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So I was trying to do a song a little bit ago and in guitar pro it sounds perfectly. The time signature of the song is 6/8 and the beats per minute are 52. How do I do all of that in EoF and make it sound correctly?? The reason I ask is because when I attempted to enter all that into EoF the timing was seriously off. Does changing the time signature in EoF even effect the notes?? Is doing a song in 6/8 even possible?? Please tell me it is.

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Does changing the time signature in EoF even effect the notes?

Nope, EOF just uses the time signature to count beats and measures. Manipulating the beat lengths based on the effective time signature is much more important for authoring Rock Band customs since it uses MIDI files. For Rocksmith, all that matters is the realtime stamp of each beat and note, which is still easy to get by manually beat syncing (no estimated tempo required).

It looks like in the GP tab the bmp is 52 dotted quarter notes. Any ideas on how to enter that into EoF??

Just place the beat markers appropriately and the notes should be pretty easy to time. You can change the grid snap value to something appropriate. In 6/8, a dotted quarter note should be 3 beats long if I'm not mistaken, so the built in grid snap of 1/4 (grid snap is 1/4 of a measure assuming 4/4 meter, ie. one beat long).
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