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Your new appreciation of guitar - who are some people now on your radar?


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Playing a lot of Rocksmith has got me listening to guitar, and music in general, in a more nuanced way. Now some guitarists I wasn't interested in sound great to me, and my listening preferences have opened up to new genres.


One guitarist I never really enjoyed was The Edge from U2, but now I have a lot of respect for what he does. A new genre I've always kinda sorta enjoyed that I'm really loving now is the Chicago Blues, and a new guitarist I discovered in that genre is Guitar Shorty, who I highly recommend. 


Anyone else experience changes in their musical preferences since picking up Rocksmith (or just learning an instrument, I guess)?

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I wouldn't say my music taste has changed but it's definitely expanded. I'm from a prog rock/ metal and grunge background when it comes to my favorite flavors, but, since playing bass I've definitely added more genre's to my taste, my favorite bassists are Geddy Lee, Les Claypool and a couple of session musicians, Josh Fossgreen and Jay Mentzino (Holt). I've always enjoyed funk and soul, so, the opportunity to play some has opened my eyes to a lot of techniques that I would never have necessarily tried. John Deacon of Queen, despite being a fan of the band, I never rated that much until playing the bass and realised he's a terrific bassist, but that was down to naivety more than not paying attention, I always enjoyed Queen's bass lines and to play them has improved my shifting technique up and down the neck :) I'll have to try some U2, although I'm not a fan of them in the slightest I think you have to give some bands that you don't like a chance, as you might miss out on a really enjoyable riff/phrase :)

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 Mortalo, on 11 Feb 2015 - 11:36 AM, said:

Ok, because of poor results and overall lack of skill @NoonyDeloony gets downgraded to Advanced. She would be forever remembered as shameful person... and then she'll make another charming video and we'll forget about that.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoonyDeloony/videos

Twitching bass unskillfully, here: https://www.twitch.tv/noonydeloony


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