating Song List"
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