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Rocksmith doesnt hold notes well?



It seems like when I'm in game the notes cant be held as long as I can outside of the game.  Does rocksmith kinda kill the sustain or is it just because I have a cheap guitar or am I making tones without something that could make them last longer?  Anybody else feel like this happens or is it just me?

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Compression/limiter pedal (in game) can give some sustain back, I also have noticed the lack of proper sustain especially when playing with single coil pickups... Most probably the cable is to blame.


I need to test via the amp, but I'm afraid I will have to buy Eleven Rack or similar and can't get back to simple setup...


Ofc bad tone effects can also kill the sustain, many times I notice myself changing manually to back to basic tones, loud dist and loud clean tones are usually only needed anyway  :-P


I wish the game had real time instrument volume level tied to some key pair, master volume is handled with gaming keyboard...

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There is one song I was recently playing at 80% speed.  My sustain lasted for 8 to 10 beats with the tone that was set for that song (don't remember which one).  I set my guitar volume high and the song low in the mixer.  My guitar was still sustaining when the note suddenly stops as if I damped the string.  This is a gate effect.  A gate is generally used to quite a noizy guitar or prevent cross talk between microphone (e.g.  a drum set rig).  I suspect the person who generated the tone had a grounding problem with his guitar and set the gate a bit high.

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