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Does anyone know which is the CDLC song with the oldest release date?


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Does anyone know which is the CDLC song with the oldest release date?

I find it extremely cool that we are sharing and are able to play songs extending many decades in th past, so I want to know how long in the past we are able to play.

I think there are two valid answers here: A. the oldest song released as a classical music composition and B. the oldest song as an original recording. 

I am asking for B but I am happy to know A as well. 

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If you go to Ignition4 and sort by date, you can get an idea. Most songs do not have the year coded, but for those that do, you can sort by date and go to page 3141 (as of now) to find the oldest song that has a year coded. There are probably much older songs, but I'm not sure how to figure that out without pulling all the songs and checking.

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