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Getting started with Rocksmith 2014 on PS3



Hey Customsforge,


I just started playing Guitar with Rocksmith 2014. And I love till know. The motivation keeps me playing. Just I have a problem im overwelmed with all the Lessons and Songs to play.


Here are two questions I have

1. What is the best way to tackel Rocksmith 2014 in first place?


2. Which why is best to learn the songs? In recommended oder, by legnth, by year, by count, by tunning, by source,by owned, by favorites,by titel, by artist, by difficulty or by mastery


Tell me how you guys did it. :)



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Well, I sort the songs in alphabetical order by artist, for me that works, I know what I'm looking for that way. As far as learning, There are MANY songs that really aren't that hard, but the Dynamic difficulty might mess you up. Pick a song, go into riff repeater and set it to 100% difficulty, then pick the section you need to work on,, and set it to like 50% or slower with no error tolerance. Then play it until it automatically speeds you up. You will never learn a song until you slow it down,, PERIOD!!! Back when I first was learning guitar we stared at a TAB then hit play on a tape deck,, play for 2 seconds, stop rewind, do it again, and again, until you learned the song. Riff Repeater is a DREAM for guys like me,, where was this 25 years ago. Learn chords,, you will need them. Follow the lessons,, they are accurate and effective. DO NOT expect to play Freebird in a week. You might be able to fake your way through the chords but you won't be playing it correctly and that's OK. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!! This isn't easy, if it was, we could all play Like Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen. If you dedicate at least an hour a day to guitar, it will reward you. If you can't give it that much it will take a little longer but you WILL get better. Songs to learn,, Go With The Flow , Queens Of The Stone Age rhythm part is totally playable, but it is quick so expect to miss a few notes. For lead try, Do You Remember by The Horrors. Also for technique as far as shifting and fast plucking I use Black Sunshine by White Zombie. There is SO much you can do. Go through the 101 lessons on the game,, that's a great starting point, and it will frustrate you. KEEP working on it,, it gets easier.  I have been playing since 1986 or 87 and I do not feel I'm anywhere near where I should be, but to someone that doesn't play I'm a genius, it's all relevant. Do the lessons, seriously. And follow the Rocksmith Missions in game. It makes more sense than you know. And on a side note. PS3 limits your ability to use customs,, Unless you already have a cracked one. PC version is smoother and allows the use of customs more easily.

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Thanks man I thought that all songs were sorted in a kind of diffuculty level that always goes up a bit. So I basically take a song I like and play it ?

Pretty much. But if your just starting to play. Smoke On the Water, Satisfaction, and a few others are great to learn first.

 I'm Allergic To Stupidity. I Break Out In Sarcasm.

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